Thirty Days

Thirty days to say goodbye... |Option two of the NaNoWriMo competition!|


7. Twenty-Four



"There she is."

"Is that the girl who's sick?"

The hallways are filled with whispers today, people pointing at me as I walk down the hall, my head held high.

How did they find out?

I focus on making my way to my locker, ignoring the calls from those around me.

"Weirdo." Marilyn sneers as her and her friends walk by. I feel a sharp poke in the stomach, wincing as they cackle.

"She has major continuity problems."

I look over. Three lockers down, a guy in my grade is staring after them. Strangely, he doesn't have the same love struck look that most others seem to get after being around Marilyn. It's more concerned, almost confused.

"I'm sorry," I reply, shaking my head. "But, what?" 

He sighs. "Yesterday she was saying what a faker you were. Today, it seems she's spreading around the truth. For once." he adds under his breath. "But, anyways, hello. I'm Johnathan."

"Maria," I say. "I don't think we have any classes together."

"No, we don't," he says, rather sadly. 

The warning bell rings. "Bye Maria!" Johnathan says loudly, slamming his locker door.

"Okay," I say. "Bye."


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