Thirty Days

Thirty days to say goodbye... |Option two of the NaNoWriMo competition!|


18. Thirteen



What would happen if I forget to take my medicine? 

"I'm going to die anyways." I say numbly. School is over now, and I'm sitting in my room. Homework doesn't matter to me anymore. My parents aren't home, but it's time to take my medicine.

"No." I decide, settling back in my chair.

The cup of medicine sits on my desk, taunting me.

I continue to sit. Slowly, my legs begin to twitch. I can feel it slowly make its way up my body. Hours, or maybe it's just minutes, pass. And all I can feel is my legs slowly stop twitching, the shudders moving to my hips. Instead my legs become stiff. It's hard to feel much in my legs. I can't move them, the slightest movement sets pain shooting up my thighs. I sit, still. Some time passes, and my hips are stiff.

Pretty soon I come to the conclusion that soon the stiffness will spread to my lungs. I can hear the front door open. My door isn't closed.

My mother enters the room. I watch as she takes it all in. The still-full cup of medicine on my desk, my stiff posture.

"Maria!" she shrieks, running towards me. Her heels clack on the floor. "I'm calling the doctor." She pulls up her phone, and I put a twitching hand on her arm. 

"I'm sorry," I rasp. My throat is dry, and all I want to do is sleep.

So I do.

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