Thirty Days

Thirty days to say goodbye... |Option two of the NaNoWriMo competition!|


30. One



My eyelids flutter open to a world of white.

There is no snow, however, and there's only a blinding white that surrounds me. My feet brush some surface that doesn't seem to have a temperature. 

The white mist swirls around me, enveloping me until suddenly, it dissipates. A large patch of green bursts in my eyes. As I adjust, I realize it's grass, bright green grass dotted with tiny gray dots and bursts of other colors, red, pink, white, but they're small. Tiny, even.

I float down slowly, as if I'm part of the air itself. 

They're gravestones. I mouth. Why can't I speak? Involuntarily, I brace myself for the pain that comes with the sharp, quick breaths of hyperventilation.

But, nothing.

I don't breathe, and the pressure that I had gotten used to is... gone.

I continue to sink softly, until my feet brush the ground. Well, almost. They hover an inch.

Move forward. I command my brain, leaning forward harshly. I zoom across the grass at such a speed, I find myself on the other side of the graveyard.

Woah. I turn around, this time leaning forward only slightly. Gliding across the grass, I can see, in the distance, a multitude of people gathering around an empty section of the graveyard.

Is that- I take off again, zooming towards them. 


The casket is closed, but I recognize the black-clothed people gathered around the pit.

My mother is in a black silk dress, pearls adorning her neck and wrist. Her dark brown hair is down in messy curls. Phil stands at her left, in a black suit, and my mother clutches his arm.

To her right, Johnathan- oh, Johnathan- is in the same black suit as my stepfather. His dark blond hair is in messy swipes, pushed to the side.

I want to cry out, reach out to them, but I can't make a sound. My mouth opens and shuts like a goldfish. 

"We're hear to  honor the life, and mourn the death of Maria Albrand."

I come to a stop next to Johnathan. The priest continues to talk, but I block out his words. Silent sobs rise in my throat as I watch my family cry, as my body is lowered into the ground. I stand for what seems like forever while my casket is covered with dirt, and covered with a tarp. 

Looking up to the sky, I begin to float back up, back into the clouds, into the white mist.

Goodbye, Mom. I'll miss you forever. I'll never be able to express my love enough.

Goodbye, Phil. I don't blame you for worrying about the cost. 

Goodbye, Johnathan. I'm glad we loved in the time we had.

I love you all.




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