Thirty Days

Thirty days to say goodbye... |Option two of the NaNoWriMo competition!|


26. Five



"I have to choose... flowers? And... clothes..." I mutter to myself. Sheets of paper are spread out at the kitchen table, and I'm writing stuff down. 

"Yes, flowers." My mother is in action mode, preparing for this.

"I'll... maybe tulips?" I look outside at the decaying garden. "And... orchids?" I stare numbly at the paper once again.

"That's good, that's good." My mother says, scribbling it onto the paper. "Do you have any music preference? For the... for..." She can't quite finish her sentence.

"Uhm..." I reach for my computer. "Everything's Alright... and November. Maybe some other stuff. I wade through my music for a while before slamming the computer shut. "I don't... I don't care. You choose."

Arms twitching, I lay my head down at the table and close my eyes.

I'm not ready.

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