The Walking Dead

Walkers everywhere, will this young girl with her Bow and Arrows make it? " I will do anything to keep my family alive!"


1. The start of it all

I remember when it all started. I sat in the living room watching tv. I knew about some disease which made people mad or something. I remember my mother. My beautiful mother. Making sandwiches.

I got my little brother, my bow and 23 arrows. We where today to go. I didn't know why we had to leave or where we where going but i remember having to run and jump into a van.

We went to a camp. I didn't like it there. It was warm muddy and we had to eat a lot of can food. It was just me my brother and my mom. The man in the van was my uncle who ran the camp.

There where loads of people and guards around the fences. We couldn't leave. Schools where shut down so we had nothing to do all day.

They made me learn how to shoot with a gun. It hurt, was loud and I didn't know why I had to learn how to shoot. I had no idea what was going on.

I practiced my shooting every day, but when no one was looking I took out my bow and my arrows and practiced with that. I preferred that, because it wasn't loud and it didn't hurt.

We stayed at the camp for about half a year and we saw a lot of people come and go.

My uncle decided to teach everybody how to shoot and us teens had to practice the most, since we where going to be the ones taking over the camp when we where grown.

That's when I first saw a "Walker" . I was terrified of that face and how they tried to get to me. They where attached to chains and my uncle made us shoot them.

I shot my first walker when I was 14 and my brother a few months later when he was 12. I remember watching him and seeing the terror on his face.

They tried to scare him and made the chains looser and looser. The Walker almost reached my brother, when I grabbed my bow and shot it right there the head.

Every one turned to me, amazed of the clean shot I just took. My uncle was surprised too and not mad at all. My brother had tears running down his face. He was petrified.

I ended up on a security post. I looked over the gates and had to shoot every walker that got to close. My arrows where attached to string, at I could pull it back when I had killed a walker and I wouldn't waste any.

There where two of us. A man with a crossbow. His arrows where attached to a string too, so he wouldn't waste any. His name was Dean I think. He was the one who helped me get the arrows out of the Heads of the walkers when they got stuck. We had to pull them up and he would pull them out.

The people Harding the gates all had crossbows or arrows, but I had by far the best shot. I was the youngest on guard. We all used bows, because guns where to loud and sound attracted more of those things.

I watched over the gates every day until the breakdown. There was no food left and people started rebelling. We had to leave the camp. We went back home, but now every window was sealed and ever door had 2 more locks on them. When we stepped inside there where about 8 guns and loads of ammo.

We where on our own. Our uncle came 1 a week to bring some food, which meant we didn't have to leave. There where pictures of grandma and grandpa and our dog lassie who had died a few years ago everywhere.

We didn't know where they where and we didn't know where our father was either. I didn't miss my dad, he left us when I was only 3.

The days turned into weeks and we where incredibly scared. We always heard scratches at the doors, moans from the Windows and steps from the garden. We where surrounded and every time my uncle brought supplies, he would have to shoot a few.

I wanted it all to end. I was so terrified. One week my uncle didn't show up. The week turned into a month and we where starting to run out of supplies.

We had to do something! We needed supplies! I decided to go. My mom had a bad knee and my brother was to small to handle a bunch of walkers by himself.

I packed a bag with some warm clothes and a blanket in case I had to stay a night and a can of potatoes. I knew there was a barn a few miles down. They had strawberry fields and other vegetables there.

I also put a gun in the side of my pants, my bow around me and my arrows on my back. My mom had told me to shoot with the arrows, because they where silent and I didn't want to attract any others.

I opened the house door and walked out. I saw a few walkers coming towards me and I shot them all. I went up to them and pulled my arrows out of their heads.

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