The Walking Dead

Walkers everywhere, will this young girl with her Bow and Arrows make it? " I will do anything to keep my family alive!"


2. A night in the barn

I was only 17 but I was ready to do whatever it takes for my family to survive. I walked on and there was no sign of anyone. After about a mile I saw a white van. It was the van out uncle drove with! I checked inside and a walker jumped at me.

It didn't reach me, because he was still attached to the seat belt. It wasn't just any Walker either, it was my uncle. His face was bloody and I could see his cheek bone. His eyes turned white and his skin was all dead.

A tear ran down my face. I remember how he used to visit us in the summer and he we used to play hide and seek. I remember his bright smile and how he always got the positive out of every bad situation.

He was still trying to grab me with his bloody dead hands. I couldn't leave him like this. He wouldn't of wanted it.

I took the knife I had in my pocket and took one more look at my loving and caring uncle which was now a cruel and dead beast. I looked at my knife. It was the knife he gave me.

I aimed and felt more tears slide down my face. Finally I had the courage and stabbed him in the head. He leaned down on the steering wheel which made the horn go.

Sound attracts more of them!! I quickly pulled him off and it was silent again. I looked around to check if any had come yet. No one there. I pulled the knife out and wiped the blood of on my pants.

If I could get him out of his seat, I could drive to the barn! I climbed on the passenger seat and pressed the seat belt button. He was already leaning to the other side, so he fell right out of the car.

The car worked! I didn't have my drivers license, but I always watched my mother drive. I couldn't be that hard, right? I turned the key and heard the motor.

I pushed the knob thing and pushed on the gas. First I was slow, but I kept on getting faster and faster. I only had about 2 more miles. I decided to listen to some radio. There was nothing.

I turned the radio back off and concentrated on the road. I drove through the woods and there where leaves everywhere, because no ones been here for ages.

There was actually a bag of chips on the back seat. I reached back, still concentrating on the road. I checked the date, just to make sure and when I looked up I saw a walker on the road.

It was a young girl. She had long red hair and ripped clothes. I've seen her at school before, doesn't look like she made it. I drive around her and keep going.

Soon after I reach the barn. I saw a few walkers hang around there, and I drove right up to the barn door. I had about 10 minutes until I turned the car around since I didn't know how to go backwards. I wanted the car the other way around, so I could just drive away after.

I let put all the windows up and took my bag. I checked outside and there was no one there. All the walkers where on the other side of the house. I walked out and checked the Windows on the house. No one there. I had to kick it open cuz it there wasn't a door knob. I walked in and stood in a kitchen.

I checked the draws. Jack pot. There was loads of can food and cornflakes. I checked the fridge too and took all that was there. I decided to look for the bathroom to get some firs aid things just incase.

As I walked up the stairs I saw a dead body full of blood. It was old. At least 3 week. It was full of flies. I stepped over it and continued looking for the bathroom. Finally I found it and checked the cupboards. I packed all the stuff in there. I also threw in about 3 packs of tampons and head ache tablets for my brother. I packed it all and didn't even know what most of it was. Probably my mother would know.

Next I walked into the bed room and packed some clothes. My bag was already pretty full and heavy as hell. I looked for another bag and found a huge blue one. I packed all kinds of clothes in there and a few blankets.

I found a gun next to the bed. I picked it up and checked it. It looked like a pretty expensive gun. It was tiny, but very use full. I packed that too. I went down to the cellar and I must admit it was scary.

I tired on the lights and walked into something. I jumped and looked down. A dead woman. Probably the wife of the man upstairs. I found a shot gun next to her which I carefully removed from her hand. I checked it and it was perfectly fine too.

I stepped over her and kept walking, when I walked into a wine cellar. I packed 3 bottles for my mother. She's been going through a lot lately. I looked around and there was nothing else I needed. I walked back to the kitchen and was about to walk out when I heard moans.

I turned and looked out of the window. A full heard of walkers where outside. How was I going to get out?? I walked back upstairs panicking and looked out of the bathroom window.

The barn was about 3 meters away from the bathroom window. If I wanted to get out alive, I would have to jump. Omg.

I opened the window and carefully lay my bags outside of it. I then pushed myself though it too. I stood on the roof and locked down at the herd. I saw a opening on the roof of the barn and picked up my first bag.

I threw it over and it landed on the roof. So did the second one. Now I just had to get over some how. I walked back a little and leapt over. I grabbed on to the old wood. My feet where hanging of the roof and I could hear the walkers trying to grab me. I pulled myself up and took a deep breath.

I looked inside the opening of the barn and heard some more moans. There where walkers in here. I threw down both my bags and a walker appeared I grabbed my bow and arrows.

Head shot. There was a second one but I couldn't see him. I whistled and there she was. A little girl, no older than 8. She was holding a teddy and her dress was pink.

Her hair was messy and she was missing a eye. She just stared up at me. I had to take her out of her misery. I took another arrow and shot her right between her eyes. She fell to the ground.

I whistled again, just to make sure there was nothing else in there. Nothing. I climbed down and picked up the girl. She looked so rotten and she smelled like that too. I climbed back up to the opening and threw her out.

"I'm sorry" I said quietly

The other Walker was a man. Probably the girls father. I'm guessing thy hid in here. I shoved the father to a corner in the barn and threw some hay over him so I wouldn't see him when I sleep.

It's started getting very dark in the barn and I climbed back up to the opening. I watched the sun go down, guessing what my mother and brother where doing.

I climbed back down and found a few old candles and some lighters. I light them up and saw how beautiful the barn actually looked in this light. The red color on the old wood looked like Christmas.

I took my bag and lay out a old jacket I had packed in the other house. I also took 2 blankets. I lay them on a stack of hay and took the jacket and lay them over me. It was nice and warm.

It was so nice and cozy, but I still couldn't fall asleep because of all the walkers scratching on the barn door. I lay there and was so worried. I got up and found a few nails and a hammer. I got some wood and hammered them aging the door. After about a half an hour of hammering my hands hurt and there where double as many walkers, at least now I knew they couldn't get in.

I lay back down and fell asleep very fast, because of exhaustion.

I dreamt of my brother and mother. They where dead. I came back and they where dead. They attacked me and ripped all my intestines out.

I woke up and was full of sweat. It was already light and I had to go. I packed my bags. I climbed up and checked if the cost was clear. There were a few walkers, but I had to get past them. I grabbed the ladder in the barn and pushed it through the opening. I grabbed my bags and quietly threw them down.

I climbed down and grabbed the knife out of my packet. The bags on my back I walked towards the car. Suddenly a walker jumped at me.

I fell to the ground and he tried to bite me. I grabbed my knife, and just as he jumped down at me I stabbed him in the herd. I cried and shivered. I pushed him of me and picked up my bags.

I got into the van. I threw the bags onto to backseat and took a minute just to calm down. I turned on the motor and drove of.

I tried to listen to some music. Stupid me there was no music! We where I the middle of a apocalypse. I turned the radio back of and drove insolence for about 15 minutes. I passed some walkers. One had no legs and was crawling on the floor. I drove over her.

I drove faster and faster, 'cause I was getting to hang of it. Finally I drove up to the front door and turned of the motor.

I felt to grow up and responsible. How happy would my family be to see me again.

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