The Slaughter House

Blood. A simple but complex thing that we have a constant source of. Though we ran out of fossil fuels, and not anyone can get solar energy. The dead now sacks of fuel, criminals punching bags and the dumb made to be slashed. So what do you do when you're in the Slaughter House?


1. Blood .


Blood .

Such a resource is it not? So you can simply pierce your skin and have the fuel for what you need, be it for your home or mobile phone. But only Human blood, animal blood is not made of the same molecular structure. No-one exactly knows how it works, but it does, and that is all that matters. Some people are kidnapped, to be sold in the black market, then their blood to be used as fuel. You'd think this is a rare occurrence but sadly, it is common, so common in fact that I'm surprised I haven't been kidnapped. Pain isn't hurt though... If that makes sense. There is no pain, you can slice at your arm and feel nothing, but its illegal. If you've found to have scars or recent wounds you are to be sent to a Slaughter House, and those who have wounds from accidents are to report immediately to a hospital for the blood to be collected. In fact, everyone, once a month must have a litre of blood harvested, simply as a tax of living, this applies to those eighteen and above. Again, if you don't oblige to the tax, you too will be sent to be slaughtered. 


So... This is life as we know it, for us poor people.


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