Son of the Empire

Thousands of years in the future, uneasy peace is maintained by the Military Alliance, a coalition of three solar systems, as the iron-fisted façade of Gideon Destry puts down rebellion brewing in the minds of the Lark sisters. As chaos ensues, Jasper Harkenshine is propelled into the mystery as the politically neutral Library of Callisto is finally forced to choose a side, sparking the beginning of a long and dangerous conflict.
*My first attempt at NaNoWriMo 2015*


7. Six

“It’s not very becoming of a military officer,” Tierney huffed as she strode towards Destry’s main officer.

“What is unbecoming?” Clancy was right on her heels.

“Running,” she answered. She turned the corner down the main hall, quickening her pace. Clancy barely kept up, juggling the various wires and a bulky tracking computer.

“And what do you call this?” Clancy bellowed.

She turned back to him with a smirk. “Briskly walking.”

With that, she marched up to Destry’s secretary android. It was the latest model, with an acronym Tierney had yet to learn, and though it was designed to be sleek and function, she was sure it looked like  traffic cone with arms.

“I am here with tracking analyst Stellan Clancy,” Tierney said. “We have an update on the location of the second Lark sister.” The traffic cone paused from typing up the ship’s personal log about its happenings. Its visual sensors seemed to glare in her general direction.

“I apologize Miss Tierney,” the android babbled, “but Commander Destry is in a meeting.” The android turned, focusing its attention on typing again.

“That’s Captain Tierney,” she clarified bitterly.

“And, this is a matter of systemic security,” Clancy chimed in, holding up the computer in his arms.

“The commander is in a meeting,” the android repeated.

Tierney sighed. “That’s it.” She strode past the desk, and pulled the door open, despite the android’s muted protests. The giant door closed behind Clancy, sealing off the high-ceilinged gold room. Computer screens and sparse bookshelves lined the walls. At the end of the room, was a large mahogany desk, and sitting in the padded chair behind it, was Destry, unceremoniously snoring in unrestful sleep. Tierney stepped up to the desk.

“Commander,” Tierney said, sternly. The balding man didn’t stir. She slammed her fist down on the table, sending the officer immediately upright. He mumbled incoherently in tired confusion, then looked to see Tierney, who stared down in disdain, and Clancy, how looked away in embarrassment.

“What is the meaning of this?” Destry grumbled. “I was awaiting a very important meeting.”

“Sir,” Clancy began, “I believe this takes precedence.” Destry was unsure who the dark, burly man was, then and looked to Tierney pointedly.

“We believe we found the location of Adira Lark,” Tierney said, flatly.

The commander straightened, suddenly awake. “Well, then,” Destry blubbered. “Check the clarity, and then I will send a party to capture her with a suitable captain and team.”

Clancy and Tierney looked at each other for a moment, unsure of how to present their findings.

“I believe it will be… more difficult that,” Tierney said. She looked up, searching for the right words. “It will require… diplomacy.”

Destry raised his eyebrows in defeat, and sat back in his chair. “Of course.”

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