x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


2. t w o

Chapter 2:

t  w  o

I’ve been walking, no idea how long though. All I know is that I don’t want to go home, not that I call that place home.

I look down at my phone and read the hundreds of messages from my parents, without looking in front of me causing me to bump into someone.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going”, I apologize.

She had dark brown hair and glasses.

“Same though”, she laughs waving her phone, showing that she was also looking at her phone instead of in front of her like myself, “What are you doing walking around town this time of day anyway?”

“I should ask you the same thing, sorry I didn’t get your name?” I ask.

“Hi I’m Nia, and you are?” she says holding out a hand.

“Nina”, I say shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you; now why are you walking around again?” she asks.

I tell her about the last 48 hours of my life and she nods understandably, this was odd though. I would never open up to anyone like this unless it was Leila. But there was something about Nia, she was just so friendly and I honestly saw us being friends.

“What school do you go to?” I ask.

“Richmond High School, you?” she says, damn I meet one good potential friend and we don’t even go to the same school.

“Norwest Christian College”, I say sadly.

“Hey, I know someone who goes to that school, well my friend has friends that go there and I just happen to know them”, she admits and I laugh.

“Yeah I’m not really good with making friends”, I say shyly.

“Doesn’t seem like it”, she laughs.

I just shrug.

“Okay well I have to go home now before my parents start to worry. And I think you should at least give Sydney a chance, it’s not as bad as you think. See you around?” she says.

I nod.

She hands me her phone and I put in my number.

“See you”


Oh well, I might as well go home because I don’t really have anywhere else to go. I get home and all the lights are on. I walk up to the front door and slowly open the door.

“Where have you been?” my mom walks up to me with her arms folded.

“Honey, calm down”, my dad says to my mother, “I think we should talk.”

I nod my head for them to continue.

“We know you don’t like it here, but if there’s anything we can do to make it better just say the word”, my dad says.

“I want a dog”, I say cheekily knowing how much my mother dislikes dogs.

“No!” my mother exclaims.

“Well go look tomorrow”, my dad says.

I smirk at my mother before crossing my arms and walked to my empty room.


I wake up to the birds chirping loudly which is annoying when you’re trying to sleep.

“Good morning, daddy says you should wake up now so we can go to the pet store”, Anna says standing by the door frame.

Oh yeah, I’m getting a dog.

“I’ll be ready now”, I say chasing her out.

I squeeze into a pair of black skinny jeans, throw on a plain white t-shirt and lace up my vans. I tie my hair into a ponytail before grabbing my phone and making my way down stairs.

 I hop into the car next to my dad.

“Where’s mom?” I ask noticing it’s only us and Anna.

“She’s not too happy about this dog thing”, he sighs.

“Oh well.”

We get to the pet shop and get out, Anna already miles ahead. I look at my choices, big dogs and small dogs. Obviously I’m gonna choose a big dog.

There was one dog there that caught my attention, maybe because he kept circling me.

“Hey there bud”, I say petting the adorable Golden Retriever.

“You wanna come home with me?” I ask him as I rub his belly.

“How about this one dad?” I ask.

“Yeah sure, I’m sure he’ll fit in just fine.”

We pay for him (Oh my gosh dogs are hella expensive), buy dog food, bowls and all that other stuff.

“So what shall we call him?” my dad asks.

“I don’t, I guess we’ll have to see”, I say as the adorable fluff ball curls up on my lap.

 After packing out my room and decorating it I checked the time, 22:30. I fed my dog and decided to have a shower.

I got dressed in my Pj’s and sat on my bed playing guitar, like I usually do when I can’t sleep. I play ‘Sweater Weather’ and the dog seems to really enjoy it. It doesn’t sound right without my capo though so I put it on the right fret and play the song again causing the dog to bark as he jumps on my bed, chewing on the capo.

“No, bad boy!” I yell at him, trying to pry his teeth off of my guitar neck.

“Hmm, why don’t I just call you Capo? You know what I think I will”, I say and fluff his fluffy ears.

I fall asleep with Capo cuddling with me; it was nice except for when I have to wake up every thirty minutes to take him outside.

“Wake up; you can’t be late for your first day of school. I’m making pancakes”, my mother says waking me up.

I get up and have a shower, and then I straighten my hair and wear my The Offspring band t with ripped skinny jeans and converse.

I take one last look at myself in the mirror.

“You’re gonna make friends and stop being an awkward anti-social little shit”, I say to myself in the mirror.

We arrive at the school; I look at of the window and see many new and unknown faces. I wonder which one of them will end up being my friend or enemy in the future.

“Have a nice day”, my mother says before I walk out into the unknown.

I go to the office to get my class schedule. Yay math’s first (note the sarcasm)

“Where’s room 31?” I ask the office lady.

She ignores me, pretending that she hadn’t heard me. I nod my head and walk out searching for ‘room 31’ myself.

After many minutes of searching I’m about to give up. I found my locker though, so I slam myself against it, wanting this day to be over.

“Um, sorry, you’re standing in front of my locker”, I look up and see and the guy from last night standing in front of me.

“I’m sorry, I just have no idea where anything is I’m new here”, I say hoping that this stranger is friendly.

“May I see your class schedule, I might be able to help you”, he says and I hand him my now crumpled piece of paper with my class schedule on it.

“Room 31, follow me”, he says and I do as I’m told.

“Hi I’m Michael just in case you didn’t get that last night”, he says as we’re walking.

“I’m Nina”, I say.

“I know that, are you American?” he asks.

“Yeah, Californian actually”, I correct him.

“Oh well, I’m sorry for not being too precise”, he says, “Here you go, room 32 math’s, Ew.”

“Is the teacher that bad?” I ask worried.

“No she’s great, she’s my buddies mom, she makes a great cheese toasty”, he says and I laugh.

“Good to know. Thanks for helping me though”, I thank him.

“If you wanna I can meet you here after first period and show you two your next classes”, he offers.

“That would be great”, I say.

*Bell rings*

“Okay well, I have English and I don’t want detention again, otherwise I can’t show you around so I’ll see you later”, he says while walking backwards to first period.

I wave at him and walk into class. Great I’m the first one here.

I take a seat in the middle row.

As the lesson went on and on I couldn’t help but not pay attention because math’s sucks!

*Bell rings*


Finally its lunch, Michael has met me after all of my classes so far, showing me to my next class.

“So what do you think of Sydney so far?” he asks.

“It’s okay”, I say unsure.

“Just wait until you meet my friends, they’re great”, he says.

We walk outside to the back of the school where there were two other guys leaning against the brick wall while smoking.

 “Hey guys, this is Nina, Nina this is Luke and Calum”, Michael introduces us.

“Hey”, the one with tanned skin and dark hair says, “I’m Calum.”

“Hi I’m Luke”, the blonde one says winking at me. I wasn’t fazed at all by guys like this.

The whole lunch time is basically just the guys talking shit while I quietly sit there reading, ‘The great Gatsby.’

“Oh my god, are you for real reading right now?” Luke says rudely to me.

“Yeah, you should try it, you know if you’re IQ is high enough to handle it”, I snap back and Calum chuckles.

“Shut up”, Luke says to him and Michael just rolls his eyes.


“So there’s this party tonight, I know what you’re thinking: a party on the first day of school in the new year? Yeah that’s right, it’s tradition and as a new girl you’re pretty much obligated to be there”, he says. We were both currently sitting in the parking lot waiting for our parents.

“Hmm, okay what time is it and where?” I ask, I already know my mother won’t allow it though.

“I’ll come pick you up at 8, no second thoughts”, he says, “My mom’s here. Give me your phone please.”

I hand him my phone and he puts in his number.

“Bye”, he says as he gets into a car with who I’m guessing is his mother.

I wave at him and just as he leaves my mother pulls up.


The whole drive home I contemplated on how to ask my mother if I could go to the party tonight, dreading the answer when something amazing happened, “My co-worker Liz told me today that there’s this party at their house tonight that her son throws every year and she said that you should come and make some friends.”

“Sounds good”, I nod trying to hide my happiness.

I get home and immediately have a shower, do my hair and makeup, get dressed in a short pair of black shorts, a My Chemical Romance crop top and vans.

I check the time and as I do I hear a car horn.

Mikey: Get your ass out the door and into my car ;)

“I’m leaving mom!” I yell and run out the front door and climb into Michael’s car.

“You look nice, I like your shirt”, he says sweetly while keeping his eyes on the road.

“Thanks”, I say and turn up the radio.

-At the party-

I have to admit I’m really having a good time, I’m on my second beer at the moment and I’ve really gotten to know Calum and I’ve realized he’s a really nice guy.

After jello shots with Cal I get enough confidence to make my way to the dance floor.

On my way there I bump into someone, someone that I’ve bumped into before.

“Nia?!” I exclaim.

“Nina?!” she mimics me.

We hug and she says, “What are you doing here? Never mind you need to meet my best friend”, she drags me behind her.

“Nina meet Ashton, Ashton meet Nina”, she says introducing me to a blondish guy with curly hair and nice arm muscles.

“It’s nice to meet you”, he says shaking my hand.

“You too”, I say friendly.

I see Luke looking at me in the corner of my eye. Huh, I got the bad guys’ attention, who cares anyway he’s an ass.

‘I just wanna live’ by Good Charlotte was playing, I love this song.

“Do you wanna dance?” Ashton asks.

“Sure”, I say shyly and he takes my hand leading me to an open space near a group of people who were dancing.

We danced almost like we were really good friends. I liked how he never once got touchy.

We were done dancing and were now currently sitting on the couch while Michael was telling some really funny story.

The whole time I felt Luke’s eyes focused on me, it made me feel uncomfortable.

I leave to go upstairs and find the bathroom. I walk into a room that was not the bathroom but someone’s bedroom. There were really cool band posters on the wall, some of my favorites. Whoever’s room this was, he’s really cool, and I’m guessing it’s a ‘he’ by the amount of dirty laundry lying on the floor. In the corner he had many guitars lined up, so he was musically talented too. I’m really starting to like whoever’s room this is. I think I could really get along with this guy, he’s my type.

I decide I’m going to go outside for some fresh air. I walk outside onto the patio, I’m alone.

“Hey”, at least I thought I was alone.

I turn around and see Luke standing there.

“Hi”, I simply say unsure of why he was talking to me.

“Having fun?” he asks.

“Uh yeah?” I ask. No idea where this is supposed to be going…

A black Labrador comes running towards him, and he bends down to pet it, “hey Molly.”

I stand there confused.

“So I saw you in my room earlier”, he says. No, that was he’s room? Damn I really thought it was someone I could like‘s room, oh well…

“That was your room?” I ask just to make sure.

“Yeah, I saw you looking at my guitars, do you play?” he asks. I don’t know why but he was giving me butterflies.

“Yeah, just a little”, I lie, I’ve actually been playing guitar since I could basically breathe.

“You wanna show me?” he asks sweetly.

“No thanks”, I say, sounding a little rude. I don’t like the bad boy act I saw earlier. I don’t know why he’s suddenly being so nice to me.

“Some other time then?” he asks.

“Maybe, I have to go home now anyway”, I lie wanting an excuse to leave.

“Okay bye, see you at school tomorrow?”

“Okay”, I say and walk inside to find Michael.

“Hey Nina, what’s up?” Michael asks.

“Nothing, just wanna go home”, I say. I don’t wanna go home, I just wanna dodge Luke.

“Yeah, no, sure”, he says, sensing I don’t wanna talk about it and walks me outside to his car.

He drives me home and stops right in front of my house.

“So what was up with you and Luke today?” he asks right before I wanted to open the door.

“What do you mean?” I ask, what does he mean by, ‘what’s going on with me and Luke?’

“I don’t know it’s just, he kept staring at you the whole night, and then you guys talk outside alone and now you just want to suddenly go home? What’s going on?” he asks.

He saw us?

“There’s nothing going on as far as I know, I honestly think he’s a dick that’s all”, I say.

“You’ve only known him for a day”, he defends him.

“And first impressions are key”, I say and climb out of the car.

 “Bye! See you tomorrow?” he waves sweetly.

“Bye Mikey”, I say and blow him a kiss before making my way to my front door.

I walk in silently, great they’re all asleep. I get dressed in my Pj’s and climb in bed.

I can’t sleep though because all I keep thinking is: What is going on between Luke and me? Do I like him? Does he like me? All I know is I’m not in the mood to go to school tomorrow…

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