x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


3. t h r e e

Chapter 3

t  h  r  e  e

Awoken by the chirping birds outside I get up and out of bed and make my way to my bathroom. I have a shower and go to my closet, trying to decide on what to wear.

I get dressed and curl my hair and do my makeup. I lace up my sneakers and grab my phone before making my way to the kitchen.

Unknown number: Hey its Ashton from last night, Nia gave me your number to tell you she’s mad at you for ditching last night

Shit, Nia… I save his number and reply:

Me: Shit, Ash please tell her I’m sorry but something came up :,(

Ashx:  Will do so, have a nice day! ;)

Me: You too! ;))

“How was last night?” my mom asks while packing Anna’s lunch.

“I made a new friend”, I say sitting next to Anna.

“What is her name?”

“Ashton”, I say almost in a whisper.

“A boy”, my mother asks.


“How many guy friends do you have so far?” she asks.

“Only Ashton and Michael”, I say.

“How many female?” she asks. She has a knife in her hand, I’m terrified.

“We’ll see there’s… well there’s Nia but she doesn’t go to my school she goes to school with Ashton, also her and Ashton are a year older.”

“Will I be able to meet this Michael, Ashton and Nia one day?” she asks.

“Uh-“ I start but get interrupted when I receive a message from Michael.

Mikey: Are you ready? You better be bc I’m in front of your house ;)

School only starts in like an hour, why is he so early? I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet…

“Wait a minute”, I tell my mom and walk to the front door.

I open the door and see Michael on my front porch.

“I was hoping you’ll feed me”, he says walking straight into my house.

He walks into the kitchen and I follow him.

“Mom this is Michael, Michael this is my mother”, I say.

“HI IM ANNA!” Anna says loudly.

“Nice to meet you Anna I’m Michael”, he says giving her a hug.

Michael was honestly the sweetest thing.

“Hi, I’m Nina’s mother, please don’t call me Mrs. though, just call me Ashley”, my mother says friendly while shaking his hand, “Would you like to stay for breakfast?”

“I would love to”, he says while looking at me and smirking.

He sits down next to Anna and I sit next to him.

“So who is this Ashton guy Nina is telling me about?” my mother asks nosy.

I am mentally trying to murder her right now.

Michael looks over me and raises his one eyebrow as if asking me ‘you like Ashton?’

I shake my head ‘no’ and he nods.

“Ashton is a really nice guy why?” he says politely while still seeming rude, maybe it’s just his punk rock image.

“Just asking, okay so I have to drop Anna off at school and then I’m off to work; have a nice day you two, I’ll see you later”, she says putting a dish in front of both Michael and I.

“Bye Mom”

“Bye Ashley”, Michael says and looks at me cheekily. I just roll my eyes.

2 Minutes after my mother drove off and Michael had already licked his plate clean he turned to me with an evil grin on his face.
“What?” I ask knowing he has an idea.

“What time will your mom be home?” he asks grinning evilly. I don’t like where this is going…

 “7 pm why?” I say unsure if I should have even answered him.

“Have you ever ditched?”

“NO!” I say. Truth is I’ve never even done anything bad before, ever. I’ve always been a good girl. And I don’t wanna change that to be honest. I’m kind of afraid of rebellion. Don’t judge me.

“C’mon Nina, the guys are also all ditching so unless you’re in the mood to make new friends I suggest you loosen up a little and have some fun”, he begs.

Damn, I don’t wanna be a loner so…

“Okay fine, where are we going?” I ask. I can already feel the adrenaline flooding through my veins just by agreeing to this.

“Haha, we aren’t going anywhere”, he says leaving me confused.

“Excuse me what?” I ask.

“We’re all gonna chill here, why do we need to go anywhere when we can just stay here?”

“Okay fine, who is ‘we’ anyway?” I say, I already know who this ‘we’ is: Calum and Luke. Yay, Luke. Why is part of me excited though?
“Do you have any video games?” Michael asks plopping himself down on my couch.

“Yeah I have, the new GTA and FIFA”, I say and he gets all excited.

“Holy shit, I don’t even have these yet, what the fuck Nina?” he asks admiring the video games.

“Oh yeah, my friend Linley’s dad works for a video game company so I got that as a ‘going away present’” I say as the doorbell goes off, followed by loud fists pounding on the door.

I open the door and see three faces, two I expected and one I didn’t.

“Hey Ash, I didn’t expect you. What are you doing here?” I ask stunned while I stand aside to let them walk in. (Luke and Calum)

As Luke walks past me I get a slight tingle in my stomach but I choose to ignore it.

“The guys forced me to ditch so I didn’t have a choice”, he says shyly as he tugs his over-sized sweater sleeves over his hands.

“Same”, I say and close the door once he walked in.

“Nice house”, Calum comments while he sits himself down next to Michael and Luke joins.

“Thank you, so I’d order pizza but I kind of can’t because the pizza guy knows my dad and he’ll ask him why I was home”, I say and sit down on the other couch and motion for Ashton to join.

Ashton was so shy and nervous all the time, it was really sweet; it made me wonder why he hung out with these guys. And as I’m thinking this, Luke and Calum light up a cigarette.

They offer one to Michael but he’s too focused on the screen, playing FIFA. The offer one to Ashton and he looks terrified.

“Uh, not for me guys”, he says nervously making Luke scoff.

“Ignore them Ashton”, Michael says still focused on the screen. It’s so cute how Michael is with Ashton, I know he can be rude but so far he’s very nice.

“Hey guys take that outside, just now my parents think I’m the one smoking”, I say chasing them out. Luke smiles and offers me one but I take the packet out of his hands and throw it outside by the pool area, “go fetch.”

“C’mon Calum”, he says and goes outside as Calum follows.


After playing hundreds of FIFA matches and beating Calum multiple times I decided I was now hungry. School ended two hours ago so we’re in the clear.

“I’m gonna make sandwiches, anyone want?” I ask and they all look at me as if that was the dumbest thing to ask, “Got it.”

“I’ll help you”, Ash says sweetly and comes with me to the kitchen.

He chops the tomatoes and the onions while I butter the bread.

“So Ash, tell me about you”, I ask.

He hesitates.

“Um, well, l-like what?” he says nervously.

“Anything really”, I say.


He starts but is rudely cut off by Luke, “You guys having sex in here or what?”

“Fuck off”, I say pointing my knife at him.

“Feisty!” he says and raids my fridge.

“What do you want, Luke?” I ask hopelessly.

“Do you have any alcohol?”


“You need some”, he says and leaves the kitchen and the fridge door unclosed.

Ashton closes it.

“So uh, like I was saying-“he continues but is interrupted when I see a car pull up.

Shit that’s my dad.

“Oh my god, hey can we talk about this another time? My dad just pulled up”, I say and he looks, sad.  If my dad sees three teenage boys here he’ll freak.

“Everybody, go to my room, keep quiet and don’t touch my stuff. Also don’t come out until I say you can. Now, go!” I say chasing them upstairs. They do as they’re told and go upstairs.

My dad walks in and only now I see the mess they made.

“What happened here?” he asks.

“No homework, so I was just lounging around, you know”, I say as he walks into the kitchen.

“Wow, you must be hungry”, he says and grabs one of the hundreds of sandwiches on the kitchen counter.

“Yip, you know me, always hungry… what are you doing home if I may ask?” I say trying my best to keep my cool.

“Just came to get some clothes I have to go on a business trip. I’ll see you next week though”, he says and walks straight to his room.

Oh yes, one of my dad’s famous ‘business trips’. Last year my mother found out that these business trips were actually just him screwing some girl like just a little bit older than me. And I guess he’s at it again, I swear I could kill him for the way he treats my mother.

He comes down with a bag, “Bye sweetie”, he says and disappears outside.

  I fake a smile and grab the plate of sandwiches before making my way upstairs.

I walk into my room and this is what I see:

Michael was reading my diary, lil’ bitch.

Calum was playing with Capo, adorable.

Ashton was awkwardly sitting there, cute.

Luke was looking at my underwear, pervert.

“Michael? Luke? What the fuck?” I say grabbing my underwear and diary.

“Is your dad gone?” Michael asks ignoring the serious look I was giving him.

“Yeah, probably screwing that bitch by now”, I say plopping myself on my bed.

“Nina, you wanna talk?” Calum asks sweetly.

“Nope”, I say emotionless, “My mom is gonna be home in an hour I think you guys should just leave.”

They nod and leave without saying a word.

I lie on my bed and think about all the times that this has happened and screwed up my life completely. Last time this happened was a last month, that’s why my dad took this job, so that we can start new. My mother found them together in the act and she completely broke down, she stopped talking and ignored everyone until her and my dad had a talk and somehow worked it all out. I don’t know why she keeps forgiving him though, he always does this. I remember one of their fights where I walked into the kitchen and saw blood, just blood. My mom doesn’t know that I saw that though, if she did she’d break down. All these memories start to flood into my mind bringing bad thoughts and negativity.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” my mom’s voice says out of nowhere.

I look up and see her figure behind blurry eyes.

I ignore her.

“Where’s your father?” she asks. I stay quiet.

She sighs heavily and rubs my back as I bury my head into my pillow.

She gets up to leave.

“Where are you going mom?” I ask.

“I’m going to do something I should of done awhile ago”, she says, “There’s diner in the oven, please make sure Nina goes to bed.”

She leaves as I hear the car engine start and see the lights go on as she races down the street.

I feed Anna, but I don’t eat because I’m not really in the mood. I then put her to bed by reading her a bedtime story.

I lay in my bed wondering where I’ll be in two months. Like will I be friends with Michael and Ashton or will I eventually get along with Luke. All I know is that from tomorrow my parents might be divorced.

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