x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


6. s i x

Chapter 6

s  i  x

“You want to roast some marshmallows with us, Anna’s idea…” Luke asks.

I nod excitedly. He smiles.

We go outside to where there was a fire surrounded with chairs.

Beau and Jai were outside with Anna and two other guys that I’ve never met before but they look familiar.

“Nina meet James and Skip”, Luke introduces us.

“Nice to meet you”, I wave.

“Nice to meet you”, they nod and wink at Luke.

There weren’t enough chairs for everyone so James and Beau sat on the ground.

We roasted marshmallows but I kept burning mine.

“Let me help you”, Luke says putting on a new marshmallow and puts it over the fire.

“Here”, he says blowing on it to cool it down.

“Thank you”, I say.

“No problem, now open up”, he says and I do as he says.

He makes me sit there with my mouth open while he keeps blowing on the marshmallow.


He laughs and feeds me the marshmallow.

“Tastes nice when it’s not burnt”, I say while the marshmallow was still in my mouth.

“You’d be surprised, huh?” he jokes.

Jai and Beau made Anna a little sleeping place on the grass because she didn’t wanna miss out on the fun and she was currently asleep.

“So is anyone here up for a swim?” James asks.

“Say no”, Luke whispers in my ear.


“Just say no, okay”, he says sweetly.

I nod and he smiles slightly, a hint of nervousness showing.

“You guys coming?” Skip asks.

“Nah, we’re not in the mood to swim”, he says.

Jai winks at us before jumping into the pool and Beau makes a dirty gesture.

“What’s that all about?” I ask.

“Just ignore them”, he tells me and stands up.

“Come with me”, he says offering me his hand.

“Where are we going?” I ask resting my hand on top of his. His touch sends shivers through my body.

“Trust me?” he says.

I nod and let him take me to wherever.

We get to a ladder on the side of the house that leads up to the roof.

He motions for me to go ahead and so I do, I’m actually really scared of heights.

“Don’t worry I’ll catch you if you fall”, he assures me.

I nod and keep climbing till I reach the top. I sit on the roof and Luke sits next to me.


“Yes, Luke?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

A/N: Woah, cliffhanger. Annoying af. I’m really sorry for the short chapter. I promise that it’ll never happen again, so please keep on reading. Please comment/Like/Fav/whatever…


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