x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


1. o n e

Outer space

Chapter 1:


o  n  e

[A/N: so I wrote this fanfic for all you LUKE lovers out there (my people). I’m very proud of this fanfic to be honest. I already have six full super ass long chapters and just so you know, they will give you the feels, for real. So keep on reading and commenting and I’ll keep posting more for you savages! I laf u guise]

“Nina, hurry up we want to go now, dear”, my dad calls me from the stairs.

“I’m coming dad!” I yell. I sigh heavily as I take one last look at my bedroom, the pale blue walls that I’ve woken up to my whole life and the old wooden floors that have gotten so worn out through the years. 17 Years. I’ve lived here for seventeen years and now I have to leave the place a comfortably call my home. I don’t want to leave; I can’t believe that my parents are doing this. Not that they care anyway, all that they care about is their stupid jobs.

I pick up my phone and see that I have a message from my best friend, Leila.

Leila: Can I please have a goodbye before you leave?

Leila Paulson, aka my best friend was that kind of friend that you’ve known since birth, saw every day (seeing as she was your neighbor) and she always stood up for you, even if that meant kicking a few asses. She was also my only friend, ever.

I smile as a tear escapes but I wipe it off before it rolls down my cheek. I close my old bedroom door and make my way to the stairs, as I open the front door I see Leila standing there with her arms wide open.

“Oh Leila, why do I have to move to all the way to another country on the whole other side of the world?” I ask while clinging onto her tightly.

“We’ll talk every night, okay?” she says sounding like a loving mother.

“Okay”, I say pulling of the hug.

I climb into the car after waving one last goodbye to Leila and had one last look at my house. Goodbye sunny California.

“Don’t worry Nina, mommy and daddy say that Australia is WONDERFUL!” my little sister Anna says with a toothless smile.

I smile at her and pet her head then I put in my earphones and tune out the rest of the world as my favourite songs soothe me.

We land in Sydney and I still haven’t spoken to neither of my parents so I was stuck with an energetic Anna the whole flight here. I don’t want to sound like a hater but I don’t really like ‘Frozen’, well at least not after having to watch it twenty times.

“We’re here!” Anna removes my earphone and yells in my ear, waking me from my sleep. We walk out of the airport and pack our stuff in the car. We drive towards our new house, Yay (Note the sarcasm)

I climb out of the car and look at my new ‘house’: Nothing special. Nothing special at all, it’s basically an oversized apartment, not a house.

I take my most important things and walk towards the front door.

“So what do you think?” my mom asks sounding proud.

“Where’s my room?” I simply ask, ignoring her question. I hate being rude to my parents but how dare they make such a big decision without consulting me first?

“Last room on the left”, she says, her smile now vanished.

I roll my eyes and walk down the hallway to my new room.

Small. That is the only way to describe it. It’s half the size of my old room. It’s a shoe box.

I plop myself onto my sheet less bed and bring my knees up to my chest.

In two days I start my new school which means I have to make friends and I’m not good at making new friends. I’m see innocent goody-two-shoes nobody likes that.

“Nina, we’re going out for dinner”, my mom says standing on the other side of the door.

“I’m coming”, I say getting up. I open the door and my mom was still standing there.

“I know this is a lot to take in, it’s a big change, and I get it. But could you at least try and be happy for your dad and me?” she says rubbing my arm.

“Okay, mom”, I lie and put on a fake smile.

We get to some restaurant that looks like the kind of place were fancy rich people go after soaking up the sun on their expensive yacht before heading back to their private island.

 This is what confused me, we don’t belong here.

“Dad, what are we doing here?” I ask crossing my arms feeling slightly annoyed that they wouldn’t tell me and let me come here wearing my old Blink-182 shirt, overly ripped old skinny jeans and dirty-and-about-to-fall-apart converse where people are wearing brand new and expensive designer clothes. Anna the little loud mouth was also here so there was no way in hell that we were not going to be judged.

“I’m sorry; my boss invited us to dinner. I honestly didn’t think that it would be this fancy”, he apologizes.

See my parents are the “let’s have a beer and sing Bohemian Rhapsody while dancing on the tables” kind of ‘fun’ people. Wine and small talk isn’t their ideal situation.

“Where is he anyway?” I ask looking around annoyed.

“There”, my dad points and walks over to a table. A middle aged man and woman and a teenage boy. 

My mother and Anna follow while I slowly trail behind.

“Dave, it’s nice to see you! I hope you’re enjoying it here in Aus. Meet my wife and my son”, he says introducing us to his family; I didn’t bother remembering their names. The son was clearly a bad boy, the type of guy that my parents would forbid me from even talking to.

“Yeah it’s great. These are my girls, my wife Ashley, my youngest daughter Anna and my eldest daughter Nina”, my dad introduces us all. The boy looks up but then ignores us again looking at his phone.

We have a seat across from them and I find myself staring at the boy the whole time but he never once looks up.

“So Nina, tell us about yourself”, my dad’s boss’ wife says causing the boy to put his phone down for once. This is confusing I should of remembered their names.

“Um, well like what?” I ask shyly, knowing that the boy was now listening.

“What school are you going to? How old are you? Anything really dear”, she says sweetly.

“I’m seventeen and I’m apparently going to some school called Norwest Christian College and I was forced to move here against my will”, I say the last part looking at my parents.

“Nina”, my mom says through gritted teeth.

“What mom?” I say pretending that I don’t know what she means.

I hear the boy snicker and when I look over at him he has a small smile.

I took this time to look at him, like really look at him. He had blond dyed hair, it’s not styled perfect yet somehow it looks like a masterpiece. He’s eye brow piercing that would move along with his eyebrows when he frowned and those bright green eyes…-

“NINA?” my little sister Anna screams into my ear waking me up from my daydream.

I look around and everyone is staring at me, the boy was trying to stifle a laugh.

“What?” I ask embarrassed.

“What would you like to have for dinner?” my mom asks politely.

“I’m not really hungry”, I say pushing the menu away and folding my arms.

“Mommy is tis you men by depwessed?” Anna asks.

“You think I’m depressed?” I say standing up and looked at my parents sternly.

  They open their mouth to say something but I walk away before they could do so. They call after me but I ignore them and keep on walking.

I don’t know to where but anywhere away from my family is fine.



A/N: So if you like this chapter please let me know! I promise I’ll update as much as possible. I have so much planed and I’m so excited for you guys to read it. I’m very proud of this fan fiction to be honest. SO PLEASE COMMENT, LIKE AND FOLLOW (and all that other stuff). It would mean the world if my writing had input.



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