x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


4. f o u r

Chapter 4

f  o  u  r

I wake up and walk downstairs, no one’s home? I call my mom and she answers on the fourth ring, “Hello?”

“Where are you?” I ask.

“I dropped off Anna this morning, I didn’t want to wake you up too early”, she says calmly.

“Oh okay…” I say.

“Bye honey, have a lovely day at school”, she says and ends the call without waiting for me to answer her.

“Great so I could ditch school and she wouldn’t know…” I think to myself. Wait what?! Since when do I think this way? I guess Michael is rubbing off on me. Oh well, now I don’t have to go to school, its Friday anyway.

I plop myself down on the couch and Capo sits on top of me.

I’m in the middle of watching my fourth episode of Dragon Ball Z when I hear the doorbell. I panic but then realize that my parents wouldn’t ring the doorbell. I put the show on pause and drag myself off of the couch and to the front door. I open up the door and see Michael, Luke and Calum standing there.

“What the fu-“”Don’t what the fuck me, why aren’t you at school?” Michael cuts me off.

“I should say the same to you.”

“We saw that you weren’t at school so we ditched and came to make sure you were okay because you ignored our texts and calls”, he says sternly.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t even hear my phone…” I say. They actually cared?

“Oh and, you know it’s an excuse to ditch”, he says, “OH MY GOD, ITS DRAGON BALL Z!”

He plops himself down on the couch and the other guys follow.

“So Nina, I honestly didn’t picture you as the school ditching type, am I finally rubbing off on you?” Luke says leaning in closer to me whispering in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I mean… it made me wanna gag?

“Fuck off, Luke”

“Oh Nina, one day you’ll see that a little bit rebellion is good.” I roll my eyes.

“What time do your parents get home?” Michael asked swaying his legs in the water.

We were currently sitting outside by the pool, just chilling.

“I don’t know”, I say remembering the night before, feeling the sadness in the pit of my stomach.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Calum asks. I shake my head no. He nods understandingly.

At that moment my phone goes off, signaling I have a text.

Mom: I won’t be home tonight hunny, but I’ll see you tomorrow. I paid money into your account for dinner. I arranged with one of Anna’s friends’ moms’ to drop her off at home. I love you goodnight. Xx

“You guys wanna stay the night?” I ask and Michael, Luke and Calum all smirk.

“Sounds good”- Calum.

“Hell yeah”- Michael.

Luke just winks and I roll my eyes.

I hear a car honk, must be Anna’s ride. I get up and open the front door expecting to see one a mother but see a cute boy instead.

“Hey”, he says.

“Hi?” I say. See this boy was not just cute, he was drop dead gorgeous!
“Oh I’m sorry, I’m Luke”, he says holding out a hand, I shake it. Luke? Weird…

“Hi I’m Nina”, I say.

“Do you like Luke, Nina?” Anna says standing next to us.

“What do you mean, Anna?” I say through gritted teeth.

“You’re looking at him dreamily-“she says and I shut her mouth immediately.

He smiles making me go weak in the knees.

“Do you, um want to, and um stay, for dinner, maybe?” I say stuttering like an idiot.

What was that? Why did I invite a random stranger for dinner? What is wrong with me?

“Please say yes!” Anna says excitedly.

Little sisters do come in handy sometimes, I guess.

 “Um, I’d love to but my brothers unfortunately can’t be left alone at home”, he jokes.

“Oh okay”, I say awkwardly. Shit, why am I so stupid?

“Yeah I’m sorry, well I have to get going.”

“Bye”, I say and start to close the door but he stops me.

“Could I maybe get your number?” he asks while scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah of course”, I say and give him my number.

“Okay bye, I’ll see you around sometime?” he says and I nod.

Anna gives him a hug and he hugs her back sweetly.

The moment we walk inside Anna notices the boys outside.

“HI MICHAEL!” she says attacking him with a hug.

“Hey Anna”, he says and hugs her back.

“Hi I’m Anna it’s nice to meet you”, she says introducing herself to Luke.

 “Hi Anna, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Luke”, he says to her and she hugs him and he surprisingly hugs her back.

“Hi I’m Calum”, Calum introduces himself.


He just nods, trying not to make a big deal about it.

We ordered Chinese food and watched the Back to the Future movies; we were currently watching the last one. I put Anna to bed at the second movie already and Calum and Michael had fallen asleep.

“So are you planning to go to school Monday, or are you gonna ditch again?” Luke whispers in my ear. The hot air on my skin sent chills down my spine. I don’t understand how he does this to me when at the same time I hate him with all the power inside of me.

“I don’t know I’ll have to see how I feel”, I say not once starring at him and focusing my attention on the movie.

“Can we talk please?” he says genuinely, so I look at him and hear him out.

“Can we talk outside?” he stands up.

I follow him outside and we sit down on the grass.

“Why don’t you like me?” he asks. This wasn’t the Luke that usually made and appearance.

“I don’t like ‘douchy’ guys”, I say but feel but after seeing the look on his face. He looks sad.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have judged you, how about we hang out tomorrow?” I say and he smiles.

“You really want to?” he asks. I nod and smile at him while he smiles at me.

I yawn and feel my eyes getting heavier.

“Are you tired?” he asks.

I nod and lay down on the grass as I drift off to sleep…


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