x Outer Space x

Nina gets dragged to Australia by her parents along with her little sister Anna. She's always been a good girl but what happens when two bad boys Luke Hemmings and Luke Brooks try to steal her heart? Who will she choose? Read to find out... -Outer space-


5. f i v e

Chapter 5

f  i  v  e

I wake up in my bedroom. I don’t remember falling asleep here? My thoughts are quickly cut off by the smell of bacon filling the air. Then I remember the guys spent the night last night.  I get up confused and make my way downstairs without even once looking in the mirror.

“Something smells nice”, I say to the three boys in my kitchen making breakfast.

“Fuck, Nina!” Calum yells making me jump a bit.

“Excuse me?”

“Go upstairs right now and get back in bed so that we can bring you breakfast in bed!” Michael exclaims and Luke starts pushing me upstairs.

“What is this all about?” I ask him once we’re in my room.

“Just wanna make you some breakfast in bed”, he says shyly.

“Oh okay”, I say and climb into my bed.

He nods and walks back downstairs.

I scroll through my phone waiting for the guys until I hear loud voices and smell food.

“We brought the bacon!” Calum says sitting on my bed while Michael comes in carrying a tray.

The food was surprisingly nice, well what I had of it. The guys ate most of it.

*beep beep*

My phone goes off notifying that I have a text.

Unknown: Hey, it’s Luke. From yesterday…08:48

I quickly save his number under Luke <3. Because I mean c’mon he’s hot.

Me: Aye! Haha yeah I remember 08:48

Luke <3: My mother wants to know if you and Anna would like to join us for dinner tonight because your mother said she won’t be home till tomorrow. 08:49

Um thanks mom for not telling me you won’t be home.

“Who’s that?” Calum asks motioning to my phone.

“No one”, I say shielding my phone from Michael who was looking over my shoulder.

“Luke with a heart?” he asks looking at Luke.

“It’s not me”, he defends himself.

“It’s not Luke”, I defend myself.

“Then who is this other ‘Luke’?” Michael asks.

“He’s nobody.”

“Then why do you save his name with a heart when all I get is a ‘Mikey’?”

I just ignore them and answer Luke.

Me: I’d love to. What time? 08:51

Luke <3: Seven. I’ll come and pick you guys up. 08:51

Me: Okay see you later! 08:52

Luke: ;) 08:52

I don’t know why but the winky-face gave me butterflies. What am I saying? Of course I know why he’s giving me butterflies. He’s perfect.

“Why are you smiling like an idiot?” Luke asks smiling.

“Because she is an idiot!” Michael jokes and I bump him off of the bed making him fall hard onto the floor.

“No but seriously, what’s going on?” Luke asks.

“Just some guy I like who invited me to his house tonight”, I say and instantly regret it because that just sounded wrong.

“You getting some?” Michael asks making dirty movements.

I punch him making him flinch.

 Luke looks kind of odd; almost like he’s been told someone killed his puppy.

“Okay well I have to go”, Luke says standing up, making his way towards my bedroom door.

“Bye Lukey”, I say expecting to get a reaction out of him but all I got was a, “Yip.”

“What was that?” I ask Michael and Calum once Luke’s gone.

“That’s just Luke being Luke. It’s better to ignore it”, Calum says.

“Okay. Oh well I’m gonna go have a shower”, I say getting up.

“We have to go now anyway”, Michael says standing and Calum follows.

“Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, bye!” Michael walks out and Calum just waves and flashes his sweet smile following him out.

After I’m dressed I walk downstairs to check up on Anna. I almost forgot that she’s alive, oops.

I see her sitting in front of the TV watching…American Horror Story?!

“ANNA WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?!” I ask grabbing the remote and turning off the TV.

“Michael put it on for me”, she says innocently. Of course thanks Michael…

“How much did you see?” I ask.

She opens her mouth to answer but my phone rings cutting her off.

“Hello?” I answer without looking at the caller ID.

“Hey, is this Nina?” an unfamiliar deep male voice speaks.

“Yeah, who is this?”

“Oh, this is Beau. I’m Luke’s brother, well one of Luke’s brothers…”

I thought Luke’s brothers were younger, I guess I thought wrong.

“Oh, um hi?” I’m confused as to why he’s speaking to me.

“Beau give me back my fucking phone! Who are you talking to? Fuck Beau just give it!” I hear Luke’s voice in the background. I can’t help but giggle.

“Nina is that you?” I hear Luke’s voice faintly; Beau must still have the phone. Shit he heard me laugh at him.

“Hey Luke!” I giggle.

“Fuck Beau let me talk to her!” I hear them fighting.

“Beau give the phone to Luke!” I say.

“Fine, bye Nina it was really nice to meet you, well kind of. I’ll see you tonight!”

“Bye Beau!”

“Hey, sorry about that”, Luke now has his phone back.

“Nah, it’s okay”

“You’re so lucky you don’t have brothers”, he says.

“Haha, yeah I can hardly handle Anna anyway”

“Nah but Anna is adorable”

“Anna, Luke thinks you’re adorable”, I say to Anna who was lying on the couch.

“Is that Luke? Can I talk to him please?” Anna jumps up, I hand her my phone after I put it on speaker.

“Hey Luke!” she says.

“Hey Anna”

“When can we come play?”

“You guys are coming tonight, didn’t Nina tell you?”

Anna gives me a death glare.

“I was about to”, I say in defense.

“No she did not”

“Okay Anna, well I’ll see you tonight then”

“Will Jai and Beau be there?” she asks excitedly.

Who’s Jai? Maybe Luke’s other brother?

“Yes they will sadly”

“Okay well I’ll make sure Nina looks pretty”

“Haha okay you do that bye”

“Bye Lukey!”

“Six year olds”, I say to Luke once Anna hands me my phone back.

“Haha she’s adorable”

“If you say so, okay well I have to go now see you later”

“See you later”

I end the call and look up to see Anna with a smug look on her face.

“Okay what’s going on with Luke? What are you not telling me?”

“Nothing he just thinks you’re pretty”, she says and I feel my cheeks heat up.

I nod and make my way to my room.

Being bored as fuck, I decide to go through my Instagram.

Seven follow requests from: calumhood, michaelgclifford, ashtonirwin, jaibrooks, beaupeterbrooks, luke_is_a_penguin and lukebrooksofficial.

I accept them all and decide to stalk Luke (Brooks). He had lots of followers, like famous person amount of followers.

I looked at his recent post, it was him and four other guys, the caption read: Go follow our account @thejanoskians ! J

I went into the link for the account and they had over a million followers. Then I followed the other link on their one picture that took me to a YouTube video. THESE GUYS ARE FAMOUS? AND WHY ARE THERE TWO LUKE’S?!

I decide to message Luke.

Me: You didn’t tell me you were famous! 18:48

Luke <3: Stop stalking me! I’ll be there in ten minutes 18:52




I straighten my hair; throw on my ‘The Offspring’ band tee along with a pair of black jean shorts and lace up my vans.

“Luke’s here!” Anna yells.

“I’m coming!” I say and run downstairs after disconnecting my charger.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was terrifying.


Nothing I can do now…

“Hey”, Luke says standing by the front door.

He was wearing a plain white tee with a flannel and a jacket over it. He’s hair was styled perfectly and his black jeans perfectly hugged his legs.

“Hi”, I say. He pulls me into a hug, when Anna pushed me into him and he kept me from falling.

He also smelt amazing.

“Nina, we have to get going”, he chuckles. I notice I’m still holding onto him.

“But you smell nice”, I say and mentally slap myself.

“Thanks”, he says and I let go.

We get to his car and he opens the door for both Anna and I.

I’m sitting shotgun.

We get to the house after a car ride that consisted of us being forced to listen to the Frozen soundtrack because Anna insisted. Luke knew all the words to all the songs, weird because I honestly hate Frozen.

“Welcome to my home”, he says letting Anna and I walk in first.

“Jai, Beau?!” Anna yells disappearing somewhere in the house.

“Nice house”, I say admiring the cute and comfortable homey-looking house.

“Thanks, all my mother”, he says.

He looked nervous.

“Luke why are you nervous?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I’m afraid of what my brothers-“

“You must be Nina!” a guy who looks just like Luke says to me.

“Hi I’m Beau, we talked this afternoon”, the one with really nice eyes says.

“Nina meet my brother Beau and my twin Jai, Jai and Beau meet Nina”, Luke introduces us.

“So are you two fucking?” Jai asks. I feel my cheeks heat up as my eyes widen.

“Dude”, Luke says seriously.

“What, I’m just asking”, Jai says laughing.

I see Luke clasp his jaw and him staring angrily at Jai. I put my hand on his arm and he’s face softens. I smile at him and he smiles back.

“So where’s your parents?” I ask.

“My mother is in the kitchen”, Luke says and leads me to the kitchen.

“Mom, I’d like you to meet someone”

“Hi, you must be Nina”, she says sweetly pulling m into a hug.

“It’s nice to meet you”, I say.

“Luke hasn’t stopped talking about you since yesterday”, she says.

I look over at Luke who was now pounding his head against the wall over and over again.

It was cute.

Wait, does Luke like me?! Just the thought makes my heart skip a beat.

“What’s for dinner?” Beau says sweetly hugging his mother from behind.

I look around the kitchen and see that there’s a hella lot of food. Then again there are three teenage almost men here, they must be hungry all the time.

“Dinner’s ready!”

Beau and Jai all grab plates and start filling them. I just stand there awkwardly.

Luke helps Nina dish up, which was adorable, he asks her is she wants vegetables then she pulls her face but he dishes it up anyway making her yell at him.

“Go have a seat with Beau and Jai, I’ll dish up for you, okay”, Luke says sweetly.

“Okay”, I say and make my way to the dining room.

I look at Jai and Beau eating like dogs, I swear they must have been trying to see who could finish first.

Luke brought me a dish, decorated all fancy.

“Why don’t you ever do that for us?” Beau and Jai look at Luke hurt.

Luke’s mom looks at him sweetly.

“Thanks Luke”, I say and he smiles brightly.

After we eat Jai and Beau gets forcibly dragged outside by Anna, and Luke’s mother goes to bed after Luke and I offer to wash the dishes.

(Warning: Awww Moment)

“Tell me something funny about your past”, I tell Luke.

“Like what?”


“Okay so one time, when Jai and I were little we used to dress up in my mom’s clothes and wear her makeup”, he says seriously causing me to have a fit of laughter.

“I’m serious”, he says laughing a little as well.


“Oh so you think it’s funny huh?” he laughs.

“Maybe”, I say drying the last plate.

“I’ll show you something funny”, he said.

Confused I ignore it but suddenly feel a shock of cold water run down my back.

I try to run away but he blocks me with his ass and his legs.

“Move yo’ ass”, I say trying to jump over it multiple times but fail.

“Never”, he laughs evilly.

“Jai, Beau, Anna!” I yell just loud enough for them to hear and not wake up Luke’s mom.

It was already hopeless because by now I was already soaking wet and I was lying on the floor.

“Surrender?” he asks.

“What was this even about?” I laugh.

“I can’t really remember he chuckles.

He offers me a hand and I accept.

“Wanna borrow some of my clothes?” he asks. I blush, just at the thought of him wanting to lend me his clothes…

I nod, “Pwease”

“Adorable, follow me”, he says grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs with him.

Jai and Beau look at us as we pass and their mouths were hanging open, meaning they thought we were about to do something…

Luke and I both give them the birdie and decide to not talk about that.

We walk into what looks like his room I’m guessing.

“Sorry about the mess, I share this room with Jai”, he says, makes sense.

 I nod and sit down on one of the beds.

He scratches around in his closet until he finds something and hands it to me.

“Thanks”, I say.

“No problem, you know my mom offered for you and Anna to stay the night because she doesn’t like the idea of you two staying at home just you two, she thinks its unsafe”, he says.

Thank god, to be honest the idea of being home alone with the responsibility of looking after Anna scares the living shit out of me.

“I think that’s a good idea”, I say.

He smiles, “Great, so I’ll leave so that you can get dressed.”

I smile.

He walks into the wall.

I laugh.

He leaves.

I finally get dressed into the over sized t-shirt he gave me. Along with the sweat pant that’s string I tied supper tight around my waist.

I quietly walk downstairs but freeze when I hear the guys talking about me.

“Dude, are you gonna ask her out?”

“I really want to”

“You should”

“I will”

“Good because I’m sure there is another guy wanting the same as you so you better make her yours before he has the chance.

Just then my phone vibrates signaling I have a text.

Unknown number: I like you

Me: Who is this?

Unknown number: never mind…

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