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2. 01-Nov-15

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Chapter 1

The pain has gone but the emptiness drowns me. The blood is washed but my eyes are still stained red. The cuts have closed, but my heart is still drops open. The words won’t come but I still have my thoughts. So I will think, through all my despair and happiness.

I will think.


 “Amara,  would it bother you to help in the main  rooms?”

I can hear her, but I choose not to listen for I am lost and lost I will be. My soul is in the mountains and I dream of trees and a life without rules and liabilities. I dream of being someone else, a rich woman in dresses of gold and by night assassins and warriors.  

“Amara!” scolds Aunt, as I twist to meet her gaze. But my arms and legs remain stood on the ground scrubbing the tabletops and the plates.

Her face doesn’t agree with crumpled eyebrows and glaring eyes. Rather than giving off the stern expression I’m sure it was meant to do, I am left with a sorry sight that results in me in giggles. Empty threats don’t work on those that know you.

And though I may not say it, I love her, so I trek off to the battleground and roll up my sleeves after a worried expression on Aunt’s face telling me not to get myself into too much trouble. The inn Aunt and Uncle own is (I must admit) a pretty little place in the middle of no-where.  The inn itself is worn but well looked after, decorated in shades of faded gods and purples.

Aunt and Uncle told me they had once stayed here when Uncle was still a tradesman and travelled far and wide. And the next time they had travelled to the inn, in the midst of war and poverty, they found that the place was abandoned and without ownership. So they took it into their care and that was how the story began. Many people have stayed, they told me, ‘Many from the runaway lovers to soldiers marching onto their certain death. But none have been more stranger than the vistors of present.

A lost duke and his comrades have been lodging for the past month. They are rather peculiar. The company go out by day in fanciful powdered wigs and breeches and return right at the minute of last light covered in mud and then drink and feast till the night takes them into their clutches. Aunt does not question them, though, and for good reason. They pay a heavy sum and we are in need of money.

I push down the food on an oak table, and hurriedly scuttle out of the room, trying to gain as little attention towards myself as possible.  Just as I let out a sigh of relief a man dressed in as soldiers uniform who is standing outside the door of the private rooms, looks at me. His breath reeks of alcohol and as he leans in with a smirk on his face, I decide that I will no longer put up with this.

Something takes me, something old and new at the same time. The fire burns through my body from my fingertips to my heart, clouds dizzying my head and before I know it the man lays on the stone floor, water spilling out of his eyes.

I collapse onto the ground, my head spinning with too many thoughts and feeling for it to possibly register.

Aunt finds me in the hallway, slumped against the wall with the limp body of the man. I want to run, to hide, to do anything but face her. But Aunt is kind. She pushes my hair back and watches me empty the contents of stomach into her bathroom. She holds my hand when I hold back the tears. She burns the body without a single question for me.

Then with the smoke and ash, I sweep away into the sky and I forget.


Chapter 2

There are three kingdoms in these lands: the country of Alswerth, the unnamed  and the country of Greawarth.

Uncle was travelling to Alswerth, the land of the rich and the poor. I look at the map in my hand carefully. He left two moons ago in a scurry of panic. I tried to ask him why but Uncle and Aunt simply dismissed me like a small child so I, in anger, said certain things at the same time as running away to the graveyard in the village. That is where I am right now; under the trees where the river meets the bodies of hundreds of people.

But it doesn’t seem as relaxing anymore. The birds that sing high in the trees  mocks me of the absence of my own songs. The water washing away the dirt from the stones just reminds me that I will never have purpose.

I will find him, though. My uncle is lost and I will find him, regardless of what Aunt says. He is going to return and I will find him.

For what seems like hundreds of hours I lay there blankly staring at a map I have never bothered with. The sun sets and I remain seated, my legs starting to ache over the lack of movement. But I am not scared of the dark I have never been.

I hear the sound of familiar footsteps across the bridge.

“Amara.” I turn to face the other way, not wanting to have another round of disbelief.

“Amara, listen. You need to listen. Your uncle is dead. And I know you may have a hard time understanding that, but Amara he is dead. He told me to give you this, Amara. And I know we may not speak again but take this Amara and read this, for his sake.”

A tear forms in the corner of my eye but I push it away not wanting to accept defeat. The voices grow louder in my head. What if he is dead? What if it is my fault? Why? I lock the questions in a metal chest and throw them into the darkest corner of my head.

Trying to sound as strong as possible I say, “Give the letter to me.”

Only when I am certain she is no longer here do I begin reading,




Dearest Amara,

If you are reading this your aunt has concluded that I have passed away. Please don’t be angry with her, for I know you are quick tempered, she is only doing what she thinks is best for you. Besides there is only so long a man should live.

Amara, I cannot tell you what you must know on paper, it would be truly unfair. So please leave to Alsworth as soon as you possibly can. This is a dying mans wish to his friend (you where always more than a niece), for her to meet her destiny. We both know you never belonged.

Here is a name: Elias Howare

Meet him and he will guide you. I leave you all my wealth and my possessions my flower.

So I said my goodbyes and made my way. I have many stories to tell of the orange desserts that I laboured my way through. There was a scorpion king whom I killed, there where travellers whom I cheated and a great deal of anger and hate on my part.

I have many stories to tell about the barren Unnamed land, diseased of civil war and conflict.  They had no sign of any hope and at this point, I had a small change of heart so I tried to give them some. But the children still woke up to their families dead and their homeland in waste.

The real story started, however, where the water breathes.


Chapter 3

I don’t think I have ever seen the sea before. My first thoughts were of the desserts. The sea was a big blue dessert, vast, going on for miles and miles, with unique creatures living under its safety and the capability to turn its powers against you in the blink of a single eye. Like the dessert, the sea felt dangerous, almost as if it had too much power, too many resources for its own good. Like it was uncontrollable and angry like me.

I paid for the most expensive ship I could find, deciding it was time to pamper myself after a long and perilous journey.  As I stepped in through the door, a maid rushed towards me taking the small satchel away from my hands and directing me to my rooms. The room I was in was simple enough, on the bottom deck with a bed in the middle and a washcloth and a basin in the room adjacent to it.

The main halls, however, was a sight in itself. A chandelier clung by the ceiling with a string orchestra playing on a raised pedestal next to a feast and a number of tables. The atmosphere was rather merry and as I sat in my seat alone, I was happy to be mainly ignored by fellow passengers. I needed not a friend just as much and I did not need an enemy. Both where labour some and tiring for I was not ready to love after losing all that I had ever loved in the space of three moons.

I looked at my possessions as I ate. All I now owned was 48 gold coins (enough to buy me 6 more of these boat passages) and my jade pin. The memories with the jade pin are hazy but all I know is that it is the only unneeded possession I have brought with me. Who knows why?


To be continued.......

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