You, Me, Us.

You, Me and Us are all characters crafted by the callous ways of society. They try not to let words get to them but when these words only speak the truth, it proves difficult.


1. You speaking to You about You


No one likes you, you're just a burden bringing everyone down. You were crying earlier because of it: you know it's true. You have no friends except the ones you make up in your head and they don't like you either. You always act like you're the best, you're so attention seeking but no one cares about you, no one loves you and no one will ever be if you carry on like this.

You're just mean, a spiteful, artless bitch with no means of motivation; a lazy slob with an empty skull. What fills the space behind your eyes? We all know it isn't knowledge, success or skill because you're useless and unhuman. You have no personality, just a full arsenal of swearwords you use to paint the situations you land yourself in but we know your colourful language can't undo your stupidity: it mainly enhances it.

You were born four days late but can the phrase "better late than never" really apply to your life? Surely, you should never have been born. You never shut up but you never say anything interesting. You never leave Me. You always make a fuss.

You waste our oxygen, our space and our time.

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