Calum Hood Must Die!

Tinley was just a 16 year old girl who fit into the background, and was never noticed until she met 3 girls who changed her life forever. They all had one thing in common, they hated Calum Hood, and the only thing they knew for sure was, Calum Hood must die.


2. Chapter Two

            I tried to sleep that night but, the thought of those poor girls getting their hearts broken kept me awake. How could someone do something so terrible to so many girls. It made me sick to my stomach.

           I tossed and turned in my bed all night getting about an hour of sleep in total. I decided to give up on sleep at 6:50 and got dressed for school in one of my hand me down tie dyed t- shirts from my Mom, and my only pair of jeans that weren't considered floods. I went into the washroom and put my hair into a messy bun putting on a little bit of mascara. By the time I came downstairs it was already 7:30 so, I grabbed my Mom's car keys and left. Of coarse she was still sleeping on the couch beside her best friend whiskey. If it wasn't for me, we would be living on the streets. I got into the car and drove slowly to school.

          As I walked into the doors I heard people screaming at each other. " He's mine bitch." The one girl screamed while she pulled on the other ones hair.

         " Not possible." The other said, pushing the girl away. " He told me that he could never love a girl that wasn't vegan."

         " What does being a vegan have to do with anything?" The last girl said now prissily hitting the other two. " Last time a checked the vegan Mary wasn't attractive to men." At that I had heard enough and I pushed through the crowd that was watching the pathetic fight.

         " Girls separate now." I screamed loudly at them.

         " Who the fuck are you?" The girl with the black and teal hair said putting the ginger in a headlock.

         " I was your waitress last night. All three of yours." I said.

         They all looked at each other in shock. " What you mean these idiots are telling the truth?" The blond said ironically.

         " Yes, now separate. You guys are all being played by the same guy. You should be fighting with each other not against." I said annoyed. " Pick yourselves up and lets go talk." The teal haired girl let go of the ginger and they followed me to the back stairwell where no one goes.

        " So, you said something about fighting together." The ginger said crossing her arms and starring at me.

        " Yes," I stated nonchalantly. " Calum Hood must die."

       " Um, I might be a little ditzy at times but, isn't murder against the law." The blond stated confidently.

       " Um, yeah I guess. But, I was thinking more of a social death than an actual death." I said smirking at them.

       " Yeah." The teal haired girl stated wiggling her eyebrows. " But, how?"

       " Um, what about we find someone that will make him fall in love with them, and then have them break his heart." I suggested happily.

       " Yeah but, who?" The ginger said sadly. " He's already been with every girl in the school." She stated looking at the ground.

       The teal haired girl looked up and smirked at me knowingly. " Except you." She said still smirking.

        " Girls, I don't think that's a very good idea." I said nervously. " I mean look at me, I'm not the typical girl he normally goes after."

        " My Dad has money, he's a lawyer so, we can get you a whole new wardrobe, haircut, teach you how to wear make up. You'll look hot." The blond said happily.

        The ginger frowned at me. " Please, you're our only hope. We need to get back at him, and you're the only chance we have."

         " Fine." I said sighing loudly. " I'm Tinley by the way."

          " I'm Sara." said the teal haired girl.

         " Nice name." said the ginger. " I'm Lucy."

         " I'm Amy." The blond said overly excited hugging us all. " This will be great. Stage two after school, meet me at the mall. I'll bring Daddy's credit card." With that she ran off and we all headed to class.

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