Calum Hood Must Die!

Tinley was just a 16 year old girl who fit into the background, and was never noticed until she met 3 girls who changed her life forever. They all had one thing in common, they hated Calum Hood, and the only thing they knew for sure was, Calum Hood must die.


1. Chapter One

               " Mom, I'm going to work." I yelled before walking out of the door. My mom never really cared what I was doing anyway. She made me get a job so that I could help pay the bills. I mean I guess it's hard being a single parent, raising a child that you never wanted in the first place but, seriously.

               I grabbed the car keys out of my pocket and unlocked the door. I pulled out onto the road and started to drive to East Side Mario's. The classiest restaurant in Windsor not to mention douchebag central. The one place a guy from my school takes a girl when he wants a piece of ass.

             I walked in and headed to the back kitchen where I'm told my section and hours. " Oh, Tinley." My boss said happily. He's pretty cool, I mean for a 60 year old man and all.          

         " Hey Mr. Lancing." I answered smiling brightly at him.

         " So you will be working section 2 today." He said with sarcastic enthusiasm knowing that I hated that section.

        " Yay." I stated waving my note pad in the air, pretending to be excited.

        " That's the spirit." He said laughing as he shoed me out of the kitchen. 

        I walked confidently over to my section to be met with the biggest douchebag and most frequent customer of all, Calum Hood. He was sitting with a skinny blond girl. She had bright blue eyes and a pearl white smile. She dressed in a mid thigh length, navy blue cocktail dress, a little to classy if you asked me. He's probably just after her for money, that gold digger. I walked over to the table and plastered on a fake smile. " Hi, and welcome to East Side Mario's. I'm Tinley, and I will be your waitress for tonight. Can I get you two something to drink?" I said feeling content that I managed not to hiss at him or say anything ignorant.

         " Hi Tinley, Beautiful name by the way." He said adding a wink at the end as I tried my hardest not to roll my eyes. " Can I have a coke please." He said confidently.

         " Pepsi work?" I asked and he shook his head yes. " and for you?" I looked at the girl.

        " Um, can I have a chi tea with extra chi please." I shook my head yes managing not to laugh I mean what a ditz.

        " I will be back to take your orders shortly." I said as I quickly walked around the corner and into the kitchen.

        " Hey Lisa." I said loudly to get her attention over the chatter in the kitchen.

        " Yes Sweetheart." She replied kindly.

        " A large Pepsi, and A chi tea with extra chi please." I stated with the prissiest voice possible.

        Everyone in the kitchen started to laugh as she makes the drinks. I carry them out on a platter, and walk towards the table. " Okay so, a Pepsi for you, and a chi tea with extra chi for you." I stated giggling a bit.

         " Can I take your orders?" I asked brightly.

        " Two fettuccini Alfrados please." Calum stated obviously agitated by her lack of knowledge.

       " Of coarse." I said, walking away and going towards the kitchen.

        " Hey," Calum shouted after me.

        I turned around and smiled at him. " Yes?" I said.

       " Um, well this is awkward." He said scratching the back of his neck. "But, um, I kinda have 3 dates here tonight." He said starring at me.

       " And this is my problem why?" I asked angered by his statement. It's one thing to date a new girl every other day but, it's another thing to date three at once.

      " I just need to make sure that they're spaced out enough for me to get away with it." He said while putting his hands on my shoulders.

     " Fine." I stated pushing him away and walking into the kitchen.   

      " We have a speed dater." I screamed as I walked into the room. The whole kitchen went quiet and I said. " Fred to fettuccini alfrados." He nodded his head and I walked out.   

      The whole night I only have 3 people in my section and they were all there with Calum. The second girl was really chill. She kind've reminded me of a hippy with her long ginger wavy hair and flower crown. The last girl was really different than anyone Calum's 'Dated' before. She wore a Green Day band shirt, and black ripped skinny jeans. She wore hipster glasses, and had her black and teal hair was straightened, and to the side.  She reminded me of the female version of Michael, one of Calum's friends.

      At the end of the night Calum walked over to me and handed me $300. " Thanks for the help Tin." He said as he strutted out the door, and as it came to the end of my shift I had one thought. ' Calum Hood must be taken down. Calum Hood must die!'

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