Motels Down Route 66 {BTS's Jungkook}

Trying to get over a messy break up, Kim Nari runs away from home and travels down Route 66 to try to find herself again. Unfortunately, all she's found so far is tourist traps that were only fun if you had someone to make fun of it with, some old fashioned dinners with nosey waitresses that give you free pie in exchange for some gossip, this one asshole that keeps popping up at the same rest stops as her every 300 miles, and the ghosts that are doomed to haunt Route 66 till the end of time. {2015 NaNoWriMo}


7. The Ghost

If that Jungkook boy rolled over one more time, Nari was not going to be held responsible if she punched him in his sleep.


It was 1:30 in the morning and Nari was so close to loosing it at this point. The pipes in the wall kept wailing and the air condition kept shaking noisily as it pushed chilling air into the room. Every once in a while, a car would roar past the hotel and it’s head lights would shine through a hole in the curtain, light jabbing her in the eye, and the sound of the crunching gravel beneath it’s tires was so loud it practically right beside her ear. Periodically, Jungkook would shift in his sleep, yet again, before snuggling back into his blanket with a sigh. Every sound in the room seemed magnified by a thousand times and Nari was quickly getting more and more pissed and restless.


The long day on the road was suppose to make her tired but Nari felt jumpy and anxious. She was dying to run around the room and do something because just lying in bed hoping she was going to fall asleep one day was doing nothing for her.


Nari sat up and shoved the itchy blankets away from herself. There wasn’t a lot one could do at a hotel at one in the morning, but luckily something piqued her curiosity nearby. She grabbed a hoodie and yanked it over her head before grabbing her wallet with her key card in it. Jungkook was still fast asleep when she quickly glanced over, so she swiped his key from his stuff and shoved it with her own.


Carefully, she snuck around Jungkook and went out into the hallway. The door to the room shut with a soft click behind her and she pressed an ear to the door. After a moment, she hadn’t heard anything stir behind the door and she turned back to her original goal.


From out in the hall, Jungkook’s room was just one of many uniformly lined along the wall with even spacing between itself and the next. If Nari hadn’t seen it herself, she never would have thought that something was haunting such a mundane looking hotel room. 


Then again, from her experience, some of the most exciting things hid in plain sight of the unextraordinary.


She knocked on the door, to be carefully not to describe the spirt inside, before swiping the card and entering the room. 


Wind howled through cracks in the window panes and the wood creaked from the force of the gusts. Thunder crackled outside the window far more often than it had earlier and the only thing that lit Nari’s view of the room was the lightening that struck right outside the window. It was like she had walked into a different world from the calm summer night she had seen out her window. 


Nari took a few steps into the room. She traced her fingers against the wall, as if it anchored her to the physical world, and looked critically at everything by the light of the storm. 


Suddenly, a low deep voice came from behind her and she jumped in surprise.


“There you are, I was wondering what that scent was.” It said.


Nari whirled around to see something. Then there was a chuckle. 


“I’m sorry, did I startle you?”


A boy slowly faded into existent in front of her. He was tall, with faded bleach blond hair, and a round face.


“It’s been a while since I tried to talk to someone.” He gave her an apologetic look.


“You’re good, you just-just really freaked me out for a second there but I’m alive so whatever.” Nari took a deep breath to calm herself and swallowed. “Are you the ghost that haunts this room?”


He smiled and nodded at her. “Yes, but I’m not a bad ghost. I’m just a bit stuck. My name is Namjoon.”


“Nice to meet you Namjoon.” Nari turned around and walked over to the bed, sitting down. Crossing her legs, she fixed the ghost with a look. “So, you’re stuck here. In the living world. You’re obviously having some troubles. What’s up?”


“Well… Hm… Where do I start?” Namjoon picked his legs up off the floor and crossed them, giving him the appearance of sitting on an invisible chair in the air. “Well, I’m from the 80’s. I worked here when the hotel was only a few years old. I was the mechanic and I just ran around from room to room fixing things.” He laughed sarcastically. “Even then this place was falling apart. They really could care less about anything but the money this building brings in. 


“In all honesty this was a shitty job. I should have been getting a lot more money for being a mechanic, hell, I should have worked for NASA. But it was close to where I was going to school so I made do.” Seeming to realize he was getting out on a tangent, he stopped himself and redirected his words. “Anyways, I always got the graveyard shifts and they called me when the main mechanic called in sick and stuff. So one night there was this big thunderstorm and they called me in.


“My deadline for my tuition was coming up and I was not in the position to turn down any work at all. So I drove out in the storm to work. It had gotten so bad out that pretty much everyone out of the road traveling stopped to find shelter. The hotel didn’t have any free rooms but the building was pretty much falling apart in the storm. There were leaks everywhere, the lighting system was failing, and, even worse, people kept loosing their keys so I’d have to break into their room for them.”


Nari curled up in a ball and wrapped her arms around her legs, resting her chin on her knees. Namjoon was rambling, but that was fine. Who knew when the last time he had properly ben able to talk to a person was? He must be very lonely.


“One man in particular would not stop complaining about the lights in his room flickering. There wasn’t much we could do. It was the storm. The power was acting up everywhere. But they sent me on up anyways, just to show face. We had to look like we were trying out best so the lady wouldn’t be angry at us.


“So I went to her room and I looked opened that panel in the wall,” He pointed to it on the other side of the room by the entrance to the room. “And pretended to look for something in it. Then I pulled out my tool box. I fiddled around with the wires and stuff in there, just to add to the realism.” It was almost cute how proud he was of himself. “And I pulled out a screwdriver to remove a few things.


“But lightening struck the building and I was electrocuted.” Namjoon shrugged. “And here I am.”


“What the first thing you remembered when you came to existence?” Nari asked him. It was as strange question, she knew, but maybe knowing would help her figure out how to help him continue to the after life.


“Well,” The ghost furrowed his brows. “It wasn’t like I just woke up or something. It was strange. I just kinda, came into existence. I just wanted to fix that goddamn light. But when I tried to grab my tools, they weren’t in the room anymore and I couldn’t even touch the doorknob when I tried to get out.”


They were quiet for a second. 


“… So,” Namjoon started. “How do you feel about helping me get to the world of the dead, Nari?”


A/N: *Body rolls* ayyy look its our first ghost!! I am dying to get done with all the exposition so we can get to the parts were Nari and Jungkook spend some quality time together. I really love their chemistry and I want to explore it more!! But!!! They can’t stand each other!!! Yeah… We gotta get through some stuff before they will stand being in the same room as each other.

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