Motels Down Route 66 {BTS's Jungkook}

Trying to get over a messy break up, Kim Nari runs away from home and travels down Route 66 to try to find herself again. Unfortunately, all she's found so far is tourist traps that were only fun if you had someone to make fun of it with, some old fashioned dinners with nosey waitresses that give you free pie in exchange for some gossip, this one asshole that keeps popping up at the same rest stops as her every 300 miles, and the ghosts that are doomed to haunt Route 66 till the end of time. {2015 NaNoWriMo}


12. Rescue


The car rolled to a stop next to Nari’s truck and, boy, did she wish she wasn’t an obvious human shaped lump underneath her blanket.


In a childlike reflex, she hide her face behind the soft fabric and screwed her eyes shut. If she couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see her. The car’s door opened and closed with a loud slam and Nari didn’t even want to think about what kind of horrific ghost was coming to find her. Sure, she could handle small fry ghosts like Namjoon, but violent ghosts were out of her league. 


Knock knock knock


There was the sharp rapping of knuckles on her window. Nari cringed. For a moment, she thought about just ignoring what ever the hell might be outside her window, but if it really was a ghost that would probably just piss it off. Nari stole some courage and looked to see who was there.


It was Jungkook.


That stupid diner dick boy.


Nari glared at him and he gave her the most broken look a boy his age could manage.


“Honestly, I’m not surprised it’s you.” Jungkook told her when she rolled down her window to talk to him.


“Yeah, fate’s a bitch that seems hell bent on making us spend some quality time together.” She gave him a simpering look. “I’m just going to cut right to the chase. My truck’s out of gas. Could you help me out?”


“Yeah, might as well. Who knows what would happen to you if I leave you out here in the wilderness by yourself. And I am nothing if not a gentleman.”


“Illinois is not my idea of ‘wild,’ city boy.” Though she talked big, a shiver ran down her spin and she tried to shove the book in the darkest corners of her mind.


“I still owe you one from the hotel last night.” He shrugged. “I don’t know what you did, but my room wasn’t weird after you woke me up.”


Nari tried to act nonchalant. “Basic stuff really. How far is the nearest gas station?”


Jungkook pulled out his phone and pulled up a map. “… 50 miles. it’s like us like 40 minutes to get there.”


“Nice.” Nari quickly grabbed her valuables and shoved them in her purse. “Let’s bolt then.”


She climbed in the shotgun and Jungkook walked around the front to get the the driver’s seat. His car was nice and cold in comparison to her’s (probably because he could afford to run the AC) and her sweaty bare legs stuck to his leather seats in an awkward uncomfortable way. 


Jungkook revved up the engine and soon they were rumbling down the highway to the gas station. The silence between them was fucking terrible and Nari cursed her dead phone for not being with her to get through this awkward moment with her. The boy obviously felt the same way because he shuffled his hand in his pocket before pulling out his phone and handing it to her.


“Here, the cord is in the glove compartment. Play some music so we don’t strangle each other before we get to the gas station.” He said, never once taking his eyes off the road.


The only thing Nari like about their weird relationship was the they comfortably hated each other.


“What’s your passcode?” She popped open the glove compartment and got to work untangling the cord.


“0-9-9-7.” He recited and she quickly typed it in. “Just pick what you’d like from my music.”


“‘Kay.” She nodded. 


She launched the music app and her eyebrows raised when she saw the song he had been listening to last. 


“You listen to New Found Glory?” Nari asked in interest as she backed out and look at the rest of the albums he owned. To her surprise, it was very similar to what she had on her own phone.


“Yeah, so what?” He asked defensively.


“Hm,” She put the music on shuffle and let chance do what it would with it. “Who would have know such an asshole would have a good taste in music?”


“I could say the same to you.” He smirked, as if he had come up with some kind of grand insult and Nari couldn’t help but laugh at him.


“Luckily that’s the only good thing about you, otherwise I might have to reconsider hating you.” 


Jungkook scowled at her. “Hey, I am a very good person. I’m driving you 100 miles just to make sure you’re safe.”


She snorted. “Aren’t you doing that because you owe me one?”


“I’m pulling over.” He slowed the car down and Nari began to panic.


“Shit, sorry! I was joking! I take it back! You are a wonderful person! Totally perfect! 100% boyfriend material!”


He cackled, having way too much fun with his new found power over her.


When he got back to the speed limit, Nari groaned an sunk deeper into her seat. 


She could already tell that this was going to be a long drive.




An hour (and one sing along to an Blink-182 song that Nari would never admit happened) later, they arrived at the gas station. Jungkook parked in front of the convince store and Nari ran into to buy a gas canister. 


While waiting in line to pay, she hesitantly eyed the candy rack. Sighing and giving in, she grabbed two bars of chocolate. Jungkook was really going out of his way to help her, it was the least she could do to buy him some candy. 


She wordlessly handed him the chalet when she got back to the car and went to go fill up the canister. When she got back, he was wadding up the wrapper. Nari grabbed it from him and threw both of their’s out.




They drove back in silence. Jungkook’s iPod played a long string of classical music, occasionally punctuated by some pop punk, and Nari felt herself lull off into sleep before waking up only to fall back asleep. The darkness that the old, weak street lights couldn’t ward off pressed against the window and made their surrounding indistinguishable for what they saw ten minutes before. 


When they finally pulled off the shoulder Nari’s truck had died on, it was pretty late. Nari wordlessly got out with the gas canister and got to work filling it. Jungkook didn’t drive off the second she got out, like she thought he would. He got out of the car and stood next to Nari while she worked. He didn’t offer to do ti for her, but he did watch the road for any on coming cars.


“You can leave,” She broke the hour long silence. “I don’t need your help anymore.”


“… You forgot I’m a gentleman.”- He ignored her snort- “I can’t leave until I know you’re on the road safely with a good conscience. Though I doubt anyone in the right mind would try to mess with you. You’d probably drop kick them to next Tuesday.”


“Damn right, I would.” She had drained the gas canister and put the cap back on it before throwing it in her truck. “I ain’t about to let anyone fuck with me. I’m done here, so it’s time to head out.”


He nodded before inquiring,“Where are you headed?”


“Probably a hotel. It’s been a long day. Might just head to bed and get an early start to tomorrow.” She tried to rub the sleep from her eyes. The day hadn’t been particularly taxing, but she was worn out.


“Same, the nearest hotel is back in the town the gas station is at. Let’s head there together.”


“Might as well. It doesn’t seem like I’m going to get rid of you anytime soon.” Nari started to get into her truck.


“Yeah, it’s not like you’ll get lost without me since your phone is dead.” He looked at her smugly.


Nari glared at him through her rearview mirror and slammed the door behind her with more force than necessary. 




“What do you mean there’s only one room left?” Nari shouted as she slammed her hands down on the front desk.


Upon driving up to the hotel, Nari was looking forward to a long, hot shower and some sleep. The vacancy sign had been promising enough but it looked like one of them was about to get turned out in humid night.


“Just that,” The man at the front desk at least had the decency to look sorry. “I’m afraid we only have one room left to rent out.”


“And let me guess,” Jungkook crossed his arms. “You’re the only hotel in town.”


The man nodded and Nari groaned. Jungkook had gotten here before her. The room was rightfully his. There wasn’t any point in trying to fight to have her way. She might as well just leave now and try to find the next town.


However, Jungkook seemed to have other plans.


“How many beds does it have?” He asked.




“Ay, Nari. Wanna split the price and room together?”


Nari gave him a hairy look for a moment before sighing a giving in. “Sure, why not. It’s not like you’ll try anything. I can beat you up in five seconds flat.”


After paying for the room, they put their luggage on the same trolly and rode the elevator up to their room.


“You know,” Nari said when the doors opened up into the hall and Jungkook pushed to trolly out of the small elevator. “Something tells me we’re going to end up being unlikely friends if this keeps up.”


“At the rate we keep running into each other? Yeah. That’s totally going to happen.”


When they got to the room, Jungkook told Nari to go shower first. He sat down on the bed closest to the window and began to unpack his essential items.


Nari watched him for a moment before grabbing her toiletries and a towel.


Jungkook wasn’t as much of an asshole as her first impression led her to believe.


In fact, he was pretty alright.




A/N: *groans* This was really hard to write. You can tell I totally lost steam at the end of this chapter. But we’re almost to the fun stuff so hopefully it’ll get easier soon!

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