Motels Down Route 66 {BTS's Jungkook}

Trying to get over a messy break up, Kim Nari runs away from home and travels down Route 66 to try to find herself again. Unfortunately, all she's found so far is tourist traps that were only fun if you had someone to make fun of it with, some old fashioned dinners with nosey waitresses that give you free pie in exchange for some gossip, this one asshole that keeps popping up at the same rest stops as her every 300 miles, and the ghosts that are doomed to haunt Route 66 till the end of time. {2015 NaNoWriMo}


3. Diner Dash

5 hours after Nari had hit the open road, driving was still as amazing as it had been before, minus the freaking cramps in her arms and shoulders that were driving her crazy. There were only so many miles one could drive before feeling like every asshole driver was the same person who needed to learn about Darwin and the same pop songs start looping on the radio. And she had to pee.


Like really bad.


She had like 3 bottles of water and, man, was she feeling it.


At the next exit, Nari turned off the highway and kept her eyes peeled for something that looked promising. It seemed like the town was a tiny one that lived off the money from people stopping at one of the oddly large number of tourist traps or at the diner/rest stop/trinket shop that was right by the entry ramp back to the highway.


Deciding the weird diner thing was her best shot at a restroom, Nari got out and grabbed her phone and wallet before entering the shop.


If the combination of things crammed into one business wasn’t weird enough, then all the stuff in the shop was.


The first thing that greeted her was a giant corny looking sign that should have been stuck in a state park saying, “Welcome to Oak Diner! It’s your last stop on the legendary Route 66 (or first if your headed the other way)!”  Next to that was a stuffed bear dressed like Smokey (a girl was clutching at his feet wailing while her parents explained that the bear was dead and wouldn’t talk to her.) Cluttering the shop was an odd assortment of barrels filed with strange looking nicknacks and shelves with pickled bread among more curious foods you could try.


Nari was just glad that the sign to the bathroom was normalish and very visible (it was a massive messy of every neon color hanging from the ceiling.) She speed walked over to the door only to be greeted with a “For Patron Only” sign. Trying not to make a pained whine, Nari ran back to the front of the store and to the man reading a newspaper upside down while manning the cash register. The key hung behind him on the wall, so close yet so far.


“Excuse me!” She called to him and slammed her hands a bit harder on the counter than she meant to an account of her painful desperation. “Can I have the key to the bathroom?”


“Didn’t you see the sign?” He didn’t even look up at her. “It says ‘For Patrons Only’, doesn’t it?”


“Please! It’s an emergency!” She shifted her weight from side to side, partially to emphasize her point, mostly because she really did not want to wet herself.”I’ll buy something when I get out! Promise!”


The man just gave her this look, clearly having heard the one before, and turned back to his paper. Nari swore under her breath and grabbed one the of books that was on display on the counter and slammed it down before yanking her wallet out of her pocket and throwing a 20 dollar bill at him. He wordlessly handed her the key and she snatched it out of his hand before bolting down the aisle to the bathroom, leaving behind the book in her hast.


Half an hour later, Nari had bought fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the dinner part of the store and was sitting at a booth eating while she watched her friend’s snapchat stories on the diner’s crappy wifi. She was pointedly avoiding her EX’s (she still happened figured out how to delete him off of her friend’s list) and but soon she had watched all the other friend’s stories. She resisted for a while by playing Flappy Bird, but that just pissed her off and frustrated her to hell. 


“Fuck it,” She whispered to herself and opened up his story. 


The first snap was a 10 second video of what looked like a wild party at his college. The next was a video of some guy chugging beer like an idiot. The third was a selfie shot of him smiling (looking very good and very unaffected by their break up) hugging a very pretty girl close to him. 


Well, that did not help her feel any less pissed off. 


Nari slammed her phone down on the table and took a large sip of her soda to try to calm herself down.


Of course he had already moved on. Even when they were dating, he was quite the lady man. They had fought over his constant flirting before, of course, but he had always managed to sooth Nari’s worried with three whispered words and a well times kiss. 


She should have known how fucking trashy he was.


Suddenly not feeling hungry at all, Nari closed the Styrofoam box her food had come in, pocketed her phone and grabbed her cup of soda. She stood up and took a quick step out of the booth before her body collided with something and she fell back onto the booth’s cushions. Her soda splashed out of her cup and onto her and the person she had run into while the take out box split open when it hit the floor, sending her food tumbling across the floor.


She glanced up and saw a boy a few years younger than her covering his chest. He had black hair with bangs that were curled slightly and a cute bunny-like nose that made him look sweet and innocent if you could ignore his gauges. His shirt was thin and white, so soaked up in soda that you could see the top of the black undershirt he wore with it.


“Shit,” She quickly stood back up to apologize. “I’m so-”


“What the fuck?” He shot a glare at her and sudden Nari felt no need further need to apologize to him. “Why don’t you watch were you’re going?”


“Me? Watch were I’m going?” She scoffed and crossed her arms. It’s not like she was in a good mood in the first place then this fuckboy came waltzing over and made her spill her perfectly good food on the floor. “I can say the same to you! Didn’t you see me start to stand up? Or is a little kid like you too short to see anything?”


The boy was only a few inches shorter than her but hell if she wasn’t going to take advantage of that.


He glared at her. “I’m not the one that doesn’t put a lid on my soda! You’re fucking asking for a disaster!“


“Listen Kiddo!” Nari jabbed her finger at his chest and got very up close in personal with him, just to push his buttons. “Why don’t you just scurry on back to your parents and leave me the fuck alone? I’ve had a piss poor day already and the last thing I feel like doing right now is auguring with a brat who thinks his dick is big enough to compensate for his dickish personality!”


The boy opened his mouth to retort, but Nari simply pushed him to the side and stormed out of the weird ass diner store thing, slamming the door so hard behind her that the sign advertising it’s place on Route 66 rattled.


A/N: And there’s Jungkook! Man did he leave a good impression with Nari. *shakes head at him* Luckily, they only just started down Route 66 so they have plenty of time to warm up to each other! *winks*

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