Post Flowers of the Heart: Hilarity Ensues.

After the final battle with Zalgo, Jenny, Hoodie and the rest of the Creepypasta residents can finally get back to their normal lives. What happens in their "Normal Lives" you say? Well, why don't you step inside the mansion and find out...



3. Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun

Masky was bored. Jenny had asked him to stay around the house, and he did. He floated through the halls of the mansion, shoulders slumped over and his legs bent at the knees. Oh my gosh. He lamented to himself, I am sooo bored!! Who knew that being a ghost would be so....lifeless. He chuckled at his pun and smirked to himself under his mask and he mused. It's time to have a little bit of fun.. He rubbed his transparent, gloved hands together and looked around for his first point of business. LJ was sitting at the kitchen table, happily munching on a bowl of hard candies. Perfect! Masky thought, hovering over to the unsuspecting clown. 

LJ reached down into his bowl and pulled out a grape flavored hard candy. He tossed into the air and waited for it to come back down.... But it didn't come back down. The candy was suspended in mid-air. LJ cracked one of his eyes open and stared at the floating sweet. "What the?" LJ said aloud, causing the ghost to giggle. The clown reached up for the candy and his mouth dropped open when the candy zipped to the left avoiding his sharp claws. Masky was in a fit of laughter. LJ tried again to reach for the candy when it whizzed to the right and evaded his grasp again. Masky moved the candy back and forth, staying slightly ahead of LJ to keep the candy out of his reach. 

Finally, Masky, hovered away from LJ, taking the clown's treat away from him. LJ stared in awe for a few seconds before standing up, "Hey!!" He shouted, "Get back here!" LJ gave chase to the floating hardened sugar, chomping at it like Pac-Man going after an eatable ghost. Masky shook with laughter as he thought of the perfect way to end his little prank. Masky floated with the candy up the stairs to the second floor of the mansion. He dodged a few of LJ's bites and hovered the candy completely still in front of LJ's room door. "Now I've got ya." The psycho clown said, dragging his foot across the floor, like a bull getting ready to charge. 

Masky simply chuckled and readied himself for LJ's move. LJ came rushing forward and Masky acted quickly. He floated backwards into the door, phasing right through it. The candy, being a solid object, did not go through the door and literally stuck there. LJ couldn't slow down in time and he ran right smack into the door with a loud thud. From Masky's point of view, all he could hear was the sound of LJ hitting the door and a black and white pinstriped nose sticking out from the middle of the wood. Masky floated up and out of the room and looked at LJ stuck in the door from behind. LJ had raised one of his feet and pressed it against the door, while pushing with both hands in an attempt to get himself unstuck. 


Masky nodded at a job well done and went to find his second prank victim. He noticed Jenny sitting in the living room reading a novel, but that thought vanished from his mind before he could even finish it. No way in hell am I pissing her off... Especially in her 'condition'. He decided against pranking Jenny and hovered away to the basement.

The sounds of muffled screaming became louder as the deceased proxy hovered down the decrepit stairs. A young man about 20 years old was strapped to the silvery grey metallic operating table, a bright surgical light illuminating his dirty blonde hair and reflecting in his petrified icy blue eyes. He looked around the basement, scared, before his eyes rested on the form of the cannibalistic doctor in front of him. Masky, at once, knew how he was gonna screw with EJ. He approached the man on the table, and he was able to pop the restraint on the man's right wrist, which was the closest one to Jack.

EJ immediately whipped around and ran over before the man could get any of his limbs freed. The doctor firmly strapped the man's wrist to the table before turning back around to get his scalpel and approach his victim, who was beginning to go a bit pale from terror. Deciding that once wasn't enough, Masky got on Jack's right and unstrapped the restraint on the man's right leg. The apparition chuckled as he saw EJ's eyebrow's raise above his mask. EJ reached over and fixed the strap before pausing and waiting. The man also, incredibly, calmed down and arched his head up to see exactly what was going on. Masky decided to up the ante for the final trick and used the energy around him to unlatch all four of the brown, worn leather belts from the prisoner's limbs at the exact same time.

At first, nobody moved. Masky watched with bated breath, or, no breath at all considering he was a ghost, as the man began to process the situation. With amazing agility, the man leaped off the table on the other side of EJ and the comedy began. The man whipped around and his gaze hardened against Jack's soulless glare. The man went to the left, and Jack mirrored, going to the right to try and catch him. The victim understood the game and waited. Masky, at this point in time wish he had some popcorn to watch the show, but he was content to just hover there and see how this would play out. 

EJ parkoured over the metal examination table and the victim did the opposite, crawling on the dirty, bloodstained floor of the basement to get on the other side. Masky let out a rather loud laugh as Jack huffed, getting severely pissed off. The man, now panting slightly due to all the adrenaline, never once let his eyes leave EJ. Then, the chase began. Jack sped around the left of the table and the man ran to the left as well, so the two were now officially chasing each other cat and mouse style. Masky was floating in the air above all this laughing extremely hard. Finally, the man and EJ stopped in their original positions to catch their breath. The man was about to make another run for it when he suddenly collapsed onto the floor after a fairly loud metallic /thwack/ broke the tense silence. 

Blood began to pool around the third person's feet. Jack looked stunned until he reached up and tilted the surgical light, which had been swinging back and forth, towards the new person. Hoodie was standing there, holding his trademark, bloody lead pipe. Crimson liquid dripped off the ends of the pipe, coating Hoodie's boot and part of the floor. The hooded proxy had a few splatters on his chest and shoulders, but that was nothing a few times in the washer wouldn't fix. He looked down at the now deceased man and then back up at EJ. "You're losing your touch, Jack," He said simply, before twirling around on his heels and walking triumphantly upstairs to clean himself off. 


Masky left the basement as Jack was cleaning up, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes underneath his mask. He decided to go into the living room to see who he could prank, but he didn't find anyone. Jeff came from down the hallway, carrying a box of clinking metal. A box of knives for his ever growing obsession no doubt. Masky smirked. One last prank. He thought, smiling as he followed Jeff upstairs. He got in front of the wide eyed killer and waited for the perfect moment. Jeff walked by and Masky stuck one of his legs out to trip him. It worked and Jeff was lurched forwards, the box he was holding crashing to the floor and the knives spilling everywhere. Jeff cursed, bending down to pick up his weapons. This simple trip wasn't enough for the deceased proxy and he caught a knife as it came back down. He waited until Jeff looked up and his thin, black eyebrows narrowed.

        "Is this a dagger I see?" Jeff asked, standing up and leaving his weapons on the ground as he focused on this hovering dagger. He walked slowly towards it and began reaching for it. "Come on. Let me grab you." Masky moved the knife away, causing Jeff's hand to snap back. "I can't grab you, but I can still see you.." He got up and began following the floating dagger, much to Masky's delight. The apparition hovered towards Toby's room, still carrying a small grudge against his untimely end. Masky lead Jeff to the door and forcefully stuck the knife in the door, burning with growing rage. It's all Toby's fault. I could have actually been there when Jenny and Hoodie needed me most. But instead, I was on the floor; bleeding and dying. Jeff stood there, looking at the knife and unstuck it from the wall. Masky, in his growing anger, flew back to the knives and he levitated about twenty of them, all of the sharp points aimed at Jeff, in front of Toby's room. 

Jeff's bleach white skin somehow turned even paler, as he stared down the barrage of weapons that looked like they were going to cut him to ribbons. The knives hurled towards the white-sweatered serial killer and Jeff stood at the ready. Masky noticed what he was doing, and inches before the foot long, silver bladed kitchen knife sliced straight down the front of Jeff's nose, the knives dropped to the floor with the same loud crash that echoed through the halls when Jeff was tripped. Jenny yelled from downstairs and Jeff stuttered out an apology. Masky huffed as he glared at Toby's room, the anger slowly ebbing away. I'm so done with this.. I need something to calm me down.. He thought, rubbing his head with a shaking hand. 


Leaving Jeff to pick up the pieces, he heard rustling coming from Hoodie's room. He had cleaned himself off after "assisting" with EJ's victim. He settled down for a short rest before he was supposed to get up to cook supper for the mansion's residents. Masky now knew exactly what he wanted to do. He flew into Hoodie's room and looked down at the sleeping figure in the bed. Hoodie's mask was off, and his black hair slid down in front of his closed eyes. He looked peaceful, a small smile on his face as he dreamed. Masky took off his feminine mask, letting his brown hair poof outwards now that it wasn't being hindered by a strap. His bright blue, eyes looked down upon Brian, his brother, and a smile formed on his lips. Placing a hand on Brian's forehead, the room around the ghost faded to black. He was inside Brian's dream now. Masky, his real name being Timothy; or Tim, looked around to see if he couldn't find any sort of indication where Brian was. 

A table came into view, a cheaply made, dirtied, stocky table that stood on wobbly legs. The oak wood's varnish was fading and the top of the table had been through many spills and many scuffs, but still, it stood up, refusing to crumble. Brian was sitting on a marked up wooden chair, that looked just as rickety as the table he was leaning against. His head was in his arms and he wasn't moving. Tim walked up to Brian's figure, and stood beside him. The ghost no longer had the white aura that surrounded him while in the real world. He was solid, and touchable, and he could finally speak and be heard. "Hey, get up, I didn't come all this way to see you sulk." 

Brian, upon hearing the familiar voice, snapped upright and stared at Tim's form. His face broke into a smile and he jumped out of his seat to launch himself into Tim's arms to hug him. Tim also smiled, returning the hug that he often took for granted when he was alive. Brian's voice was soft, and he nuzzled into Tim's shoulder, reluctant to let go. "I missed you." 

           "I missed you too Brian, but you know I never went far." Tim replied, rubbing Brian's back gently, as the other boy began to shake. He knew what that meant, Brian was about to start crying. He sighed and he held his brother tighter. "It's been hard, I know it has. I watched everything. You fought bravely. Just like you always did." He soothed, a pang of sadness tugging at his non-existent heart. Tim held Brian tightly, reluctant to let go. When he finally did, he motioned towards the table, offering Brian the chance to sit with him and to talk to him. Brian sat down, the chair creaking under his weight. Tim also sat down, feeling kind of weird that nothing could pass through him. He rested his hands on the table, looking at his brother. "Did it hurt?" Brian broke the eerie silence, just as Tim was about to speak. The now unmasked proxy looked towards Brian and he nodded. "For a time, but it was over fairly quickly." He shook his head, his fluffy brown hair poofing out with his head. "That's not why I'm here though. I came to talk to you; I came to find out how you were doing. Enough about me. Let's talk about you."

Brian looked down and he said, "Jenny's been acting really weird.. I have no idea why." Masky smirked, I know the reason why... "I'm sure she'll come around. She can't stay in a slump forever. She probably needs something to cheer her up with." Brian chuckled and replied, "Well, our date day is coming up soon, and that always cheers her up." Tim laughed and looked at Brian. "Perfect. Take her somewhere nice, eh?" He nudged Brian's arm and he joked. "When are you popping the question, Bri?" 

Brian's face flushed redder than blood and he fidgeted with his hands. Tim recognized that Brian was getting embarrassed, so he dropped the subject. "You are perfect for her, y'know. You're the cutest couple I've ever seen."

            "S-Shut up!" Brian stuttered, although he laughed out loud. The void around the boys began to shake and distort. Brian was waking up, and that meant that Tim had to leave. The two of them stood and without saying another word, they wrapped their arms around the other and hugged each other tightly. They stayed like that until Brian snapped his eyes open, and found he was back in the mansion, with Jenny sitting on the side of the bed. Tim had put his mask back on, becoming Masky once again. The deceased proxy looked at the couple as Jenny said, "Brian, there's something I've been meaning to tell you." 

Masky floated out of the room, but not before hearing Jenny mumble and Brian's gasp of excitement. Masky smiled beneath his mask and he said to himself. I've had enough fun for today. I think for now, I'm going to get some rest... 

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