kidnapped by 5sos

Elena is a hard working girl but her whole life chance when she gets kidnapped by 5SOS!!!


1. the kidnapping

Elena's POV

I walk home from evening school. I need to go to evening school cause i'm sort of a bad girl and i am always to late in class. I have purple hair, light bleu eyes, a lip piercing and a tattoo on my feet. So i was walking home and i was really tired. So i take a dark alley so that i skip most of the tour everyone sais its a bad idee and there has never happend anything to and if there is someone who tries something i will fight them.

I hear footsteps behind me so i start walking faster but i hear the footsteps coming closer. I turn around and see a boy behind me with brown hair. "Would you stop following me" i say anoyed. "Feisty?" he asks. I turn back around and start walking till someone grabs my wrist. The boy turns me back around: "Going somewhere?" "Yes home and away from you" i say and i kick him where it hurts. He lets go of my wrist and i run and i hear him coming after me. I see a tall boy with blond hair and beautifful bleu eyes. His friend calls him and he runs at me to i run into an other alley where i see another boy! Serious how many are there. I turn around cause this alley has a dead end. I hit the guy with the blond hair in his stomach and he is suprised and falls i kick the brown hair again where it hurts. I just want to hit the other guy bot when i rais my hand someone is holding him. I turn around and see a boy with bleu hair. "Thats enough of hitting" he smirks. I push him away and he lets go of my arm. I kick him but he easily takes a hold of my leg. Then the other guy holds my hands behind my back. "Finally i tought i had to do everything" the guy with de bleu hair growls. The one with the blond hair puts something in front of my mouth and i feel dizzy. "I didn't thought she would fight" i hear one of the guys say before everything turns black.


i know it's a bad story and i'm really sorry for any grammar mistakes and stuff but English is not my mother language so i'm really really sorry and if you think its a good story pleas comment then i will write a second chapter if not then i will stop and delete it.

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