Hogwarts AUs are best AUs.

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2. On and on the crying went



You would think that side-along apparition would be easy in a wizarding family as pure as the Targaryens. Well, it wasn't. 

"I want dad alone!" screamed the youngest draining her lungs for every last bit of air. Followed by a sound made completely from despair. How she could keep on making that horrible noise for more than five minuttes was a mystery. 

 "In the name of Merlin, would you please shut up Myra!" She had finally made her oldest brother lose his patience, and this was a very tough accomplishment, looking back on how often she filled their house with her cries. But Myra wasn't the only one of her siblings with opinions on how this was going to be. In the other end of the room the two twins were standing holding eachothers hands while looking at their brother and sister in aversion. Holding hands with their two scoundrel-like siblings was below them. 

"SShh Myra darling, you have to hold the hand of one of your siblings, but when we get to Diagon Alley the two of us can hold hands" With this sentence their father made his first mistake this morning, he was no longer worthy of traveling holding the hands of his twins. 

"Why does she even has to come with us, she is to weak to ever go to Hogwarts" The purple-eyed of the twins said calmly followed by her blue-eyed other half "Not even Hufflepuff would want her". With huge tearfull eyes Myra looked at them, hoping the next sentence would prove that this was a lie. 

"She has never made any magic, she could be a squib" continued the brother amused by the look of his younger sister. "Mayhaps thats why your birth killed our mother, she'd rather die, than have a squib as a daughter"

"We should just kill her" The last sentence broke their sister, and within seconds she filled the air with her high-pitched voice. 

Only then did their farther interrupt the harassing conversation. He took the hand of the youngest, while Callidus took her other hand. And before the twins could object he had taken oe on their hands too. The usually unpleasant feeling appered and soon they were standing among the shops of Diagorn Alley. 

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