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3. A lot of books and a scrawny-looking saviour

For a moment Eraesys looked around dizzily. At this moment she was not entirely sure that she would be able to walk on her legs.  In fact, she was quite certain that she would not. However, she tried her very hardest to seem as calm and collected as ever. A pureblood such as she could not be seen succumbing to something as mundane as nausea. So naturally she took a deep breath and concentrated on the fingers that were at the moment so perfectly intertwined with her own. Focusing her energy on something apart from the sickness that she felt, soon made said sickness leave her body entirely and now she could look around with badly concealed awe.

It was not that it was the first time she had been to this place, breathing in all the magic and colour. No far from the first time in fact. However, this was the first time they came here because it had anything to do with her. This time it was not because precious Call needed his new school supplies. No this time she and her brother were going to school too and the attention was but for a moment theirs as it should always be.

She could not ponder these thoughts for very long however, because her twin had, without untangling his own hand from hers started to walk along down the street a look of undisguised excitement on his face. “You can’t stand there forever Era, you’ll just start to take root,” he laughed as she stumbled after him unable to be truly cross with him for it.

Their family was already well ahead of them, Myra dragging their father along to press her face against what seemed to be every single shop window. She was not crying now, which Eraesys found remarkable.  Call had found some of his friends….yes that she could even use that word to describe anything related to him was even more astounding than Myra’s current lack of tears, and stood in deep conversation with them by the entrance to Flourish and Blotts. This made the bookstore their first stop.

Roves and roves of shelves adorned with bright and colourful spell books and all sorts of other literature was what greeted the silver haired expensively dressed family as they entered.

Now it was her turn to drag her twin after her among the shelves, standing on the toes of her brightly polished boots to reach the school books that they each needed, then she let go of his hand and loaded the whole lot of books into his arms, before he could say as much as a word of protest.

“Since you do so love to read I think you should have these back,” Aceris finally declared with the most innocent of smiles before he calmly handed her back the two sets of books that she could not very well just let drop to the floor since it would be an embarrassment. “Aceris Targaryen you are and will forever be a git,” she sighed struggling under the massive weight that had been imposed upon her.

“I’m your favourite git then, besides you were the one who started it,” he answered, raising an eyebrow before turning to look at their father who stood close enough to be of help but seemed rather disinteresed in what the twins were up to.

“Father, if you have ever been tempted to remember that you do in fact have more than two children….”

“Now would be a splendid time to do so and be of help,” she finished his sentence calmly.

It was Call who came to help however. With an annoyed glance at his younger brother as though it was he who was the very cause of it all, he relived Eraesys of her burden and took it back to their father.

She had expected Aceris to drop one of his usual sarcastic comments but his attention seemed to be caught up elsewhere. This only became clearer when he slapped her arm repeatedly to direct her own attention toward what had caught his.

“Look, look at it,” he whispered eagerly, now clutching her by the shoulder.

It quickly became clear that he was not the only one staring at whatever it was. In fact, when she thought it over, the entire shop had gone suddenly quite.     

“By Merlin,” she gasped when she finally got what it was all these people were looking at. “I thought he would be impressive,”

“Me too. There is not much “saviour of the wizarding world” about him is there?” her other half asked while looking at the scrawny black haired boy with his head titled slightly to the side.

“Oh well…I guess it’s only to be expected, when you have lived your whole live surrounded by…muggles,” she said wrinkling her nose as if the word had left a bad taste in her mouth.

Aceris nodded with half a smile and half a look of all the disgust that she felt, painted across his own features. "Poor thing really...he won't ever do anything as important as that one thing he did when he was a baby," he said. Despite his words he nor sounded or looked the least bit sorry. However, Era did not except him to either. 

She studied the black haired boy with the brilliantly green eyes critically. “I bet he will have a hard time making it into one of the truly great houses,” she concluded as she noticed that the boy seemed to want nothing more than to shrink away underneath the gazes of the many witches and wizards.

Then she turned serenely on her heel and pulled her other half with her back to their family. “Now, wands,” declared the twins as though with one mouth. 

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