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1. And so it began



“THEY’RE HERE THEY’RE HERE THE OWLS ARE HERE, COME ON YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE,” the little silverhaired eight year old was eagerly hammering away at the door to her sister’s room. Hoping to Merlin that this time, she might have been good enough to make said sister happy. And yet the older girl emerged from the darkness of her room wearing the same sneer as she always did. “Go away Myra,” she spat through grittered teeth, pushing past the younger girl and onto the grand staircase without as much as a second glance.

“But…I just….” The little girl hung her head low and stalked of in the same direction as her sister but at a safe distance this time.

She followed her sister into the dining room, in which the rest of the family was already seated.

Myra sat herself down on one side of her father trying to stay as far as possible out of her sister’s way. When she got mad, she was scary….actually….she was always scary…at least a little bit.

A shivering little house elf was not as lucky as Myra though. The poor thing had to hand her sister her letter after all.

Eraesys however snatched it with neither remark nor glance and the elf retreated relived into shadows, bowing so low its nose almost touched the polished floor.

“So finally we’re getting in huh? Call can’t be the teachers’ favourite for ever it’s about time someone takes over.” Her brother’s smile was glowing. He did not seem bothered by his older brother’s annoyance at all.

“Who said I was the teachers’ favourite?” he tried to defend himself. This only made the younger laugh even more.

“Ah yes I forgot, there are plenty of people out there smarter than you, why would you be anyone’s favourite anything,” he continued innocently.

Even Eraesys tried to hold back a laugh and failed. Call bit his lip and shook his head clearly annoyed. Lucky for him he was as it so often happened saved by their father.

“That’s enough,” he barked at both of the twins, who looked more angered than guilty.

“Did you get it?” he asked Call, his tone going from stern to happy in a matter of seconds, which only served to make the younger of the boys look even more annoyed.

“I don’t know. I haven’t checked yet. I wanted to wait for the others to open their letters too. Since it’s their first year you know,” he smiled before looking at the yellowed envelope in front of him with something that could almost be described as fear in his eyes.

“Hah, yes you wanted to wait because you’re a such saint aren’t you Callidus? Mayhaps they’ll give you an order of Merlin just for being sooo nice.” The sarcasm could have been cut with a knife.

“Aceris, that’s enough I said. Your brother has been working very hard all of his years at school which is more than I can even hope to expect from you.”

Auch, that must have hurt quite a bit.

Aceris however did not seem affected by it. At least not outwardly. He just flashed his brother an innocent smile “I am terribly sorry to have offended you brother,” he said in a solemn tone.

Eraesys almost spat out the tea she had been drinking while reading through her letter as if in protest of what Callidus had tried to do.

“Father can I have a cat? It says here that I’m allowed to bring one. I wanted a dragon but I guess a cat will do.” She looked at her father hopefully but for now only earned a tired sigh for her efforts.

“Daad? Can I have a cat too, if Era can have one and I can’t that’s not fair,” Myra pipped up.

Before their father could even hope to answer Era turned to her with a gleeful smile on her face. “Myra you aren’t going to Hogwarts yet,” she started. Her smile widened as she spoke the next words even more quiet than her usually tone of voice. “Besides you kill everything you touch probably. I wouldn’t trust you with a pet since you have already killed an actual person. Would you trust a murderer with an innocent animal sis?” Her smile was so sweet it was horrible.

“It wasn’t my…,”

It did not seem that anybody had heard to quiet exchange of words, because Myra was quickly interrupted by an outburst of “I KNEW YOU WOULD GET IT, CONGRATULATIONS MY BOY,”

“Oh look sis, we have a prefect in the family, even more to live up to. Oh what a joyous day. We should write a song of praise or something” Aceris laughed.

“How amazing dear brother. You truly deserve it” Eraesys said sweetly. “I mean even you have to feel important sometimes,” she continued under her breath.

“I have to plan the trip to Diagon Alley,” their father sighed as he rose from his chair, patting Callidus on the shoulder and leaving the three eldest to read their letters and the younger to unnoticed slip out of the room and into the garden.                  

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