Cuts and Cake (Kuroshitsuji) (Sebaciel)

Present day AU. Ciel Phantomhive, a boy with traumatic childhood and a dangerous habit is made to attend school by his aunt. On his first day a bored teenager called Sebastian Michaelis discovers his secret and is determined to have fun with it.


5. Victoria Sponge and Cricket

Cuts and Cake

Chapter 5

Ciel felt as if he was going to throw up for the second time in three days. Was his death going to be Sebastian's "price"? He wasn't really sure, but he suspected that it was the case. However before he confronted the teenage sadist he needed to clear up some anomalies.

"Why wasn't he expelled from school? A month's suspension is very light for a person that attempted to kill someone," Ciel enquired, regaining his composure.

"His parents. The head teacher is terrified of them and was probably too scared to provoke them by expelling their son. Of course, for Mey-Rin's sake there had to be some kind of punishment. Also I believe that his parents donate to the school," Elizabeth informed him.

Ciel couldn't help but smile slightly at her. He had chosen the right person to as ask and she had just saved him from making a huge mistake by accepting Sebastian's offer without knowing the full terms.

"Thank you Lizzie for telling me all of this," he said gratefully.

"That's okay Ciel," she squealed happily. "I'm always willing to help and I brought in some cake for you."

Her head disappeared under the table and she brought out a frilly and pink child's lunchbox. She opened it and passed what resembled an explosion on a napkin to her cousin.

Her cousin eyed it nervously. "What is it supposed to be?"

"Victoria Sponge, silly Ciel! I made it just for you!"

"Yes, silly Ciel, how could you not see? It's obviously a Victoria Sponge," Sebastian's voice made itself known behind Ciel.

Elizabeth squeaked and her face turned to an icy shade of white.

"Hello Lady Elizabeth Midford," he greeted her politely and perched himself on the edge of the edge of Ciel's chair without asking.

"Y-You murderer! Stay away from Ciel!"

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. "I don't want to and I'm not a murderer, my lady."

Elizabeth desperately clutched at the only hope she had to try and make him leave Ciel alone.

"He's my fiancé so stay away from him."

That certainly had an effect on Sebastian. He had researched the Phantomhive family and their connections like the Midfords and had found nothing about an engagement. She must be lying to keep me away from Ciel. Well, that wasn't going to work, he thought to himself possessively. Ciel was his to play with and break.

"Oh really?" he smile at her and tasted satisfaction in the angry expression on her face that clashed with the pink bow in her hair.

"Yes. It was decided right before… before that incident."

Sebastian turned to Ciel for confirmation. "Is this true?"

Ciel sighed. Everything had become a mess and somehow turned in to a fight between Lizzie and Sebastian over him. He shuffled over in his seat so he wasn't touching Sebastian.

"It is true, but it was never finalised due to what happened right after. The marriage would have been beneficial to both our families, but there is no need for that now," he said quietly.

"So you aren't engaged then," Sebastian said condescendingly to Lizzie who was thinking of other ways to outdo Sebastian when she remembered something from her childhood.

"I-I've kissed Ciel. I have more ownership of him than you!"

At that outburst Sebastian blinked in surprise, unsure of what to say to that. If it was true then she had done more things to Ciel than him. He turned to the boy who was frozen in his seat at his cousin's words and tapped him on the shoulder to confirm or deny the outburst. Ciel shuffled away from him.

"Yes, we have kissed," he admitted reluctantly. "It was when we were younger and it was only on the cheek."

Sebastian raised one eyebrow elegantly. "I will have to rectify and few things then," he said and pulled Ciel closer to him.

"W-What are you doing?" Ciel stuttered in fright.

"Be quiet, Ciel."

Sebastian gripped Ciel's chin and turned his face towards him. He ran a hand through the boy's hair, making sure not to uncover the eye patch- that was their secret, and was about to do something more daring when suddenly someone in the canteen screamed loudly.

Everyone's heads turned in the direction of the scream and found Mey-Rin standing and pointing a shaking finger right at Sebastian.

"Stop playing with people!" she shouted and ran out the side entrance to the canteen.

The moment provided and welcome distraction for Ciel as Sebastian had let go of his head. He slid out of his arms and stood up.

"Sebastian, I want a word with you. Not here, somewhere more private ," he gritted his teeth as all his common sense was telling him to stay away from the dangerous teenager.

Now that he had had time to think about the situation, he decided that he would give Sebastian a chance to explain himself. If his reasons for inducing a girl to commit suicide were unjustifiable he would stay away from him. If they were the opposite… he still wasn't sure what he was going to do.

"You may," Sebastian nodded and got up and led the way out, seemingly oblivious to all the stares he was getting.

Ciel followed him down the English corridor until they reach a secluded corner and Sebastian stopped and turned round to face him.

"What would you like to talk about?"

"Did you really persuade Mey-Rin to commit suicide?" he asked, staring at him directly in the eyes in order to gauge his reaction and whether or not he was lying.

"I did," was the brief reply.

Ciel was aghast. He had expected a denial and his eyes hadn't even flickered in the slightest. How could he just admit it so casually, he asked himself. He must be one hell of a freak/ sadist.


"Because of the contract. Her terms were that I had to be her boyfriend for a month which I was. After the month was over I told her my terms and she had no choice but to obey," Sebastian informed him casually as they were talking about something commonplace like the weather.

"If I made a contract with you, would the terms be the same?"

That had been bothering Ciel since he had found out about Mey-Rin.

Sebastian considered the question as he stared at Ciel. The boy was fun to play with, but as he was avoiding him he needed to change his act so he could persuade him to make the contract.

"No, my terms would be different if you made a contract with me, but I won't tell you those terms until after."

"I see."

The incident with Mey-Rin showed how seriously Sebastian took his contracts so if he did enter a contract, Sebastian would help him track down the people that ruined his life.

"Would you make a contract with me?" Sebastian enquired, to test the tension between them.

Ciel itched his head. "I still need some time, I'll tell you after school."

Sebastian smirked demonically. "I'll be waiting. By the way we're doing cricket in Physical Education. I'll be your batting partner."

"No thank you."


15 minutes into the game Ciel found that he definitely had no aptitude for cricket as all the balls he actually managed to hit seemed to land right in the hands of the fielders. As they switched sides he guessed he was going to be useless as a fielder as well as a batter. Sebastian who was on the opposing team had caught most of the balls that he had actually hit to annoy him.

"Michaelis, you're next to bat. Can you actually aim the ball rather than just hitting it randomly like Phantomhive?" the teacher instructed, rolling his eyes.

Sebastian caught Ciel's eye as he stepped out to bat and decided to aim it directly at Ciel to see if he could catch it. The bowler threw the ball and he hit it towards Ciel and started to run to the other wicket. As he ran he looked over at Ciel and saw he wasn't moving at all and his eye was glazed over. Then his legs buckled and Sebastian rushed over to catch him just as the boy crumpled to the floor.

Concernedly, he laid Ciel down on the floor and spotted the obvious cause for the collapse. The cricket ball was right at his feet and there was a dribble of blood on Ciel's forehead.

The ball he had aimed at Ciel had hit him and knocked him out.

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