Cuts and Cake (Kuroshitsuji) (Sebaciel)

Present day AU. Ciel Phantomhive, a boy with traumatic childhood and a dangerous habit is made to attend school by his aunt. On his first day a bored teenager called Sebastian Michaelis discovers his secret and is determined to have fun with it.


8. Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Cuts and Cake

Chapter 8:

"No it can't be," Ciel said to himself and lay down again. "It's something else… It has to be."

Out of frustration he hit himself on the head to banish the memory of Sebastian's kiss and wished he had been able to muster enough coherent thought to slap him around the face rather than blush like a lovesick fool.

Love was a dangerous thing to do. It blinded you and prevented you from making sensible decisions that you would normally be able to make and it took up a lot of your time. Or that was what Ciel had taught himself to believe over the years since his parents had died.

"I don't love him," he whispered and curled up in his bed to finally get some sleep.


Sebastian jumped at the sound of Angelina's voice puncturing the silence of the night. He wiped the satisfied look off his face to answer her.

"We're just friends," he replied smoothly, hoping that she wouldn't pry any further, but he knew that she wasn't stupid enough to let it go at just that.

"Sebastian, I know that there is more to it than that. You look at Ciel like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. And I saw you leaving his room," Angelina snapped back, determined to get to the bottom of it.

"My my, Miss Durless, it seems you had an ulterior motive for inviting me to stay. Was it all just to have a late night interrogation?"

He had caught all the suspicious looks that she had been sending him all day and evening and had guessed that she was going to confront him sooner rather than later.

"That's right. Ciel is a fragile child and I have to be careful about who gets close to him. I don't want him to fall prey to a sadistic player."

Sebastian raised his eyebrows at the insult as he thought of a way to alleviate her concerns that didn't involve disclosing the full truth. There was only one card left that he could play.

"I assure you, Miss Durless, Ciel is the only one for me. My love may be one-sided at the moment, but over time I hope that our relationship will improve. I am trying to help him get over his past," Sebastian proclaimed, feeling nauseous at the words he was using, but the last part was true which would hopefully mollify his aunt into leaving him alone.

In surprise Angelina stared at him, unsure of what to do next. Was he really in love with Ciel? She had seen a caring look in his eyes. However in any case Ciel needed company and although his manner was brusque with the raven haired teenager she had sensed that he liked him slightly and Ciel did need help in losing his past and Sebastian might be the only person that could do it- he had scared off all the psychologists she had sent him to.

After a minute of consideration she made up her mind. She would observe both of them for now and if Sebastian did anything that damaged Ciel she would get revenge for him. She had plenty of weapons at her disposal from the hospital.

"I didn't know you were that serious. However please remember that I am watching you," she said as she walked away from him.

"Good night, Madame Red."

At the sound of her nickname Angeline froze as she was walking the stairs.

"How do you know?"

"I've heard about you. The flighty red haired socialite who always wears red and attends every party going. Does your nephew know about your reputation?"

"I go to fewer parties now. I think he knows and never says anything. Kind of like how I never mention anything about his little habit."

This time it was Sebastian's turn to freeze. "You know?"

"Of course I do, but I will only make things worse if I try to stop him myself and he would only find something more dangerous to do to stop the pain," she replied sadly. "Good night Sebastian."

Another reason for putting up with Sebastian was that since Ciel's first day of school she hadn't seen a fresh cut on him. The obviously shady teenager did have some good points.


The next morning Ciel stomped down the stairs tiredly to find Sebastian in the kitchen sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Upon seeing him Ciel felt his face go red. Sebastian looked up over the top of the newspaper and spotted him.

"Good morning Ciel. Your aunt had left already for her shift at the hospital," he smiled at Ciel looking like a shark watching his prey. "We have the house to ourselves."

Ignoring the innuendo, Ciel yawned loudly and headed over to the kettle to make something to wake himself up. Sebastian frowned at being ignored and put the newspaper down to watch Ciel pour water into the kettle. Ciel felt the gaze on his back and spotted his flushed reflection in the shiny surface of the kettle and steadfastly tried to think of cold things as he poured the boiled water into a teacup and added an Earl Grey teabag, milk and several generous spoonfuls of Hot Chocolate powder.

As Ciel sat down at the table Sebastian leaned forward to check the teacup to make sure that he had really seen Ciel mix tea and hot chocolate together.

"Seriously Ciel, Earl Grey Hot Chocolate? Next thing I know you'll be eating cake for breakfast, but knowing you, you probably do."

Ciel glared at the accusation which was actually true, but he was glad that his body temperature had gone down.

"I need a lot of caffeine in the morning," he explained as he blew on the concoction to cool it down.

Unconsciously Sebastian found himself drawn to the boy's lips. He decided to change the subject to see if Ciel was still flustered about his kiss from the night before.

"I see. Have you worked out my "price" yet?"

To his amusement Ciel jumped in his chair and his face flushed red as he fought the urge to spit his mouthful of liquid out.

"I-I don't know… I might do, but I don't really."

Sebastian fought back a smile. He had given him two hints, but the innocent one clearly hadn't picked up on it. It seemed as if he wanted another hint and Sebastian was eager to comply.

"Ciel, come here and I will give you another hint," he beckoned.

Doubtfully Ciel rose from his chair and walked over to where Sebastian was sitting. If Sebastian did anything vaguely sexual then he would know for definite that his theory was right. It was the only way he could confirm it without directly asking.

Sebastian pulled Ciel onto his lap and tried hard to hide his smirk. The boy was too defenceless for his own good. Ciel gritted his teeth in preparation for whatever was going to happen next. He felt Sebastian's hair touch his neck and tried to fight all the weird feelings in his body which were threatening to run rampant. The next thing he knew Sebastian's teeth were nibbling his ear and he could feel his hot breath on his cheek.

"Ow. That hurts. Is that the hint?"

"Yes," Sebastian whispered seductively. "Would you like another one?"

The seductive tone only furthered Ciel's suspicions. He had been right. He pulled away from Sebastian and took deep breaths to calm his heart rate down.

"Have you got it now?" Sebastian looked at him inquisitively with a hint of a smirk visible in his expression.

Ciel sighed. "Yes thank you and I know that I can't avoid it as I signed the contract."

He sat back down in his seat to finish his Earl Grey Hot Chocolate. Sebastian was surprised with the lack of a reaction from Ciel; he had been expecting to see him a lot more flustered. Well, there were other ways to infuriate him, he thought to himself as he picked up the newspaper again. Then he paused as Ciel set down his half empty cup down on its saucer.

"Can I try some of that?"

Ciel pushed it towards him and Sebastian took a sip, making sure to put his mouth on the same part that Ciel had put his. The drink was too sweet for him but that didn't matter.

"Did you know that we just indirectly kissed?"

He winked and watched as Ciel's eye narrowed and his face colour darkened.

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