Cuts and Cake (Kuroshitsuji) (Sebaciel)

Present day AU. Ciel Phantomhive, a boy with traumatic childhood and a dangerous habit is made to attend school by his aunt. On his first day a bored teenager called Sebastian Michaelis discovers his secret and is determined to have fun with it.


6. Concussion and Cavities

Cuts and Cake

Chapter 6:

"Ciel! Wake up!" he shouted desperately, afraid that he had seriously hurt him.

The Physical Education teacher pushed him gently aside and brushed back the hair on Ciel's forehead to have a closer look. Sebastian remembered the eye patch just in time and clamped his hand over it as a crowd of people had gathered around.

"There's a huge bruise and a cut," the teacher said, standing up. "He needs to get to the hospital so he can be stitched up and treated. Michaelis, you can go with him as you seem to be… friends."

Sebastian picked Ciel up bridal style and discreetly unhooked the eye patch so the cut would not need to be covered in hair which would irritate it.

"You gave me a fright," he muttered to the unconscious Ciel, then he wondered why he cared so much.


A female red haired doctor took responsibility for Ciel and Sebastian as soon as they arrived at the local hospital. They had been driven to the hospital by the school secretary who had been sending Sebastian flirtatious looks all through the journey. To dissuade her he had started to stroke Ciel's face and hair which had worked very well.

"So you're Sebastian Michaelis," the doctor said as she finished Ciel's stitches.

"Yes," he answered distractedly, not bothering to wonder how she knew his name. "When is he going to wake up? It's been nearly an hour."

Ciel was lying unconscious on the pristine white hospital bed, looking peaceful and calm for once.

"He will come round," she replied calmly. "Can you give me his eye patch please?"

Sebastian took it out of his pocket and handed it over, surprised that she knew that he wore one. "How did you know?"

"I'm his aunt. I'm Angelina Durless."

Angelina looked Sebastian up and down, unsure of what to think. He seemed to be very concerned about her nephew, but there was a strange look in his red eyes and he watched Ciel sleep that she didn't know what to think of.

"I'm sorry, you didn't introduce yourself earlier. How do you know my name?"

"I did tell you who I was; you were just too worried about Ciel to listen. As for your name I found a copy of your school record including a nice photo under his bed this morning."

That was obviously payback for the research that he had done on him, Sebastian decided. He wondered how he had managed to obtain the record. And now as a result he had found out about Mey-Rin. He had gotten a fright when he had sneaked up behind Ciel and his cousin in the canteen to find them discussing him and his exploits.

He watched silently as Ciel's aunt put his eye patch back on carefully and held his hand.

"Why won't you get him to wake up now?"

"He has trouble sleeping at night. A normal person would have woken up now, but he hasn't, it's nothing too serious. His body just needs sleep," she informed him quietly. "He might be here a while so you might want to go home."

"No, I'll stay here," he said quickly, unwilling to leave Ciel alone.

"You will? I have some other patients to see so I'll come back later. If he does wake up before that, don't allow him to make any sudden movements," Angeline instructed, placing Ciel's hand in Sebastian's and rushing out the room.

Sebastian stared down at Ciel's hand which seemed tiny in comparison to his and sighed. At least he knew the boy was going to live. He wasn't sure why he had become so worried earlier. He assured himself that it was just worry about whether or not Ciel was alive to make a contract with. It wasn't anything else.

For an hour he sat in the plastic chair next to Ciel's bed, watching his chest rise and fall. He had let go of his hand quite quickly, but he had stayed there with him. The weak winter's sunlight shone through the window making Ciel look even more serene and at peace.

However he began to get a little bored after the first hour so he checked Ciel's arms for any new marks- there were none. Then he became curious as to what exactly was under his eye patch.

He reached out and delicately unhooked the eye patch. As he was about to roll back the eye lid he became aware that Ciel's other eye was open and staring up at him.

"You don't want to do that."

Sebastian sat back down disappointedly and handed the eye patch over for the second time that day. Ciel sat up slowly and put it back on.

"How long was I out?" he yawned and winced as he touched the stitches on his forehead.

"Just over 2 hours," Sebastian answered. "I'm sorry about knocking you out; I thought you would be able to catch it."

Ciel threw back the white hospital bed cover and swung his legs around so he was sitting on the edge. Sebastian grabbed his shoes from under the bed and put them on him for him so Ciel wouldn't have to bend down and get light headed.

"I am annoyed, but it's all right. I should have been able to catch it- I was just too slow. It's not your fault," Ciel said and stood up and Sebastian offered his arm as support.

"It is my fault. By the way, I've met your aunt now."

As he spoke the door opened and Angelina Durless stepped in and surveyed the scene silently.

"Ciel, you're awake now. How's your head?" she asked concernedly. "Are you seeing anything you shouldn't be?"

"It twinges a little, but my sight is fine."

"Good. I've finished my shift for now so I will drive you home," she said. "Sebastian, would you like to come as well? You seem to be… friendly with Ciel."

She looked pointedly at his arm which was around her nephew. Ciel noticed the glance and quickly pushed him away.

"If it is okay with you, I would love to visit your house," Sebastian replied and flashed her his best fake smile. "Ciel and I are very close friends."


Sebastian absorbed all the details of Ciel's bedroom as he waited for Ciel to come upstairs. He could hear talking downstairs and guessed that they were talking about him.

He walked across the bare floorboards towards Ciel's bookshelves and as he did so he noticed that one of them was slightly raised. He bent down and prised it up with his fingernails.

Underneath the floorboard was a knife wrapped in a blood spotted white hand kerchief. Beside the knife was a tiny jewellery box. He opened it and saw that there were two rings inside. One was plan and gold and the other was more intricate with a large blue shard of crystal surrounded by swirls of silver. He wondered why they were hidden with the knife and who they belonged to as they looked old fashioned.

Sebastian closed the box and placed it back in the cavity alongside the knife which was fortunate as he suddenly heard Ciel coming up the stairs.

Ciel entered the room to find Sebastian sitting in the armchair in the alcove with the reading lamp on, partway through Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He frowned and the sight, having sworn he had heard the sound of running feet when he walked up the stairs.

Innocently Sebastian looked up as if he had just noticed his presence.

"Hello Ciel, how's the head."

Ciel touched his forehead and winced.

"It's fine," he answered and internally groaned about what his aunt had forced him to ask. "My aunt has invited you to stay for dinner and spend the night."

Sebastian smirked at Ciel's obvious discomfort.

"I would love to."


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