This is an Alice in Wonderland inspired novel, but twisted.


1. Prologue

He swayed, concealed within the forest, in the direction of the autumn breeze. Despite the tragedy of the moment, everything was at ease. His neck was red and sore, his mouth open as if to say something. His eyes open, filled more with comfort than fear and regret. This is what he wanted.


Quivering, she edged towards his body. His corpse. Her eyes were fixed on his face, her feet shuffling across the ground, the rest of the world blurred in her vision, but him. The only person in her life, the only person she was comfortable with. Her happiness. In that moment, every shred of hope completely shattered, leaving puddles of tears below her.


Every second felt like minutes, for her. And every minute, she stumbled closer and closer, registering everything. Her father. The rope. The blood. The trees. The tree. His face.

His death.


Why did he do it? The thought raced through her mind enough to make her eternally depressed. Long enough to provoke her to follow his footsteps.


So she did.

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