The Unforgivable Curses

Violet is power hungry and discontent. When the discovers she is a witch she seizes the opportunity, planning to take over the Ministry, which, nearly twenty years after the upheaval involving Voldemort and his followers, is falling apart. However the small matter of Bellatrix Lestrange reappearing and her close friend being Tom Riddle reborn takes her attention more immediately and soon she is forced to decide: Will she join the dark side and become the person she's told she's destined to be? Or will she fight for good and win the glory and appreciation she has always wanted?


1. Please Read this Chapter

This is my NaNoWriMo story therefore it is NOT proofread at all. I haven't even read over what I was writing as I wrote it or anything like that so it will likely be a pile of rubbish. There will be scenes that make little sense, characters that disappear half way through a chapter and typos galore. I'm sorry, it normally takes several revisions of my writing to get it right so this will not be up to the usual standard.

However I am posting it on here as I think that feedback (it will be used for continuing the story but not for changing what I've already done until after November) and possibly encouragement if you're nice, will be helpful for my efforts in finishing NaNoWriMo with all 50,000 words completed.

Once it is completed and edited it will be posted a chapter at a time, on Movellas, Wattpad, and AO3 so this is sort of like a sneak preview. Aren't you lucky :p

It will definitely have very regular updates due to the NaNoWriMo word count goals so I can guarantee very regular updates for the next month as I will add a new chapter every time I finish one.

Please read and enjoy and try to overlook any errors (but feel free to point them out and I will fix them in December).

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