Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


7. The seriousness

"I want more kids!"
I spin around and I just stared at Harry. Okay, now he had come to a dream where we were surrounded by children? He wanted all the things that he hadn't had, but I hesitated.
"We already have a son and a daughter?"
He frowned.
"But I want one more which is mine." He stood close to me and he was almost ready to fight for his cause. "I want another baby as is mine. Liam's the father of Charlie and it would be happy with one more as are mine, just mine."
I swallowed.
"You know that it's perhaps impossible?"
He nodded.
"But just one more and I promise that it's enough."
Hanna come tired into the kitchen and she looked up at us.
"And so you'll kiss each other again?"
Harry looked at her and he frowned.
"Mom and Dad just talk?"
She smiled weakly.
"No, you always end conversations by kissing each other."
He laughed a little bit.
"But that do mean that we think the same thing."
She nodded, a little bit.
"Can I go over to Erica?"
Harry chose to respond.
"But you'll be home by six."
She nodded.
"Sure, and I take Rufus with me."


"I don't require much." whispered Harry when we were alone again. "I require nothing from you, more than this."
I nodded weakly.
"Okay, more sex?"
He smiled.
"Just try and see?"
I frowned. He peered out toward the hall. Charlie was in the room with the rabbit and now Hanna was on the way to a friend. He looked at me again.
I backed off.
"Please, Harry, we do like normal people. They do it in bed, and not everywhere in the house."
He grinned and he came towards me.
"But I want you and it does not matter where."
"Charlie's home."
He kissed me.
"I'm silent!"


Fast movements. I sat on the bench and he was between my legs. We held each other, but we had clothes on, just in case. He had just pulled away my panties from the edge, and he had just buttoned down his fly. He was deep inside me and I felt every bump as he did to me. Damn, he was addicted, and now he had one more reason for sex? Yet I whimpered against his lips and I loved to feel him close to me. I loved that he wanted me and I was almost surprised that he never become tired of me.
"For the child!" he muttered hoarsely and pounded straight in. I whimpered, and I reached there. I felt how the body prepared it self and I took my legs around his waist. Harry quickly got me over the edge and quickly, I landed at the end of everything. I whimpered and I was shaking, I pulled and I pressed myself against him. He shoved all he had and he came.


"Harry, we can't just do that whenever you want that."
He kissed me and he slipped out of me. Quickly and shut all the doors as had been open and he was satisfied.
"Well, when we have the chance, we will do it."
I frowned.
"Is it about sex or about feelings?"
He smiled and he pulled his fingers through my hair.
"Both parts!" he whispered hoarsely. "I mix business with pleasure."
I didn't like it.
"Why do you want me here?"
He kissed my neck.
"Because I love you."
I smiled weakly.
"Not only to do that all the time?"
He laughed.
"No, darling, I need you, and that's just part of everything."




I was at school and Hannah's teacher sat in front of me. She was an old lady and I saw at her that she didn't feel that the school would be fun.
"Yes, Hannah is doing well, but I noticed that you are divorced. She came off a bit, but I think she will catch up before the semester is over."
I frowned.
"My divorce has nothing to do with this."
She had a different opinion.
"Everything affects your child, Miss Payne!"
I couldn't even tell her that I was about to change my surname.
"So we put more energy on her homework?"
The woman just smiled cold.
"Yes, I actually had that in mind. I understand that your new husband's a teacher?"
I frowned.
"He's Hanna's father?"
She rolled her eyes.
"You have to go through her homework and make sure she follows the curriculum that I have set up."
I decided to bite the bullet.
"Okay, we promise!"
She looked cold on me.
"You will do it, here we promises nothing!"


Harry just laughed.
"Was it that bad?"
I sank into the couch.
"I hate her!"
He grinned and he slid down beside me on the couch.
"Maybe we should change the school?"
I put my head back and I closed my eyes.
"Yes, it would be a good idea, but all her friends are in that class."
He kissed my cheek.
"Hanna might like her?"
I opened my eyes.
"God help me if that's the case."
Harry kissed my lips.
"The kids are out!"
I frowned, and this time I slid away from him.
"Harry, the world contains more than to do that. I have almost headaches and I have work to do."
He pulled me down again.
"Okay, let's not do it then?"
He kissed me again, the way that I wanted. I squealing.
"You are crazy?"
He smiled and he pulled me under him.
"No, darling, I'm horny!"
I took my arms around him and I felt how he pulled away my panties. He was fast and he knew how he would do. I whimpered and I took my legs around him. Fast, easy, and so very wonderful. I couldn't resist, even how much I tried.




"I want to see my son!"
I was shaking all over when I heard Liam's voice on the other end.
"No, not until ..."
He growled and I heard that he was intoxicated.
"Fucking whore, I want to see my son!"
Harry saw my facial expressions, and quickly he took the phone from me. I was scared.
"Now you listen to me!" he growled cold. "You don't get to meet Charlie until you are sober and shows that you are a grown up man."
I saw that Harry was angry and he almost growled.
"No, Liam!" he shouted almost straight out. "You don't get to meet him and it doesn't matter what crap you throw at me. You signed the paper that gave her the right to have him here."


There become a changes in my home. There could be a phone call in the middle of the night and it was always Liam. Finally got Harry tired of that and he called the police and made a complaint.



I came home from work. I saw that the car was filled with suitcases, toys and both Rufus. Harry came out from the house and I just stared at him. I was afraid he would leave me, but instead he smiled at me.
"We talk later."
I swallowed.
"Where are we going?"
Hanna and Charlie came out of the house.
"We're going to a cottage!"
I frowned.
Harry came up to me and he put his lips to my ear.
"We'll talk about it tonight when the kids are sleeping. Let's just say that we're going to a cottage and that's all."


I understand nothing. I sat next to Harry and he sang songs with the children. I saw at him that it was something that had happened and my horror was that Liam was behind it all. Yet he kept the smile and he gave me a warning look.




The kids slept. Harry came down to the fireplace and he smiled tired to me.
"Thank you that you didn't question me."
I frowned.
"Tell me then what happened?"
He slid down next to me.
"Liam called me and threatened me. He said he would take the children and kill me."
"And the police?"
He smiled at me.
"There were those who said that maybe we should leave the house for a few days."
"So you rented a cottage?"
He nodded happily.
"Yes, here he can't find us?"
I was stiff all over. Had Liam threatened Harry? I swallowed.
"What exactly said Liam to you?"
Harry leaned back and he looked into the crackling fire.
"I'll murder you fuck your fucking idiot!" He then looked at me. "And then he said something that I ruined his life and something about you, but I don't remember everything."
I took up my  hand and pulled it through his hair.
"Should we be afraid?"
Harry nodded.
"I think so. I have taken time off from work and I contacted Hanna's teacher and Charlie's kindergarten. Everyone knows that we'll be away, but not why."
I didn't know what to say.
"I'll call my job tomorrow. He will be a little frustrated, but he understands."
Harry nodded tired.
"I know!" he murmured. "Right now, I just feel for moving. Perhaps we should move away from it all?"
I frowned.
"You mean, in total?"
He nodded.
"Yes why not?" he whispered hoarsely. "We can move and start over?"




I woke up when the sun shines through the window. I felt the smell of eggs and I heard giggles from the kitchen. All were up, but not me? I sat up. Slowly came the memory back. I was forced to call the job? I took the cell phone and I did it right away.
"Yes, we are threatened!" I honestly said to my boss. It was as if there's always something happened in my life and I lacked the ability to be in control.
"This time I'll take care of it." I heard him say. I gasped by the thought.
"Liam has expensive lawyers and..."
He laughed.
"Come on, Kim!" I heard him say. "We haven't had a single case that's fun and I do it for free for you. Please, let me take care of everything at home."
I swallowed.
He seemed happy.
"Thank you!"


Harry had only boxers on, which made me remember the first morning when I saw him without any thing on the upper body. Hanna sat at the table and Charlie played with the rabbit on the floor. The dog slept in a corner.
"Mom is awake!" I heard Harry say teasingly. "Good morning darling!"
I smiled and I slid into the chair. Quickly seated all at the table and it was as if this was normal. Harry gave me an egg, Hannah poured the water in my cup and Charlie shoved a sandwich in his mouth. I smiled wide and I smiled at them all.
"Dad said you need to be sleeping." I heard Hannah say. I smiled at her.
"Yes, I was tired."
Harry agreed.
"And one morning you get to sleep?"
Charlie agreed, and I saw that he gave the dog Rufus a bite of his sandwich, because the dog still was begging by the table.


Despite all the setbacks and all that had happened, this was a moment as I remembered throughout my life. We were a family, even though we were broken in different ways. We tried to keep together and we loved each other. Hanna had found out that Harry was her father, Charlie, had in a way lost his father and I were in the middle of the hurricane and trying to keep everything together. Harry loved us and he wasn't going to leave us.


"I'll take care of the dishes!"
Harry kissed my cheek and he smiled at me.
"Go put on your clothes, woman!"




We stood by the sea. The children played in the water with the dog Rufus and Harry stood close behind me. He held me and I enjoyed. It was a beautiful day and the sun shone in the sky. It was autumn, but we still wanted to keep the warm feeling.
"You know what?"
Harry put his lips to my ear. I smiled.
He pointed out to the beach.
"Here are a perfect place for the priest, there do we stand and there are our witnesses, there can the children stand still and look at us."
I understood what he was talking about.
"So you don't want to be in the church?"
He kissed me on the cheek.
"No, for me you are important. I just want to say yes and know that you are mine."
I smiled and I felt his love towards me.
"My mom will be angry."
He sneezed.
"I do this because I want you, and not for them to look at us and say that they were with us."
I could see it in front of me.
He kissed my cheek again.
"At this weekend?"
I gasped.
"We have no witnesses?"
He laughed.
"I've talked to Eleanor and Louis. They said yes and I've talked to a priest."
"I don't have a dress?"
He kissed my neck.
"You can be naked if you want, I don't care."
Why did I hesitate?
"We have no rings?"
His kiss landed on my shoulder.
"I have!"

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