Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


3. The dog

Charlie was quiet when we ate breakfast. He poked in the food and he wasn't in the mood.
"You come back next weekend." I heard Hanna tell him and she tried to get him in a better mood. He just sighed deeply and he gave her a cold look.
"I want to stay here. My dad is so boring."
I looked straight at him.
"Is Dad boring?"
Charlie nodded tired.
"He let me just being in the room with a nanny, and he sits down and drink adult drinking." he got up. "On the days he work, and he never speaks almost not with me."
It aches in the body.
"Have you talked to him?"
Charlie nodded.
"But he just gets angry."
I quickly looked at Harry.
"Maybe I should talk to that man?"
Harry agreed with me.
"That doesn't sound good?" he got up and he looked straight at me. "Maybe we should try to get Charlie to stay here?"
I rolled my eyes.
"He wont allow it."
Charlie looked up at Harry.
"Maybe you can get dad to say yes?"
Harry hesitated and he looked down into the coffee cup.
"Me and your dad aren't exactly friends!" he replied honestly and then he smiled at my son. "But we can always try?"




"Charlie, go into the house."
I stood with Liam in front of me. Charlie had told me a lot of things about the past week and I realized that I was compelled to help him. Liam was surprised and he frowned.
"Is it now you will tell me that you should take him too away from me?" he got cold front. I rolled my eyes.
"Liam, I'm here because he has told me that you drinking all night and you don't care about your son."
He laughed cold.
"Children have a vivid imagination?"
I disagreed with him.
"I heard that he spoke the truth." I looked cold into Liam's eyes. "If you so much as ruining my sons life, I will do something about it. You must take your responsibilities as a father?"
Liam was irritated.
"I do fuck what I want in my home. You left me, you remember that? He's my son and he belongs here."
I shook my head.
"Not as long as you don't take care of him."
Liam growled.
"He has a nanny!"
"He needs you!"
He took a menacing step toward me.
"Get away from my yard. You have left Charlie here, as you should, and now you can go back to that fucking idiot."


I was angry, I was crying and I was shaking. I had all the moods inside the body at once and finally I was forced to stop the car, just to calm down. Damn, I didn't trust Liam any more.




When I got home, no one was home. I sat down at the kitchen table and I felt myself slowly became normal. I realized that I was forced to bring in a lawyer again. Everything just because I was afraid of what Liam didn't do. This was my merit. I have broken his heart and I had ruined his life. I still felt that feeling that I shouldn't have done like this, but I knew I did the right thing. Damn, I was an idiot!


I heard feet on the floor and I looked up. I become stiff all over. Before me in the door was a small dog. He was a mongrel and he looked at me with curious eyes. How did he get there? Then appeared Hanna and Harry up behind the dog and I saw at them that they were more happy than me.
I frowned and I looked down at the dog again.
"Did you buy a dog?"
Harry nodded happily.
"Yes, and he's named Rufus!"
Hannah nodded and she just radiated happiness.
"And he's ours, or he's mine."
Okay, I didn't know what to say. Harry took in dog food and bowls. Hanna had a leash and a mattress for the dog. I just stared at them.
"It's not your birthday yet?"
Harry laughed.
"But my daughter really wanted a dog and why not? He can guard the house?"
I followed the dog with my eyes. He walked around the kitchen, wagged his tail and discovered all corners.
"But a dog? Now?"
Hannah nodded and she walked up to me. She hugged me.
"It was dad who decided, and not you."
Harry really like to hear her call him daddy. I smiled a little bit and I knew I couldn't say no. He wanted to give her everything, and why not a dog?
"Okay!" I muttered hoarsely and I released her. "But you get to walk out with him and take care for him. Me and Harry only helps you when you are in school?"
She nodded happily and she bent down. She clapped Rufus and hugged him. Harry just stood and just smiled at me. I saw at him that he was happy that his daughter called him Dad, sometimes, and that he had given her a gift.




"Okay, you can call your lawyer and ask for advice."
Hanna had gone out with the dog and we were alone in the kitchen. Harry sat down on a chair and he looked straight at me.
"Is it really that bad?"
I swallowed.
"I don't know, but if this continues, we must put a stop to it."
Harry understood and he took my hand in his, straight across the table.
"I can call him tomorrow and talk through what our chances are."
I nodded and I feel hopeless.
"He can't just do that to me, or towards Charlie?"
Harry smiled weakly.
"Darling, stop worrying. I will solve this."
I nodded. He stood up and he went around the table. Quickly, he pulled me standing and he took his arms around my body.
"We will solve it." he muttered hoarsely and he kissed me. I was like jelly in his arms and he made me calm. He influenced me so much and I was just made for him.


We both gasped and stared toward the door. Hanna stood there and she blushed large. Harry released me and he cleared his throat a little.
"We just hugged?"
She giggled.
"No you kissed mom."
I swallowed and I cleared my throat.
"Where's the dog?"
She smiled big.
"Outside, can I take a walk with him and show him to my friends?"
Harry nodded.
"Sure, but be sure you're carefully when you cross the road."
She nodded, and she continued to blush.
"I will be home soon." Then she went out again.




A quickie. We lay in bed and Harry had torn off my panties. He took me hard and he groaned loudly against my lips. I felt how he came in all the way and I wanted more. I took my legs around his waist, and I answered the kiss. He was crazy over me and he caressed me all over. He pushed up the legs under me and he thumped hard straight in. I whimpered and I groaned. I held him tight and I felt how he got my whole body to reach all the way. I shook, I shrugged and I whimpered quietly, if Hanna would come home. Harry squeezed everything he had in me and he reached the same result. He came straight into me, filling me and he shook.


We were quick. We heard the front door open and quickly we got on our clothes. I managed to remove the redness from my cheeks and then I left the room. I heard Hanna in the kitchen and she poured the water into a bowl. I went down to her and I saw how she lifted the bowl down on the floor. Rufus began to drink. She smiled and she looked up at me.
"He's wonderful. He has already learned to be nice!"
Harry came up behind me and he smiled at her.
"Maybe we should go to a dog course with him and teach him things?"
She stood up and she nodded at him.
"Will you help me with that dad?"
He nodded and smiled. I loved to hear her say dad. Slowly it became a habit and she would soon forget to say Harry.
"I promise!" he replied cheerfully. He let a hand slide around my waist and he hugged me lightly. "I can call and hear where they have special courses for special dogs?"
This time, she rolled her eyes.
"It's actually a normal dog." she got up. Harry laughed and he raised his eyebrows.
"Are you sure?"
She nodded and she laughed.
"It's only you who believe in special dogs, but Rufus is like any other dog, just a dog."




I stood by the window and looked out over the yard. Harry and Hanna ran around with Rufus and played with him. I smiled big and I loved to see how they slowly created a bond between each other. The phone rang and I picked it up.
"Yes hallo?"
I heard someone sobbing and immediately I knew who it was.
He cried.
"Dad lying on the floor and he's dead."
I was cold throughout the body.
"Isn't your nanny there?"
He sobbed higher.
"She's not here yet. She comes in an hour."
I knew what I would do.
"Go out of the house, I'm going there now!"

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