Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


8. That day

My legs were shaking. Harry had made sure that I got a simple stylish white dress. My children were dressed in white and he also. Harry was wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, white pants and he looked like an angel. Even Eleanor and Louis had chosen the same colour. The priest was standing exactly where he should stand. My children went ahead to the priest. He smiled wide and he started talking about marriage. I didn't know if this was a dream or not. Harry stood in front of me. His buttons were undone and I could see the birds, I could see the butterfly. He was so sexy. His hair blew in the wind and he just looked at me with his green eyes. Our love was complete.


Harry cleared his throat.
"I have written my own promise."
I reacted.
"I haven't?"
He smiled.
"It is okay!" he whispered hoarsely. He held my hand and yet he managed to bring up the paper. He held it up with the other hand and he quickly looked at the priest, who nodded at him. Harry cleared his throat and he looked more into my eyes against the paper.
"I promise to be the man you want, and I promise to stay by your side. I wont distrust you again or come up with silly excuses. You're all that I want and I can't live without you. I want to grow old with you and I want to die by your side. There's nothing that can now hold back what I feel. When you came into my life, it was as if I got it all. You got my life to have meaning. When I lost you, because by my own selfish side, I lost everything. I now got you, again, by my side and I love you with all that I am." I heard his voice almost failed him and I saw the tears from his eyes. "Kim, you're everything I am. You're all I ever want and I intend to devote my whole life to prove it. I want to take care of you, help you, be helpful by you and I want to take care of everything that's you."


I cried too. The tears just ran down my cheeks and in the fog, I entered a ring on his hand. He took a ring on my finger, and the priest said the last words. I kissed him, long before the Priest's permission. This was real, this was really true. I wanted Harry and he wanted me.




Eleanor and Louis took the kids to a restaurant. I landed on the bed, naked under my husband. I was now Mrs. Styles, and it was the only name that I wanted to have the right to have.


Harry moved quickly. I felt how he filled me with his hardness. I let my hands caress him and I showed all the love to him. He moved quickly over me, he was everywhere, and he showed that I was now his. Nothing could come between us.


I stood on all fours on the bed. He was behind me. I was in his arms against the wall and he kept his hands under my butt. We rolled around on the floor and he messed rapidly up inside me. We were everywhere and we did it every way there was.


Harry's lips were all over my sensitive part. I pushed his head down and I screamed. My legs were over his back and I knew how he got me to come, again. I whined, I screamed and I fought my way through the wonderful feeling. I was lost in his violent


Harry washed his face in the bathroom and he came back to me. He took me, again and again. There was no end and there was no beginning. He squeezed everything he had and I loved it. I loved him, I wanted more and I would never settle for less.Fast movements and quick breaths. Hands Desperate moved and bodies as were unsaturated. I screamed again and again and I let loose all that was me.


I lay down over Harry. We were tired and we dried almost to be awake. I felt how he slowly became lax inside me, deep in my hole and I loved it. I laid my head against his neck and I was breathing rapidly. He held me, he hugged me and kissed my hair.
"I love you."
I smiled
"I love you!"
Harry smiled.
"I know!"
I drew my hand across his nipple, over his tattoo and I could feel the sweat pouring from him.
"We're not normal?"
He laughed.
"Darling? Nothing is normal with us and that's what makes us unique."
I looked up at him.
"But I can't be without you, and you proved that you feel the same."
He looked straight into my eyes.
"The first day of school you came into my classroom with a blue dress. I remember to this day how you looked and even then, you got my heart to jump."
I almost lose my breath.
"I liked that blue dress."
He smiled big.
"I loved the way you was and the way you are, but you were too young back then, and I was your teacher. When we ended up where we ended up, I did everything to prevent it, but I couldn't be without you."
I smiled.
"I know!"
He laughed a little bit.
"I was about to go up to you all night, when I celebrated the New Year with your mom. I often looked up the stairs and hoped that you would come down, but you never showed up. Your mom talked about that you were a teenager, but I suspected it was due to me and Annie. I knew I had hurt you."
I slid up and kissed him.
"What has happened has happened?"
He nodded.
"But just so you know, you owned me and I couldn't be with her. She tried to seduce me many times, but I said no. I belong to you."
I pulled my fingers across his cheek.
"And you own me, you've always been the one for me."
Harry agreed.
"Even when you were with Liam?"
I nodded.
"You are the only one."


Again, we did it! I felt our bodies lived a life of their own and they chose not to listen to our consciences. I felt Harry in me, around me, outside me and under me. He was everywhere and he was all that I needed. He banged straight into me, and he got there. I screamed. I held his hands, I held his heart and I kept up his body, time after time.


Harry took the mobile phone to his ear.
"Hey, Eleanor?" I heard him say. He lay next to me and we were sweaty. We couldn't hardly think straight.
"Yes, it's okay!"
He looked at me and he smiled awry.
"Yes, you can come tomorrow!"
I frowned.
Harry laughed.
"Certainly Eleanor, see you tomorrow!"
He put down the phone and he kissed me.
"They let the kids sleep over tonight."
I groaned.
He lay down on top of me.
I squealing.
He penetrated.
"No, darling, we'll do it all night."






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I know I've got a dirty imagination, but I see it as in a movie. I see it as a story as taking place before me...

And I love to write it down.

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