Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


10. New life

Liam put me down in a bed. The room was dark and I saw that the windows were boarded up with planks, which prevented the light from entering. He made my hands and feet free, and then he smiled with satisfaction to me.
"You are where no one can find you and I'll punish you."
I swallowed.
"Liam, we are adults?" I whispered hoarsely and uncertainly. "We can talk about it?"
He laughed cold.
"Talk?" he hissed cold. "I have done nothing but talk and I'm so fucking tired of talking. I want to teach my woman that I'm the boss and you'll fuck just obey me."
I tried to sit up.
"Liam, I...!"
He leaned over me so that he face just a few inches away from me.
"If you so much as saying one more word, I'll beat the shit out of you."
I was scared. What would I do?
I didn't got any more time to say more. I felt the smacking at my face, against my stomach and I landed in pain. I screamed, but he didn't stop until I felt the wound was complete. He left me lying on the floor. He locked the door and he disappeared. I cried, I screamed and I was shaking. I was in shock. He had beaten me? Liam had really done what he said?




I landed in a state that was total. I had pain everywhere. I felt with my hands that my face was swollen. I crawled and I took me up on the bed and I lay in the fetal position. I shook, I whimpered and I cried aloud. I didn't realize what had happened and it hurt so much.


Liam came back. I didn't resist when he tore off my clothes. I felt he took a damp cloth over my body and washed me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to get me clean or if he wanted to get rid of the blood. I let him do it. What could I do to prevent it. He put a blanket over my naked body, then he went out again from the room.


At some point I felt he fed me soup. I said nothing, I didn't want that he would beat me again. He did everything methodically and he didn't seemed to care about anything other than that I would feel submissive.


He put in a bucket by the bed.
"You can pee in it!"
He also put some toilet paper on the floor and a bucket of water, so that I could wash myself. It was then I saw that the room contained only a bed. The walls were bare and I saw that the wallpaper had lost colour. In the corners it was torn and the whole room was like something from a horror movie. Liam smiled at me.
"Good thing you don't say anything." he muttered hoarsely. "You know what happens if you open your lips and say a word?"
I nodded weakly. I knew!


I tried to keep myself clean. I washed myself in the water and I dried myself with toilet paper. I peed in the bucket and twice per day Liam made so that it become emptied. I got one meal a day. I sensed that he wanted to keep me weak. I could hardly think. I lay in bed and I let my memories swirling around. Harry? If he was alive? I was glad that my children were rescued and I was grateful that I so far remembered everything. Harry's lips, Harry's body and his whole person. I cried for just the feeling of not being with him.




Liam came into the room and began to wash my body. I had figured out that he did it every other day. He washed me with a cloth, soap and warm water. Everywhere, between my legs and over my skin. He did it without wanting anything. When he was finished, he wiped me, took deodorant under my arms, and he combed my hair. Sometimes I even wash your hair.


"Sit up."
I obeyed. He slid up behind my back. He sat with one leg on each side of me and he took his arms around me.
"Lean back on Me."
I leaned toward him, so that my head landed on his shoulder. He enjoyed and he held me. I didn't know what he wanted and I didn't understand why I would sit in that way.
"You are mine!" he hissed against my ear. "I'll take care of you and without me you die. Do you know that?"
I chose to nod. He smiled and kissed my cheek.
"If you continue to be this wonderful I will reward you."
Sure? He still could do what he wanted.
Liam moaned and he let his hands slip over my stomach. He kissed me because he had the right to do so.
"Oh, I miss your body!" he muttered hoarsely. "I miss what we had and we will get it back."
I closed my eyes and I felt nothing, only emptiness. He parted my legs and he let a hand landed down there. He did nothing. He just held his hand over my sensitive part as he was telling me that he owned me.
"It's mine!" he muttered hoarsely. "I will take care of it and fuck it."
I frowned. No, I didn't want to have sex with him. I hated him. He held his hand hard down there and he almost shaped his hand after me.
"Oh, it's so tempting, but I need more time. I have to wash away all traces of him."
Harry? He wanted to wash away Harry from me? I opened my eyes. He could never get me to stop loving Harry and he couldn't take away my memories.




Liam took a large bowl. He put me in the middle of it, and he washed me as usual. This time he brought two buckets with water, and he pulled the cloth over my body methodically, as he always did. I peeked at the door. It was closed, but not locked. Yet I didn't dare to approach the door. I spent days in bed, which stood in the middle of the floor. I was weak and I was hungry. Okay, he gave me food once a day but it wasn't enough.
"Spread your legs!"
I obeyed and I spread my legs. He pulled the cloth down there. I reacted when he didn't stop. Instead he stood at my side and he looked straight at me. He pulled the fabric against my most sensitive part. I felt it started to tingle from the pressed. Okay, he wanted me to come? He smiled when he saw that I reacted.
"Your pussy is mine!" he muttered hoarsely. He pressed the cloth harder against me. Slow forward and back. Slowly and methodically.
"Oh darling, you're so attractive. Your body is all that I want."
Liam dropped the fabric. He now brought his fingers back and forth. He felt that my body reacted. He penetrate with a finger and he moaned quietly against my ear.
"You are so hot, so wet and so mine."
In and out. The finger moved in me and he brought it faster and faster. Damn I liked it. I closed my eyes. He started to kiss my cheek, my neck and my shoulder. He stood close to me and he brought the other hand inside his trousers. He began to jerk off and I couldn't put a stop to this. He stood and satisfied me at the same time as he did the same with him.


Liam groaned against my cheek. I was so close and I bit my lip. He smiled and he didn't stop. He brought his finger harder in me and he saw that I was shaking. He moved the hand faster and eventually he got my body to come. I took down my hands and grabbed his hand. I pressed myself against it and I felt myself shaking and jerking. I neither whined or said anything. I didn't dare. I just stood there and shook through the orgasm. Liam came right after me and he become wet down there. He shrugged, he groaned and he put his lips against my cheek.


Liam let go of me and his smile was complete.
"So close but yet so far away?" he muttered hoarsely. "Next time I come inside you."
He picked up the cloth and began to carry out things. I went to the bed and I put myself under the covers. Damn, I shouldn't have felt that in that way? Damn Liam knew how to do! I closed my eyes and I chose to remember Harry. He was the only one I loved.




Liam sat on the bed.
"Sit up!"
He brought the spoon of soup to my lips. I chose to accept it and I decided that he got to feed me. I had no idea if it was Monday or perhaps Thursday. Which date saw it? What was the time? I looked straight at Liam. He continued to methodically feeding me. I had so many questions, but I didn't dared to open my thoughts to him. He didn't allow me to talk. He smiled so pleased and it was like he loved to see me obey him. I understood him. He had me in his power.


Liam left the room. I tried to think. It started to become difficult to think clearly and I drove out the day by fantasizing about my children and that Harry had a good time. I fantasized that they were looking for me and that they would find me.


I found a tiny little crack between the planks covering the window. I peeked out with one eye and I saw the sky. Actually, I become happy. I saw the sky! I had never been so happy over such a small thing before. I saw a cloud moving across the blue sky. Damn, it was good luck to see a cloud!


Two hands around my butt.
"You can't get out!"
Liam pressed me against the wall, against the planks and he groaned.
"You can try but you can't be able to look out. I was stiff and I stood still. He stroked my ass hard and he pushed him against me. He was naked. I felt he rubbed it against me, and he showed that he was horny.
"You will be mine forever." he muttered hoarsely and he groaned higher. He brought it up between my legs and he penetrated. He pressed himself against me and I couldn't do anything. I felt how he quickly came in motion. He brought up his arms up over my head against the wall and he just moved on his hip. He pressed it hard inside me. He moaned, he was shaking and he took me.


I don't know how long I stood there, pressed against the wall. I just felt that he approached and eventually he reached and come. He groaned against my hair and he brought it hard up. He shook and he shrugged. He groaned from the lips, exaggerated sound. And then he calmed down. He stood still behind my back. He pressed himself against me and it was as if he wanted to show he had the power.
"Oh, your body is mine!"
I chose to be silent, and I swallowed. He took down a hand, he took it around his hard part, and he did so he slipped out of me.
"Oh, Darling!" he muttered hoarsely. "I needed that."
He backed away from me and I was still standing. Afraid of making him angry.
"You are so Beautiful!" he muttered hoarsely, and then he left the room. I quickly went over to the bucket with water and I washed him away. I scrubbed me down there and I wanted to get away all that which was Liam. I was disgusted.




The memory of Harry started to disappear. Slowly, his face blurred out. I just remembered what I felt and I remembered only his hair. I started to cry myself to sleep. I started to become disconsolate because I forgot about the man who kept me alive. I lost hope and I slipped into a fog. I stopped feeling and slowly I dropped all that as was me.

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