Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


2. My son

Hanna was with some friends and she wasn't home. Harry understood that we could take our time for each other. He pushed me up against the wall in the shower and he showed what he wanted. I whimpered and I felt he pressed it between my legs. He had that big one that he could penetrate in the correct hole from behind. He kept his arms around me tight and I could hear his moans against my cheek.
"Stay still." he whispered hoarsely, and he moved all the way in. I whimpered and I closed my eyes. I raised my palms against the wall and I enjoyed. He showed me how desperate he was to take me and he knew that he had already been given my heart and soul. He moved quickly. I felt how he repeatedly penetrated hard inside my deepest cave and I groaned higher. He let a few fingers caress my clit and he didn't do many things until I reached all the way. I bit my lip and I received the orgasm as a gift. He moved quickly to the hip and he saw at my body that it jerked, it loved this and finally he reached the same result.


Harry stood still. He held me with his arms and we feel the water that ran down our satisfaction bodies. He kissed my neck and I felt his love.
"One week!" he muttered hoarsely. "We have kept on like this for a week?"
I was grinning.
"But now you have me and you know that you can do what you want with me?"
He laughed a little bit and he pressed his nose in my hair.
"Oh, you can't imagine how happy I am," he muttered hoarsely. He let his limp part slip out of me, but he was still standing close to me. "I will never make mistakes."
I spun around and I took my arms around his neck.
"You will make many mistakes." I whispered happily. "But I'm sure you don't do the biggest mistake over again, to let me go?"
He kissed me. Harry knew how he would kiss me in the right way and he knew I loved his lips. I whimpered quietly and I pressed myself against him. We heard the front door was opened and then Hanna's voice.
"Mom?" she cried. "Harry? Are you home?"
"Damn!" Harry mumbled and let me quickly. "I forgot that I had a daughter?"
I laughed. Quickly we drifted out of the shower, on with the towels. Harry stayed behind and I step out the door, as if I had been alone.
"Yes, sweetheart?"
She stood so she saw me, where I stood at the top of the stairs.
"Can I go with Erica, her home?" she asked. "She lives three quaternary away and she has a dog."
I nodded.
"But you come home before six o'clock?"
Hanna was happy.
"Sure, Mom!" she quickly replied and the she run out of the house.


Harry slipped up behind me and his arms slid around my body.
"Oh, more free time for each other?"
I frowned and I felt his lips on my neck.
"Harry, I have work to do and we can't have sex all the time?"
He laughed mockingly, and he pulled off the towels. He really did owned my body and I slipped quickly into that state again. He knew exactly what he would do and he could do it again and again. We were like when we were younger. We couldn't be filled. We never got enough. We were like sex maniacs and the only thing that mattered was what happen here and now. I landed in bed. He took me hard, fast, intense and I loved every second.




Harry quickly got to change in his office. There was now two desks, one for me and one for him. Behind me, he had put an file cabinet, so that I could take home paper, do my job and be there for him. I loved working in the room. Sometimes sat Harry and corrected students' test, I sat and made my job and it just felt wonderful to be near him. I had stopped at Liam's firm and instead I had landed in a very small law firm, but I liked it. We didn't have much money and many of our clients were poor. But it was still a job.


Hanna came into the office, that room. I looked at the clock and I noticed that she kept time. She didn't look at me, she looked at Harry.

"You know you promised me a dog?"
Harry looked up from the papers and he seemed surprised.
"I have?"
She smiled.
"When we were in the park once, you told me that I wouldn't get a pony, I'd get a horse."
He remembered, I saw it on him.
"Yes?" he was groping forward. She walked up to him and I saw how her eyes shone. For me this was wonderful. They were so much alike and she had inherited his charm. Many times she charmed him, and she knew what she would do to get Harry's heart to melt. As he know what he would do to get me to do things.
"A dog?" he muttered hoarsely, teasingly. He frowned as if he was thinking and he then looked at me. "And what does mom saying about a dog?"
I just smiled.
"That you get to manage. It's you who have been talking about animals, not me!"
Hanna almost jumped up and down on the floor and she frowned at him.
"But Harry!" she muttered hoarsely. "I promise to take care of it and give the dog food and take it out and all that."
Harry laughed a little and he looked at her again.
"You know what, I'll call and see if there are any dogs somewhere, we can look at, but I promise nothing."
She become happy anyway.
"Thanks Dad!"

She left the room and there sat Harry with wide eyes. She had called him a dad for the first time. He didn't think he heard the right thing. I smiled at him.
"In one more week, you may be more dad against now?"
He swallowed, and he smiled at me.
"She wasn't even aware of it?"
I laughed.
"This will work, and wait and see. She will say it again and again until it becomes a habit."




It was tense between me and Liam. He refuses to let go of Charlie in our home, and instead, I had to go home to him. It was a feeling inside the whole body when I turned the car into his yard, the house that had once been my home. I stopped the car below stairs, and I step out on the ground. Charlie opened the door and he came running towards me. I smiled, walked around the car and I took him when he threw himself at me. Liam showed up with a bag and he frowned. He came down to us, but he neither smiled or showed a single thing.
"He'll be home on Sunday before six o'clock."
I nodded and I took the bag.
Liam swallowed and I saw that he suffered. This wasn't his dream, to see me with another man.
"How is Hanna?" he asked instead, and I knew why. He felt that she was his daughter. He felt it was wrong that Harry would get this opportunity, and it hurt him that the judge had let Harry win. Liam couldn't demand that she would meet him or stay with him.
"She's fine!" I got up. "She has made friends and it goes well in her new school."
He nodded his head a little bit.
"Say hello to her from me."


Yes indeed, I feel guilty. It was I who had divided the family and destroyed everywhere, but at the same time, I followed my heart. I loved Harry, I had always done that and I wasn't able to live without him. I could have chosen a better way, but I didn't wan't to change anything.




Hanna was home when I stopped the car in front of the house. She ran to the car and I saw that she had missed her little brother. Harry stood in the distance, because he didn't want to force himself on my son. I slid out of the car and I saw Hanna quickly grabbed his hand and showed him into the room. We had chosen to set up an extra bed in her room. We thought that maybe he needed that support and that he wouldn't fall asleep alone in a strange room. Harry pulled me into his arms, as soon as the kids were out of sight and he kissed me.
"Did it go well?"
I took my arms around his neck.
"Yes, but he's bitter."
Harry smiled and he looked into my eyes.
"I understand him." he muttered hoarsely. "I was bitter when I saw you with him."
I sighed.
"But it's about the children and about everything. He lacks Hanna, I saw it on him."
Harry snorted and he lacked empathy for that man.
"He had her for six years, now it's my turn."
I laughed a little bit.
"She's a human being and you can't just demand that she should think like you?"
He nodded tired.
"But Liam should understand. He's a grown up man?"
Hanna came out and immediately I slipped away from Harry's arms. I wasn't ready to openly show my love when the children saw it. It felt as if I did wrong, though it was only my silly thoughts that played a trick on me.

"If Charlie get a room, any room, what room will he then have?"
I was surprised.
"Do he wants a private room?"
She smiled a little bit.
"Yes, he wants to have the room next to mine."


Harry had a guest room, or rather, it was a room with a bed and a few boxes. When we entered the room, sat Charlie down on the bed and he had big eyes. He looked at both of us.
"You don't use this room?"
Harry smiled a little bit.
"Are you sure that you want to have your own room?"
Charlie nodded and he blushed a little bit.
"I have my own room at my dad and I want to have my own room here too."
Harry almost seemed to be happy. He smiled at me.
"What do you say? Shall we give him this room?"
I nodded and I saw how happy my son was.
"Yes, why not, but he get to choose the colours of the walls and so on?"


It took the hole Friday evening to clean the room and put up all the boxes in the attic. Harry took Charlie to a shop and bought the home paint colour. They also had time to purchase furniture for the room. I was glad that Harry treated Charlie as if he were his son. He showed no resentment against my child and instead he enjoyed to also have a "son" at home.


On Saturday was all inside the room and painted the walls blue. I felt how I was bubbling over with happiness. We were like a family, although we all wasn't yet unaccustomed to this. I saw Charlie laugh and he talked to Harry. Hanna seemed to love the new family and she was delighted. It was as if nothing adverse had happened and this was exactly as I wanted it to be.


"It must now dry overnight!"
Charlie frowned and he looked tired up at Harry,
"But I'm going home tomorrow?"
Harry smiled and he ran his hand through his hair.
"Yes, but next weekend when you get here, everything will be ready and stand and wait for you."
He nodded, even if it wasn't the answer he wanted.
"I wish that my dad didn't want me home."
It ached in my chest.
"He loves you, Charlie and I understand him."
He frowned and he slipped away from us, into Hannah's room. Harry looked at me and he understood me.
"He will get used to all this?"
I nodded.
"I know!"
Harry kissed me lightly on the cheek.
"We go down and the cooking? I want to get the kids to bed."
I snorted.
"All you think about is sex?"
He laughed.
"I have many thoughts and everything is about you."


Harry walked into the kitchen. I stood still there and I looked into the room. Charlie had chosen blue walls and I couldn't help but look at the walls. He had a large room in Liams house. He had all the toys he wanted. In my home, it was just an empty room and still Charlie wanted to stay here. I smiled anyway over the idea. Maybe that Charlie just wanted to be near his sister? 


Hanna came up behind me and she smiled a little bit.
"Do you think that dad allows him to be here more often?"
I knew she was referring to Liam.
"No, he will demand that I follow the rules. Friday through Sunday. Not anything more or less!"
She frowned.
"He's mad at you?"
I nodded and I chose to be honest.
"Yes darling, he's very angry with mom."
She hugged me by taking one arm around my waist and I took my arm around her shoulders. We stood for some more minutes and just looked into the room.
I tried to smile and I looked at her.
She smiled at me.
"He might understand one day? You chose my dad and you love him?"
I nodded.
"Yes, I love Harry!"
She giggled.
"I know! You weren't at all that happy with dad, as you're with Harry."
I blushed.
"Do you see that?"
She nodded.
"You hide yourself often in the bedroom just because you don't want to hug him in front of me."
Okay, I blushed. There was a other reason that we were in the bedroom, but I couldn't tell that to her.
"I know!" I got up. "It's just awkward to hug another man in front of you."
She hugged me.
"Mom, it's okay. You get to hug him, but you don't need to kiss him that much when I'm with you?"
I laughed a little bit.
"Okay, I promise to hug him."
She was satisfied.
"He's still your husband now?"
I shook my head.
"No, we're not engaged and we're not married. Then he just my boyfriend."
She was grinning.
"I'm sure he has other plans."

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