Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


5. My family

Rufus obeyed Hannah. She smiled proudly and she giggled.
"Lay down!"
He obeyed her. Charlie clapped his hands and he seemed to like that the dog could do things.
"He's good!" exclaimed my son. Slowly, he had come back and he didn't dream the same dreams. Instead, he slept more normal and he had now lived with us for a week. Harry smiled wide and he nodded with satisfaction against Hanna.
"And soon begin the course."
She nodded at him.
"And you promised to help me, Dad!"
Yes, Hanna had quickly begun to call Harry's dad, almost too quickly. After what happened with Liam, it was as if she felt that only Harry could be a father to her.
"It will require a lot of training." Harry said firmly, and he smiled at Hanna. "But I promise to help you."
Charlie stood beside me and he took his arms around my hip. I took my arm around his shoulders and I smiled at him.
"And you and I get to watch them practice?"
Charlie nodded and he smiled at me. Then he looked at Harry again.
"Is there more dogs?"
Harry responded and smiled at him.
"How do you mean?"
Charlie blushed a little bit.
"I also want to have an animal."
Harry pondered.
"But not a dog, huh?"
My son hesitated.
"I don't know, but I also want to have an animal."
I looked over at Harry. Perhaps it would be good for him? To take care of something of their own. Harry smiled and he nodded his head a little bit.
"I'll think about it. In the meantime you can find out what you would want to have?"
Charlie lit up like a sun, and he nodded.
"I have my laptop now and I can goggle?"




The lawyer sat behind the desk and he smiled at me.
"This was too easy." he said cheerfully. "Liam gives you the responsibility over Charlie."
I hesitated.
"Is it good or is it bad?"
He shrugged on his shoulders and he laughed a little bit.
"I tend to struggle more, but it's just good that you came along?"
Still, I felt uncomfortable.
"and he has signed all the papers?"
He nodded.
"Everything and his lawyer informed me that we can now see this as closed."




Harry kissed me and he laughed.
"You see it's going to be okay?"
I frowned.
"I suspect that this is just the beginning." I got up. "My gut says otherwise."
He laughed.
"Can't you just enjoy that it will be as we want, once and for all?"
I shook my head.
"No, I'm not sure this time, about Liam."
Harry kissed me again, light on my lips and he took his arms around me.
"Darling, look at it as you want, but I'm happy."
I smiled at him and I took my arms around his neck.
"Okay, I promise."
Oh, I loved Harry's lips. They were like flaming fires against mine and I could never get enough of him. He pushed me up against the kitchen counter and he groaned quietly. Yes, we were always there, we couldn't stop. We were like made for each other and we wanted more. Yet we heard someone coming down the stairs and quickly we drifted apart.
"A rabbit!"
Charlie showed up and he smiled firmly against Harry.
"I want a rabbit!"
Harry clear his throat and he tried not to blush.
"A bunny?"
Charlie nodded with satisfaction.
"Yes, a white or a black one."
I laughed a little bit.
"Yes Harry? He wants a rabbit?"
Harry gulped and he smiled uncertainly at me.
"Is a rabbit funny?"
Charlie nodded quickly.
"Yes, you can buy a leash to him and you can get a rabbit to jump over obstacles, like horses and you can compete with them."
I couldn't help laughing.
"My son has been on the net and then it means that he truly knows what to look for."
Harry sighed and he headed a little bit.
"Well, then we go and see if there are any rabbits?"




I called my boss, he knew everything that had happened.
"I work from home a few weeks."
He seemed to trust me.
"I send over some more work." he said why. "We have a few cases that have to be gone through"
I nodded tired.
"And I come over with what's done later." I got up. "I have seen over Miss Smith's case, and I came to the conclusion that she can't get any compensation."
He sighed.
"Yes, I'll talk to her."
I nodded with satisfaction. It was nice that he was talking to everyone. He didn't want to expose his staff for people that were impossible. Many were angry when it didn't become as what they wanted and many were already so low down in society that this was their only recourse.
"I'm calling you back later this week." he said quickly. "I have some things we need to talk about and you'll understand when you get home papers."


Yes, I took my work seriously. I went through the papers and I chose that as we had a chance to win. There were many who wanted to sue the hospital, their last work and so on. I got insight into their lives and many of them didn't almost not owned the clothes they had on the body. It was still nice to give something back to society.




"Say hello to Rufus!"
I looked up. Charlie and Harry came into the room. In Charlies arms was a white rabbit and my son smiled smiled big. I swallowed. Rabbits weren't exactly something that I called a pet, but I gritted.
"Rufus?" I got up. "Couldn't we name him something else?"
Charlie shook his head quickly.
"No, he should be named Rufus."
Harry laughed.
"But if we get more animals, it becomes Rufus everywhere?"
I smiled. Harry still seems happy and he smiled at Charlie.
"And we'll put together the cage for him in the yard?"
Charlie nodded with satisfaction and he smiled at me.
"We have food with us, a cage and a leash. We also have a cage so that he can sleep in my room"
Satisfied they then left the room. I laughed a little bit and I heard them chatting all the way out. Harry took care of my children. He wanted to be that father who was loved and I knew that my kids loved him. Slowly I slid over to Liam. He had also been a good father, but it had been derailed. I remembered my photos, which he had torn apart and I wondered if it was a sign?

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