Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


4. Liam

The tears just ran down Charlie face, and he was shaking all over. I held him tight and I wanted to protect him. I heard that Harry took the cell phone and called the police. He ran toward the house. I didn't know what to do. Time stood still and I just wanted to protect my son. Hanna stood behind me and she was scared. She stared at the house and she said nothing. I heard that the police arrived and an ambulance, but I couldn't bother me over that. I just wanted to gather together what I had left.


Charlie sat in my lap and I sat in the back seat of the car. He almost fell asleep in my arms. I saw the police, I saw Harry and I saw that they took out a body from the house. Hanna sat next to us and she was taken by the gravity of the moment. We didn't dare ask the question, What had happened?


Harry came to the car and he opened the door. He smiled weakly at me.
"He isn't dead!" he whispered hoarsely, just so that Charlie would get to sleep. "But he's in trouble. He drank so much that he nearly died in the process."
I swallowed and I puffed out.
"Can't you go in and get clothes for Charlie? We take him home?"
Harry nodded and he smiled to Hanna.
"It will be okay!"
I heard the uncertainty in his voice. No, everything wouldn't be fine. I saw the ambulance quickly left the yard and I saw that the police went through the house, if something else had occurred. Harry closed the door and then he went against house again. Hanna looked at me a little.
"Mom, Liam will be all right again?"
I smiled at her.
"Yes, he will be okay!" but even that was a lie. No, he would never be okay. I had ruined his life and now he was about to do the same, for himself.




"I'll call the lawyer!"
Harry looked particularly at me. We had got Charlie to fall asleep and Hanna lay in bed and clapped her dog. I nodded and we went down to the kitchen.
"What more can we do?" I mumbled uncertainly. "Liam need time and help!"
Harry nodded.
"I just want that he hurt Charlie. You saw how scared he was, and he almost didn't want to sleep?"
I agree with Harry. He walked up to me, caught up my face with his hands and kissed me tenderly.

"It will be al right! " he whispered horse and he looked into my eyes. "We contact the lawyer and ensures that Liam gets help. We take care of Charlie and when Liam becomes himself again, he can meet his son?"
He kissed me again. I felt his lovely lips and I knew that he would help me. Slowly I raised my arms around his neck and I felt his tongue played with mine.
He released me quickly and we blushed against Hanna. She giggled and she stood in the doorway.
"I wanted just to say good night."
Harry smiled and he spun around.
"I thought you were asleep?"
She was grinning.
"Not yet!"
He smiled wide and he walked up to her. He lifted her up in his arms.
"Say good night to Mom!"
She giggled at me.
"Good night mom!"
I smiled.
"Good night, sweetheart!"
Then he carried her up to the bedroom. I heard her laughing and I knew he wanted to have some private time with her. He needed it.


I went to my desk and I looked down at all the work I needed to do. I sat down. The thoughts still was around Liam. I picked up the phone and I hesitated, but I made the call. I called Karen, his mom.
"But hello!" she said as soon as she heard that it was me. Karen was wonderful. Maybe she was against what I had done, but she wasn't angry at me.
"You know what happened?" I got up.
"I know, sweetheart!" she quickly replied. "I don't know what to say. My son is changed and he needs help."
I agreed.
"That's why I'm calling." I whispered hoarsely. "I intend to contact a lawyer and demand custody over Charlie."
She paused.
"But it will crush Liam?"
I knew she was right.
"Tell him that he must seek help and get on his feet again. Then I can talk to him about that he also gets to meet his son. I don't want him to destroy Charlie's life."
Karen sighed deeply.
"I understand you." she murmured horse. "Can I still meet my grandson?"
I nodded.
"Yes, I have nothing against you, and I'm sure that Hanna also wants to meet you."
She sounded a little happier.
"I'll talk to Liam and we'll give him the help he needs. I understand that you want to take care of your children and I wont put myself in the way of it."
I felt a relief.
"Thank you Karen!"
She also seemed relieved.
"You are welcome to come here if you want to and you know that we do everything for the kids?"
I nodded.
"Thank you!"


Harry stood in the doorway and he looked at me closely. I hung up and I smiled at him.
"I just wanted them to know."
He smiled and he came over to me.
"I know, darling!" he whispered hoarsely. "We'll struggle but it will work out."
He pulled me up and I ended up in his arms again. His lips found the way to mine and I felt he wanted me. I whimpered and I took my arms around his shoulders. He pressed himself against me, he showed that he longed for me and he was quickly inside each movement.


Harry pulled off my week's work from the desktop. He parted my legs and put me down on the hard surface. He tore my panties away and he took off my clothes. He then laid me down on my back and he let his hands caress my body. His eyes were hot and he looked at me with that look. Quickly, he pulled down his fly and he filled the void in me. I whimpered and I wanted to sit up, but he held me down.
"No, I want to see you!" he groaned dully. "I want to see what I own."
I squealing. He put his hands against my breast, and then he began to move inside me. Fast movements. The entire desktop creaked and I couldn't resist. He took me as I were his property. He could get me to do what he wanted. I sounded higher and I felt how he filled out everything that was me. Harry moaned and he didn't  released me with his eyes. He wanted to see me enjoy, he wanted to see me coming. He wanted to see what he did with me and he loved to look at just me. I whined louder and I raised my legs around his body. Faster, harder, and finally I was there. I bit my lip to keep from crying, and I received the feeling. It went through my body and it took over my mind. He was moving all the time and it made the orgasm to became deeper, larger and more powerful. I moaned and I reached the top. I hitched the entire body and the last feeling left me.


Harry leaned over me. I took my arms around his neck and he kissed me. He was desperate to reach the same goal and I felt he was close. He moaned against my lips and he let his hands caress my body. He grabbed my waist and then he filled me with his hot liquid. He shrugged, he was shaking and he pressed in everything that was him.




I walked quietly through the corridor. I was in hospital and I would talk to Liam. I knew that Karen had already been talking with him, but I wanted to look him in the eye. I slid into his room. He was lying in bed with a drip. Liam was tired and I saw at him that he was ashamed, as soon as he met my gaze.
"Sorry!" he mumbled, but I wasn't there to accept an apology.
"I want you to sharpen up." I mumbled cold. He frowned.
"My mom has already told me. Yes, I know what I'll do."
I stood at his feet.
"Why Liam? Your son thought you were dead. He have nightmares and he thought you were gone forever."
Liam swallowed.
"I don't know what happened."
I frowned and I tried to think logically.
"Neither Harry nor I want to take Charlie away from you, but I can't accept that you meet him and ruining his life. I want you to be sober, gathers what are you to return to a more normal life."
Liam frowned and he seemed to have a different opinion.
"You took the life from me."
I sighed.
"I was never your life!"
He disagreed with me.
"You know I love you and you know I get angry every day I wake up and I know you're with him?"
I pulled up a chair. This would take time. I sat down.
"You know I belonged to Harry!"
Liam rolled his eyes.
"I gave you everything and you still chose him." he snarled. "Don't you understand that you destroyed everything I had created?"
I sighed a little bit.
"Liam, we lived in a lie!"
He shook his head.
"Do you remember what you said in the church? You said you loved me and I believed you. I thought you laid him behind and you went on with me."
I looked down at my hands.
"Yes, I loved you, it wasn't a lie."
"But why was this happening?"
I looked at him again.
"Liam, he's everything that I want and I can't explain it. I can't live without him. I can't do more than this and I'm sorry that I hurt you, but isn't it better to be lucky against be live in lies?"
He put his head down on the pillow.
"I had happily lived in a lie with you."
I sighed.
"But I had been unhappy."
He sneezed. I understood that he would never understand what I was feeling or why I made my choice.
"Let's talk about our son!" I got up and I change the topic. "Harry and I take care of Charlie and the day you have on paper that you have received help, you get to meet him."
Liam frowned.
"You take him away from me?"
I shook my head.
"No, I protect him from you."
He was disappointed.
"And if I don't want help?"
I took a breath.
"Then you'll never see him again."




I chose to get things belonging to my son. Karen had lent me a key and I went into Liam's home, which had once been my home. It felt strange, though it wasn't long ago that I had lived there. I went up to Charlie's room and quickly, I gathered a few cars, his laptop and what I thought he wanted. I put it in a bag. I came outside the door and I looked away towards mine and Liam's former bedroom. I don't know why, but I went there. I opened the door and I looked at the bed. On the wall had our photon hanged, but now they were gone. I noted that the room was empty. There was nothing there that attracted. There was just a bed and that was it.


I quickly noticed that Liam had removed all the photos of me and Hanna throughout the house. Only a few of Charlie remained. I went curiously through the rooms. I entered Liam's office. Inside the door, it was chaos. Paper everywhere and he hadn't cleaned up for a long time. On the floor lay the photos of me, but they were torn. He had torn them to pieces and it was as if he had put all the hate on my photos. I swallowed. Okay, he really hated me?

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