Passion During life

Part 2 - After a divorce, you must take care of the shards. I destroyed Liam's life, just because I myself wanted a different life. I knew that I belonged to Harry and his daughter began to see him as her father. He did everything for her, but Liam did nothing for my son. Instead, he began to destroy his life and he was next to pull me down in the shit.


9. Did it happen?

I woke up refreshed. I felt how Harry lay me down on my back and he kissed me tenderly.
"Good morning Mrs. Styles."
I opened my eyes and I smiled. He lay down on top of me. He looked into my eyes with love and I saw at him that he was satisfied with life.
"The kids will be home in two hours." he muttered hoarsely and he parted my legs. I knew what he wanted to do for two hours and I had nothing against it.
"Okay?" I muttered hoarsely. "I can't say no to my husband."
He groaned and he pulled a hand through my hair. His lips moved over my neck and he kissed my hot skin.
"And I can't get enough of my wife!" he muttered hoarsely. Then he penetrate.




I showered and I managed to get on my clothes. I heard that the children came home and I heard their voices in the hall. I went there and I smiled gratefully against Eleanor and Louis, who was standing in the doorway. Eleanor smiled big and curious at me. She knew I hadn't left the bed from when they went away.
"Good morning!" she giggled happily. "How is it?"
I blushed and I hugged my children.
"It's just fine!"
She smiled and she hesitated whether she would come in, or if she would leave us.
"It's okay!" I got up. "You can come in."


Harry wipes out food on the table, because we hadn't eaten breakfast yet. My children ate with appetite and I slid into a chair. Harry chose to sit next to me and Eleanor and Louis sat down on the other side of the table. It felt wonderful. My life was changed and I was a new woman. Somehow this was such a morning when I just enjoyed. We were now a couple and no one could come between us. Harry showed he loved me and I knew it was him that I belonged.


In the afternoon we walked hand in hand down the beach. The children ran away before us and Rufus the dog, ran between them. We were like a family. I, Harry and my two children. Somehow this was the first time I really felt I had a family. Okay, I had that feeling with Liam, but with him, I was missing many parts. It was as if I now realized what a true relationship was about. Liam was more about giving and taking, with Harry, I only needed to be me. He demanded nothing from me and he had my love for free.


As the sun went down, we put the kids in  the bed for the night. Then we sat close together outside the hut and saw how the sky changes colour. It was chilly in the air and we had a blanket around us. Harry held me and I held him. I had my head resting on his shoulder and I just enjoyed.


"When can we go home?" I got up. I wanted to actually home to the house, and sooner or later we were forced to go back to work.
"I don't know!" he whispered and kissed my hair. "I haven't talked to the police yet."
I smiled and I looked up at him.
"Maybe we should look him up?"
Harry frowned.
"I'm honest if I say that I'm afraid of him." He looked at me. "I mean, we don't know what he can do?"
I smiled weakly.
"I guess he can't do more than threaten us? Liam isn't dangerous but I guess the alcohol makes him mad?"
Harry sighed.
"Wait and see if the police can do something and your boss is supposed to help us?"
I nodded slightly and I sought out his lips. He kissed me and he hugged me. I was safe with Harry and I knew he would protect me at all times.




"You can go home, but we will have a police car near your house around the clock."
I felt discomfort in the body. The policeman had come out to us. The children were in the back of the house and played with the dog. Harry kept his arms around me and he looked straight at him.
"But he has been threatening us?"
Police nodded little bit.
"We can't do anything about it all yet, but if he comes near your house we have proof. It's all about do this smart, in the right way, and entice him."
I didn't like it.
"I have two children?"
He nodded tired to me.
"Do you have someone who can take care of them? I mean, we can't get the evidence as long as you are here and he's in the area around your house. A colleague have seen him a few times, take the car around the block."
I didn't like this plan, but Harry had an other view.
"Okay, we will arrange for the kids and we go home tomorrow."
I looked at him in surprise.
"So you want me to lure him to us?"
Harry sighed and he headed a little bit.
"I'll be there all the time, and like you said, what can Liam do?"
I frowned.
"Right now I don't like that I said that to you."
He smiled a little bit.
"We have a police car at the house, I'm home and the children can be with Eleanor or your mom? Maybe they can bring him in after a few days?"
The policeman agreed with him.
"It's only about a short time. We know he's around the house and we know that he's going to take the chance. And we are there and your husband."




My parents and Eleanor chose to help out with the children. We left them there before we went home. Even the animals were allowed to stay with the children, because I knew they would give them a little comfort, when they were away from me and Harry.


It feels empty to come home. The house was deserted and without the kids it was just empty. Nevertheless, I took the suitcase to the washing machine. Harry traded food and filled the store. We went around each other like ghosts, and it almost felt nasty. When evening came we lit up all the lights, so that Liam would know we were home. We sat on the sofa with books, only to wait in case he showed up.


"I go to bed!" I said finally. Harry kissed me and he smiled a little bit.
"I'll be right behind you." he whispered. "I'll just finish reading a few pages."
I smiled and I left the room. I went up the stairs and past my children's bedroom, which was now empty. Okay, I was hoping that poslien would soon capture Liam. I slid into the bedroom, took off my clothes and took a quick shower before I crawled into bed.


Middle of the night, we awoke to a sound. It sounded as if someone went around on the bottom floor. Harry quickly took the phone and called the police. I lay stiff in bed and I didn't know what I would do. Harry slipped away across the floor and over to the door. He put his ear against it and showed me that I should be quiet. I shook. Harry seemed more calm at me and he tried to remain calm.


When police arrived, they went through the whole house. They found that a window was opened but that was all. I frowned.
"Can't one of you stay in the house this night? What if he been hiding somewhere?"
The policeman smiled at me.
"We've looked everywhere, and he's not here. I'm sure he doesn't come back tonight."
I frowned.
"Are you sure?"
Harry came up to me and he kissed me on the forehead.
"Take it easy!" he whispered hoarsely. "They know what they are doing and they have even been in the attic."


Harry locked the front door and he spun around. He smiled at me.
"They have been looking and he's not here."
Still, I had a strange feeling in the body.
"Harry, please!"
He came up to me and took my face between his hands. He smiled at me with his green eyes and he made me calmer.
"I'm here." he whispered hoarsely. "If you want I can get a weapon tomorrow, just for protection?"
I frowned.
"I don't like guns?"
He kissed me.
"It was just a suggestion."
I sighed and I hitched my ears. The only sound was the sound of the wind against the house. Nothing more.
"I'm still scared."
He hugged me.
"Let's go to bed."




I woke up the pressure over my body. Someone landed straight at me, and it hurt. I felt someone lay over my back and my hands were tied behind my back. I wanted to scream. I saw that Harry was lying beside me, but he didn't opened his eyes.
"If you scream, I'll kill you."
It was Liam!


Liam lifted me over his shoulder and carried me toward the door. I didn't dropped Harry with my eyes and it was then I saw the blood on the pillow. No, Liam had killed him? I couldn't stop staring and eventually we drifted down the stairs. Liam growled almost and he held his arms tightly around my legs. I was still over his shoulder. He was strong enough to carry me and I whimpered.

"You can't do like this!"
He didn't care.
"I take what belongs to me." he growled cold.


I realized what was happening when he threw me into a car.
"Harry?" I got up and the tears began to come. Liam smiled cold.
"He's sleeping."
I frowned.
"You killed him?"
Liam didn't care.
"I just hit in his head and he passed out. Honestly I don't know if he's dead or not."
He closed the door and he slid in behind the wheel. Now came the panic.
"Liam please."
He put music in the car, so high that he didn't hear my voice, which meant very loud music. I started crying and I was now afraid. My feet and my hands ached from the tape that was wrapped around them. I couldn't think clearly, and the only thing that was in my head was the image of blood on the pillow. What if Harry was dead? I had only had time to get the life that I wanted and now he was dead? Liam was a murderer? I swallowed and I tried to think. I couldn't make my hands free and I was hooked. I lay across the seat and I tried to peek out the window. It was dark outside, but I saw far away in the sky that the sun was coming up.


I landed somewhere between dream and reality. I didn't know what I would feel, think or do. I was tired of the whole body and I rocked into a troubled dream. Liam seemed to drive me far away and I had no idea where.

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