1. I don't even know your name


It was the last day of school and my last day in High School. It couldn’t be better!


Joe just invited me to his party tonight, at his home. It sounded nice, so of course I wanted to go!


He was the coolest guy in High School. Do of course he was going to celebrate a big party!

He asked me if I could sing a couple songs, but yeah, I don’t even know.

I really wanted to sing, like all the time.

I want to show everybody what I can!! But yeah, I don’t know, I’m going to think about it.



There was something like 3-4 hours till Joe’s party was starting. I was getting ready, my mom walked in and out with my dad’s clothes, but I didn’t  want to wear his clothes


I went to the party and I had a fun time, I saw this girl, and she was so pretty. She was the only one, and I knew that from this moment. She was the one and only, she was pretty. She was the prettiest girl in the world, I had never been in love before, but this girl. This girl stole my heart, she looked at me and smiled, she had the cutest smile. And of course I smiled back to her.


After that she walked over to me..

- Hey Shawn, how are ya doing?

- I’m fine, what about you?

- I’m fine too, thanks for asking :))

- You look beautiful tonight, like wow girl.

- Oh, thanks though, I like your outfit too!

- Thanks, but I’m going to perform now, I’ll see you later!

- Oh, yeah, of course!

- Sorry for leaving ya

- It’s ok though


I walked up on the stage and said:

- I’m dedicating this song to a special and beautiful girl, yeah, I just met her, but whatever - you know who you are!<3


………………....You, you dressed up so nice

But all I could see was your eyes

And the crowd, came, and pulled you away

And then you were gone

Ooh, woah, yeah


And I don’t even know your name

All I remember is that smile on your face

And it’ll kill me everyday

Cause I don’t even know your name


Oh, everywhere that I go

I see your face and it kills me to know

That you'll never know what you did to me

And now you're gone

Yeah, I can't stop thinking 'bout you


Cause I don't even know your name

All I remember is that smile on your face

And it'll kill me everyday

Cause I don't even know your name

Yeah, I don't even know your name…………


When I was done performing some of my other songs I went down and tried to find the girl. I looked over all, but I couldn’t find her. OMG! I’m so dumb, I don’t even know her name, how can I find her on Facebook now? Like wtf, am I dumb, that was one of the first things I should had asked her about! OMG!!


I asked Joe if he knew the girl, I tried to describe her, but yeah, I’m not the best to describe people or things so it was pretty difficult, but he knew who I was talking about. He said that she just took home from the party, and she told him to say some things to me.


I was thinking about the rest of the night, after Joe told it to me I took home and thought about it. I thought about it all night long. ‘Tell Shawn that his voice is amazing. And then thank him for singing a song for me, tell him that I loved the song. Tell him that I will send a friend request on Facebook.”


I was looking on my phone and hoped that the girl would sent a friend request, but it never came, I decided to sleep because it was like 6am and I was very tired. When I woke up it was like 5pm and I saw the girl had sent me a friend request, her name were so beautiful. Her name was Cecilia Julia Edwards, it was a very beautiful name, especially her first name, like wow.



Of course I accepted her friend request!

I found out that, Cecilia lived in my neighbourhood I haven’t met her before, and that’s kinda weird because, we live on the same street so…

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