Behind Their Backs

Marie is a young girl of seventeen, who just lost her ex boyfriend Noah, in an accident. Her best friend Lara has just won two concert tickets for 5 seconds of summers concert in England, and she decides to take with Lara. She has never really liked them, but during the concert happens strange things that change her life.


2. Chapter 2♡

The blue eyes.


Lara's P.O.V

I walk along the lake to school when I hear a sound. It's coming behind me, and makes me shudder in horror. I walk slowly, and try really to ignore the sound. The sun has not risen yet, so the road is very dark. I stop abruptly when a hand settles on my shoulder. My heart starts to beat faster, and I can feel the panic deep inside me. I'm doing everything not to scream. Wait, there's no one who has said that I can'tn scream. So I scream, and scream. The hand goes from my back to my mouth, and keep my screams inside. "Shut up, Lara" whispering a recognized voice in my ear. Noah.

Maria's P.O.V

I sit outside the school, waiting for Lara when the bell rings. Where is she? All the young students walk quietly for class. I've actually always wondered one thing. Why is no one running for class when they know that the teacher gives them detention? I never really understood the popular people. Although Noah is popular, so I am still invisible. For some reason, I prefer it. It's with that one does not have his feet on the ground is like popularity for me. I take my phone out of my Nike school bag, and writes concerned to Lara.

- Where are you? ;(

It takes several minutes, and she still doesn't reply. Should I talk to the teacher or the office? Perhaps she is just sick. Or i hope so.

Lara's P.O.V

He kicks me in the stomach and gives me a slap in the face. "Let me go dickhead" I yell at him and kicking him randomly between the legs. He lets me quickly, and falls to the ground. I get up and look down on whining Noah. Fuck him. What have I done to him?I run fast to the school, and bumps into a blond boy. I fall to the ground, and so does he. He comes fast up to his feet, and reaches a hand down to me. I'm embarrassed against it and meet his beautiful blue eyes. He has a piercing in the lip, and looks like someone I've seen before. "I'm sorry" I say embarrassing, and marks my cheeks get hot. He giggles and I looked into his eyes again. "Are you okay?" he asks, looking around at me. I look down at myself and see blood from my arms and legs. I nod quietly and smiles at him. I'm going away, as he runs up to me. "What's your name then?" he asks, and gets me to stop. I look toward the lake, and smile to myself. "Lara" I say quietly. "What?" he asks, turning me around to him. "Lara" I say, and smile at him. He nods and smiles back. "I hope we meet again, Lara" he says, and starts to go the other way. I smile and walk slowly toward the school.

Maria's P.O.V

Where is she? I've looked all over now, and there is no trace of her. I sit down on the stone steps as a bleeding Lara appears. "Lara, where have you been?" I ask worried. She looks down at the ground and I can look at her that she blushes. "Noah" she says, and walks in the door to the school. I'm looking confused in the air, but then run up to her. "Is he the one who has done this?" I ask surprised. She nods, and walks toward her closet. "But please don't tell anyone" she says, and takes her biology book out. I nod, and cuddling her. We walk slowly toward biology room, looking in the window. The room is empty, and it means well that they are in the woods. We put our books in our seats and goes out into the woods. We find them after five minutes, where we will be divided into groups. Lara came along with Noah and I came together with Lexy. We go out in groups, and start talking about spiders. Lexy are leaning against the hut, and files nails. Her dress is a little too short and therefore reveal a little butt. Lexy has always been the biggest whore. She has literally been in bed with everyone here in town. I will not get surprised if she had Chlamydia. "So what should we talk about?" I ask, looking at Lexy. She sends me a bitchy look and then look down at her nails again. I look over at Lara, who for some reason look scared. Why is she afraid of Noah? It doesn't look like Lara, to be afraid. "Lara, can I talk with you?" the teacher asks right behind me. Lara nods and walks over to me. Noah looks angry, and then goes down to the lake. "What's happened to you?" the teacher asks, and puts a hand on Lara's cheek. She buffer it away, and shaking her head. "I fell" she says quietly, and then she go back. It doesn't look like Lara. She loves Mrs.Thompson. What happened? "Lara, come back" shouts the teacher angry, and worried. Lara continues straight ahead and give the teacher her finger. I run as fast as I can go to the lake and catch sight of Noah. He stands and throw stones. "What the hell have you done, bitch?" I yell after him. He starts to laugh, and then turns towards me. "Oh, Lara was just a few strokes" he says, and smiles. I roll my eyes at him, and I'm just about to turn around as he takes my arm. "What the hell is your problem?" I yell, and then give him a slap. He starts to laugh as he straightens his hair.

Lara's P.O.V

I sit in my windowsill, and goes on instagram. 5 seconds of summer pictures pop up on the screen, and when I catch sight of the blonde boy I'm just about to get a heart attack. It's him. The man who helped me. Fuck. I rush into messages, and finds Marie.

- We need to talk! o:

- Where are you??

- I'm on my way.

- What?!

- The boy i met this morning. It's Luke! ;*



Chapter 2!! Thank you guys for reading my book! :)

Will Luke and Lara see each other again?

Will Marie come to the concert?

What happened to Noah?

Find out in next chapter.

Love you guys xoxo


   (\_/)    I♡YOU

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