Behind Their Backs

Marie is a young girl of seventeen, who just lost her ex boyfriend Noah, in an accident. Her best friend Lara has just won two concert tickets for 5 seconds of summers concert in England, and she decides to take with Lara. She has never really liked them, but during the concert happens strange things that change her life.


1. Chapter 1♡

I hate you.


Marie's P.O.V

I'm sitting in my chair and rock back when my phone rings. I take i slowly up, and press the green button before i bring it up to my ear. Lara starts screaming in the phone, so i take it slightly away from my ear until she's finished.

-What's wrong Lara, I ask. She breathes deeply, but can't stop laughing.

-Guess what i just won, she shouts in full happines. I'm looking out of my window, while i'm thinking and see Noah. He cut's grass without a shirt on. Noah isn't just a boy, he's my fucking wonderful boyfriend, who loves me more than anything else.

-What have you won, i ask absent, and focus on Noah's trained stomach. She sighs disappointed in the phone, but then tales a deep breath, again.

-I won the tickets, she says annoyed, and then hangs up. I put my phone down, and feel bad by my behavior. Why is Noah always cutting grass without a shirt on?I keep calling, and of course she won't take it. Maybe I should go to her and apologize? She'll forgive me. She's my best friend and best friends are always there for each other. Though I have not really been there for her here in the past, but it's just because I have been so busy with Noah and stuff like this. She'll understand.

Lara's P.O.V

Marie has always been my best friend, but then she met Noah. It's not because Noah is evil or anything. He just kind of steals Marie from me, and I am quite sure that I won't get her back. I remember the first time Marie and I met. The first time she helped me with the bullying, and that I was one of the most popular. She was always there for me, and now everything has changed. I will not forgive her!

Marie P.O.V

I stand outside her house, and are just waiting for a sign to go in there. I love her, and she is my best friend. If I lost her, I would lose me. I can't live without her, and therefore I decide to go in without a sign. Maybe a bad idea, but fuck it!

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

I stand in the middle of the sun's heat, waiting for her to open the door. The minutes go, and then the door opens. She stands there and send me a sad look. "I'm really sorry about my behavior. I love you Lara, and I don't wan't to lose you because Noah cut grass! You are my best friend Lara" I say sad, and fold my hands. She starts crying, and gives me the biggest bear hug. "I love you, stupid" she says as she cry. We are okay.

-To school-

I'm walking alone to school, thanks to Noah. I knew he was hiding something, and to my lost I found out to late. Cutting grass without a shirt on was not only a good vision, but also wierd. I'm so stupid! Of course he don't like me. He likes Lexy. That stupid blond. She can't even talk like a person who's sixteen. Outside she is blonde and inside a whore. I hate her. I hate Noah, but I can't I stop loving him. I constantly think about our first kiss, and how things were going after.

-The first kiss-

He stands so close to me, he removes a lock of my hair from my eye and puts it behind my ear. I look him shy in the eyes and then I look embarrassing into the ground. He lifts my head thanks to my chin and right there I wish that the time would stop. His lips hits mine, and the butterflies start flying around in my stomach. After a few seconds he slightly pulls away and puts his nose against mine. "Was that your first kiss?" He asks flirty, caresses my cheek. I nod quietly, and looking into his eyes. Waiting for him to kiss me. But nothing happens.

-Flashback ends-

I took my phone out of my back pocket, and wrote to Noah.

- Noah, It's over.

- Who told you?

- No one, i hate you.

- But Lexy don't. You should have heard her yesterday in bed. (;

- Whore..



So this is my first book. :)

I really hope you guys liked the first chapter. ;)

I would update later in the week! :)

Anyways, like comment, and favorite! :)

Is Lexy that bad?

Will Marie forgive Noah?

Will Lara invite Marie or another to the concert?

Find out in next chapter.

Love you guys xoxo


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