Burned-Beware the fire within

"An astonishing and touching Greek Mythology based story. You can really relate to the main character."
Meet Helen Fury. Daughter to Persephone and Hades, niece to Zeus, Hera and Poseidon. Struggling to become a normal descendant, Helen befriends her forbidden cousins in a quest to rid her of her father and make the Underworld a better place.


1. Up To Now

I closed my eyes as the wind rushed past my face as I soared through the clouds. It was so easy to let go up there, to forget who I was-what I was. To forget what they called me.... A beast. A monster. A demon. My whole life, I've been an outcast, scared of and run away from.

Some people refused to believe I existed, convinced themselves I was just a figment of their imagination. The rest of my family were worshipped, praised...all except my father.

Oh, my father was an awful, horrid man. Dwelling in the depths of the Underworld, he fed off and was the source of pain and suffering everywhere. I didn't want to tell you, for worry you'd misjudge me for it, but you probably know who he is now, don't you?

Hades, Lord of the Dead. My mother? Persephone, the second Goddess of Spring. After all those years of captivity, she finally grew to love him. Then I was born. I'll spare you most of the details.

Well, I'm 1.47 metres tall, I'm slim but also quite strong, I have black hair that hangs to my collar and I have a small pixie face with sharp edged ears. Now here's the part that scares people. I'm really pale (almost white), I have RED eyes-the shade of blood- and black, leathery wings that stretch out 1.5 metres either side of me.

That's how I can fly. I also have dark blue horns that protrude from my hair. Don't get me wrong, I have my mother's beauty as well. I'm not some warty, ugly warlock like you'd expect me to be.

Even though it's forbidden, I do spend time with my blood cousins. Aphrodite, Apollo and Ares the most. Father isn't happy at all with this, so I live in the Overworld, seeing as I'm not allowed on Mount Olympus till I'm 20. I still see my mother regularly in secret.

By now you're probably wondering what my name is. Well, they call me a Fury so, it's Fury.

Helen Fury.

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