Not just an opening act

Destiny Perrie Claire is in the biggest girl group on the planet - Astrolight and a fashion icon, she's also 17 years old and the old classmate of 5SOS, what happens when they meet up - purely for business, or will it be more as a certain multicoloured boy falls for her. (Little Mix, All Time Low and One Direction appearances because I love them)


3. Meeting up with the boys

Destiny's POV

We're at the airport waiting for.... OMG IS THAT?

"MIKEY!!!!! MICHAEL CLIFFORD!!!!" I screamed.

"D!!!!" He screamed back, everyone's staring. Oops we're a bit too loud. We hugged the boys and brought them to our home after unfortunately being mobbed.

"We're home!!!!!" Winter called aloud.

"Who else is here?" Luke asked. "This is the Astrolight house."

One Direction and Little Mix popped out and we ran to hug them. Even though we're friends doesn't mean they're not our inspirations! The 5SOS boys looked unimpressed. Then the faces of 4 of Astrolight's best male friends came and the boy's jaw dropped. Especially Mikey.

"Boys this is All Time Low, ATL this is 5 Seconds Of Summer, huge fans." Lexi started. They shook hands. They boy's faces were priceless!!!

"And this is your welcoming party!" Rose finished.

"Don't mean to ruin the mood but no drinking cause we have work at 10am sharp. All of us. and you're all underage." Winter reminded.

"Yes ma'am." I chuckled.

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