Not just an opening act

Destiny Perrie Claire is in the biggest girl group on the planet - Astrolight and a fashion icon, she's also 17 years old and the old classmate of 5SOS, what happens when they meet up - purely for business, or will it be more as a certain multicoloured boy falls for her. (Little Mix, All Time Low and One Direction appearances because I love them)


1. Destiny Perrie Claire

Hey I'm Destiny Perrie Claire and this is my story, I dropped out of school at 15 years old and joined the XFactor Australia, I was put in a group with Winter, Alexandra and Rosalie, we won and now Astrolight is the biggest girl group on the planet. Awesome right? I'm also a fashion icon. I also went to school with 5SOS, pretty nice guys, haven't seen them lately though. Here's some extra info:

B'day: 11 May

Fav. Colour: Purple, Black

Fav. Food: Italian

Fav. Book/Movie: Harry Potter and The Fault In Our Stars

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