Another Cinderella Story//L.H. Fanfic

"He's in love with you." Gracie tells me.
I shake my head. "Not possible. I'm just a maid. He's in a famous band. It'll never work out. Plus he's in love with Bella." I say. "He's not in love with me."
"You never know unless you ask."


10. Part 9


"Why would you do that?!" Bella yells.

"You're just jealous that he's actually taking a liking to me."

She says.

"If he were taking a liking to you, he would have never left." I defend.

"YOU made him leave." She says.

"You know what? I'm just going to go upstairs and ignore you." She says, walking up the stairs.

I shrug.

That just makes my day so much better.

"It's not like I care what you do." I say, as I hear her door close.

I look at Victor and he smiles up at me.

I shake my head and leave.

I don't know where I'm going, but if its anywhere from here I'm good.

I find a small room where my dad used to work.

I slide my back against the wall.


I realize I had fallen asleep.

"Lela?! Lela?! Are you here?!" I hear someone say.


I slowly get up and open the door.

"Lela? Its me, Gracie!" She yells.

"I'm over here." I say.

Walking out of the room and going down the hall.

"Oh my god. LELA. I was looking for you. Remember? We were going to hang out..." She puts her hands on my shoulders.

Her face softens.

"What's wrong?"

I shake my head.


Her eyebrow arches.

"Really? Then how come your face is covered in tear stains? Tell me." She says.

I hesitate.

"Bella kissed......Bella kissed Luke."

Gracie gasps.

"How could she?!" She says, putting her hand on her chest.

"I don't know..."

"Well! We are going to hang out and you are going to forget what happened. Understand me?"

I smile.


"YAY!" She cheers.

"Now come on. Let's get you into something else other than....whatever your wearing."

I raise my eyebrows.

"I'm wearing a flannel...and combat boots. What is wrong with this? You wear it all the time."

I say.

"It's just...its the way you wear it. I don't know.  I wear it better than you."

She says.

I laugh.

"You are so funny. You actually think you can wear flannel better than me. Since when?"

"Since now." She rolls her eyes.

I laugh.

"Okay. Let's go. But, just saying, I wear flannel better. And PS I'm not changing. I feel fine in this. I'm wearing this." I say.

"Okaaay. If you say so." She puts her hands up in defense.

We leave and go shopping.


I hate it.


Luke's POV

I really wanted pie.

If I'm being honest.

I just felt like it would be better if I just left.

I call Hayden.

I really had to get those people in for the showcase.

I literally had nobody but Bella. And she can sing. But its not enough.

"Hello?" Hayden says.

"Hey, um Hayden? You know how you wanted to help me with choosing people for the showcase?"

"Yeah man! I have tons of people wanting to be in it."

"Okay. That's awesome! I need to audition them. Can you help me?"

"Yeah, but...there may be some difficulties with that..."

"What difficulties?" I ask, worryingly.

"I'll tell you later. I have to go. See ya!"

"Hayden?!" He hangs up.

Okay...not going as I planned.

But at least I have people for the showcase.



"So Luke, I was wondering if.....maybe Bella could go last. She could be our closing act." Hayden was explaining.

"Yeah, I'll work on it." I say, not really paying attention.

"Um. I'm gonna use the bathroom. Don't go anywhere we need to talk later." I say.

I walk in and I swear...they need to clean these bathrooms.


Hayden's POV

Aw man. Why now?

The singing group is here.

"Hey man." The tallest one says to me.


"Where's Luke?" A shorter one asks.

"Um. He's in there but I would prefer if you did......nt."

They all went in before I could finish my sentence.

Luke's POV

I'm just....doing my business and then a group of guys just come in.

Out of nowhere!

They all go in order

I nod to one saying, "hi".

I'm thinking they're just doing there business like I am.

But then, one starts singing.

"When you're fighting just to keep it safe."

"Even when your in the eye of the hurricane.'

"Let us sing it out,"

"Eh oh eh oh eh oh."

"Let us sing it louder."

"Eh oh eh oh eh ohh."

They were pretty good. But why here?


So they're an a capella group?


When they finish, I'm washing my hands.

"Sounds nice. Your in."

They nod slowly.

Okay. I'm leaving.

"Hayden! Why'd you let them in?!"

I ask.

He shrugs.

"They just walked in. I don't know."

"Hey mate! Wanna play football with us? Your friend can too."

Ashton's voice calls.

"Uh. Hayden? Wanna play?" I ask.

"Sure, but I don't really know how to play football on a soccer field." He says.

"Oh. We're playing soccer. Its just me and my mates call it football." I smile.

"Oh that's cool." He says. "Yeah, I'll play. I call being goalie."

He ran onto the field.

"Wasn't planning on being the goalie anyways." I say to myself and run after him.

I haven't seen Lela. Which is..odd. But I'm sure I'll see her later.

Lela's POV

"Yesterday was fun. Admit it." Gracie says.

We are walking outside near the soccer field.

"No, because there was shopping involved."

"Oh come on! You have to have a small part of you that likes it.. It took me 18 years to find that small part." She says.

"Okay..maybe a little. But only because we went to Hot Topic." I roll my eyes.

I see something coming straight for me in the corner of my eye.


Gracie catches it.

It's a soccer ball. Of course she did.

I see Luke.

No eye contact Lela. No. Eye contact.

Do you know how hard it is to not make eye contact with him?

I mean. Look at his eyes. They're like, blue magnets. They pull your eyes over to him so you can look in them.

"Hey, watch where you're kicking things! You accidentally almost hit my friend. If it happens again I might have to accidentally almost hit your face."

Gracie says to a boy who came to get it back.

He looks Asian to be honest.

I'm guessing she knows him, because, being her best friend, the look on her face shows it.

She regrets saying that to him. I see that too.

"Here. Take your stupid ball." She tosses it to him.

Gracie starts walking the way we were going and I follow.

"He was still looking at you by the way."

I say.

"Its the boy from the dance. I remember what his face looked like. He had a sharp jawline and brown eyes. Beautiful brown eyes."

I just...stare at her.

With a blank expression.

"He looks Asian." I blurt, ending her daydream.

"No he doesn't. He looks like he's...anything but Asian."

"Whatever. It is free time. We can....." I blab on and on.


Luke's POV

For the 2nd time today I am in the bathroom.

This time only Hayden comes in.

"Thank God. I thought you were another group preforming." I say, tired from all of the auditions we had today.

"About that..." Hayden says, when a guy with a chainsaw comes in and two other  guys with electric guitars.

The guy cuts on the chainsaw and then an awesome guitar riff comes in.

This is hard core rock.

"I wanna kiss your apocolips"

They start off.

Okay. So its not like metal but, similar.


"Okay, Hayden. No more auditions in the men's please." I say as we leave the bathroom.

"I make no promises. Just kidding. Okay." He nods.

We have everything we need for the showcase tomorrow.

Why do I feel like I'm missing something..?

Or more like. Someone.



I feel terrible for not updating.

Wattpad doesn't seem to like me very much.

But, I hope you liked it!

Sorry it was short.

Thankyou so much for your reads! They mean so much.

I love you!

PS. Do you ship Larzaylea or Brashton?

Which do you dislike more?

(Bryanna's my mom...)


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