Another Cinderella Story//L.H. Fanfic

"He's in love with you." Gracie tells me.
I shake my head. "Not possible. I'm just a maid. He's in a famous band. It'll never work out. Plus he's in love with Bella." I say. "He's not in love with me."
"You never know unless you ask."


6. Part 6

I just felt like putting that picture up there............MONEY.

Might go to see them in JULY! Yay!!! I'm so happy!!! I heard Jet Black Heart is the opening song of the album...I love that song even more...antyways!!! (And yes I meant to spell it like that.) on with the story!!!!!!


Bella's POV

Where is Luke?! He's supposed to be here!! Wait. I saw him run off with some really ugly girl.

Ugh. Boyfriend stealer. She kinda looked like Lela.....oh! Shrimp!!!

Wait. Bella. You are a beauty pageant winning girl, you do not eat shrimp.

But it looks so good. NO!! You are a strong woman. You can do this Bella. I believe in you.

Stop walking towards the shrimp, Bella. Stop. No. Don't grab the shrimp. Put it down. PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!! Mmmm. This shrimp is pretty good. Maybe I'll have some more. Then look for Luke.

Gracie's POV

I had to find a way to distract Shelby. Can anyone give me an idea? Soccer.....Soccer.....SOCCER GAME!!!

Great idea Gracie! Thanks Gracie!

"Hey coach?" I saw walking up to my soccer coach who was supervising. "Yes. Wait, who are you?" She asks, confused.

I lift my mask. "It's me Gracie."

"Oh,hey Gracie. Have you seen-"

"I kinda need to hurry Mrs.Crow."

"Okay. What do you need?"

"I was going to ask if you had any soccer balls? I mean, we are in the gym."

"Why would-"

"It's kinda important Mrs.Crow."

"Okay." She says. "There are some in that small closet over there." She says pointing to a light brown, small, door.

I nod and say, "Thankyou."

"No problem Gracie, just keep up the practice." She says giving me a thumbs up.

I smile and nodded and ran to the door.

I opened it an there was three very colorful soccer balls. Why do they have to be so girly?

I grabbed the least girliest. It was pink with dark purple.

It's even disgusting to look at.

I run over to Mrs. All That. (Aka:Shelby) "Hi Mrs. Lara."

"Who are you?"

"That's kinda a secret. It is a masquerade party." I shrug.

She purses her lips together. "What do you want delinquent?"

"Well actually, I heard that, when you were little you always wanted to be in a big time soccer league but gave up your dreams because you were never good enough." I say, angering her. Her face reddens. "So you moved on to singing but you also sucked at that too. Is it true?" I ask, innocently. Now, I was in the middle of the gym floor with Shelby in front of me. Everyone seemed to have moved in a circle around us.

"No, it isn't. I was just too good for them." She says.

"Are you sure, Mrs.Lara?"

She scrunches her face up. "Yes."

"Fine. We'll see how good you are in a soccer field." I say, challenging her.

She looks around. "Okay. But when I beat you, whoever you are, you will get 5 weeks of detention."

"Deal." I say shaking her hand.

I ran over to my backpack and grabbed my tennis. Backup.

She removes her heels. "Come on, Mrs.Lara. You play soccer, right? You should be faster." I say, testing her.

Hopefully, this plan works.


Lela's POV

"You play?" Luke asks me.

I nod.  He smiles at me. Oh God. That smile will be the death of me.

"Hopefully, this answers a lot of your questions." I say sitting on a bench in front of the fountain. He sits next to me. "Fair maiden, please remove your mask, so that I may know who you are." He says in a Shakespeare-ish voice.

I shake my head 'no.'

"Or not." He says giving up. I laugh at his reaction.

I take a deep breath. "I can see it through the spark in your eyes. You believe in all things you denied. You wanna fly and leave your worries behind, don't you, don't you? Well now I'm knocking at your front door. And I'm looking for the right cure. I'm still a little bit unsure..."


"Okay now, remove the mask."

I shake my head 'no' again. "Not yet." I say. He just laughs.


Gracie's POV

Right now, instead of doing a soccer game, we're doing soccer tricks. It was my turn. I do juggling. Something really easy. Shelby looks tired, and sick. I pass the ball to her and she bends over and now it smells like cinnamon. Oh. Ew, she does not feel well. I realize we were doing this for a while. I run in a hurry to Lela. She has to go. Shelby's about to leave.


Lela's POV

"You can never tell where this might go." I sang.

"Okay, you are blowing my mind you have to show me who you are." Luke says.

I hesitate but I start untying the ribbon in the back. I was cut off by Gracie screaming.

"LELA!! We gotta go." She whispers in my ear.

"I'm kinda in the middle of an important moment." I say back.

"Someone started feeling sick and went home. We. Need. To. Go." She states. My eyes widen an I look back at Luke's blue eyes.

"I gotta go. I'm so sorry." I say in a hurry, starting to leave.

"Wait I didn't even get your name!!" He yells.

I just keep running.

Gracie drives, which kinda scares me. I don't like it when she does. When she drops me off, I quickly run to my cottage. "GOOD LUCK!!" She yells at me before leaving.

I open the door and to my surprise, Shelby is there. "Why, hello there, Lela. Where've you been?" She asks, with her country accent. "You thought you could sneak off. Tsk, tsk. You should've known better." She says getting up from my brown table. She covers her mouth looking like she may puke.

I take a step back.

She smiles. "I found a lawyer who could get me that money, by the way. He said he could get it to me in a flash. Don't you think I could get plastic surgery? Hm? Lela. What'd you think?" She asks.

"I don't think there's a doctor in the world that could fix that." I say. In my head of course. I just stare at her, thinking, how easy would it be to just rip her head off?

She smiles again. "Tomorrow. Studio. At. School. If your late, I'll just have you become a maid of a friend of mine. Oh, and that friend of yours, Cracow-"

"Gracie." I correct her.

"We'll Gracie, bought herself 5 weeks of detention."

She say evilly, leaving the cottage. I hear her barf outside my door. "Make sure to pick that up." She yells.

I plop onto my bed. At least I saw Luke. I say to myslef. At least I did.


Hello my little Australian nuggets!! I've decided that is what I'll call you. Sorry for the short chap. School is being really mean, yet I still love it. Love you guys more!! Thanks again, for all those reads!! Means a lot. Please read Dimpley_Luke's FANFICS!! They are amazing!! And one of her books are really close to 1k so help her get to that number!! I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Love you!!


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