Another Cinderella Story//L.H. Fanfic

"He's in love with you." Gracie tells me.
I shake my head. "Not possible. I'm just a maid. He's in a famous band. It'll never work out. Plus he's in love with Bella." I say. "He's not in love with me."
"You never know unless you ask."


3. Part 3

Everyone got their coffee and I had to pick up the dogs poop. We don't even have a dog. Did I mention that I have a little annoying, devils child, as a little brother? No? Well I do. He's so evil. But I don't blame him. Just look at his family.

"LELA!!!!" Shelby, my stepmom yells. I was currently on the floor cleaning the "dogs" poop off of Shelby's closet's floor. This is unbelievable. What does she want now?

"YES MRS.MORGAN???" I yelled back.

"COME HERE!!!" She yelled back.

"Ugh...'' I mumbled under my breath.

I walked downstairs and saw her with a guy who I didn't see before with 5sos. "Text Bella to come give the boys a tour of the neighborhood."

"Why would they want a tour of the neighborhood?'' I asked.

"Did I say you could question me or if I gave you permission to speak?"

"Okay. I'll text her." I took a seat next to Luke.

Before I came down I grabbed my cd. The recording of my voice. My singing. And maybe this time, I can get out of this dump.

"So, Guy....I hear your band is very classical."

His name is guy?? huh. Weird.

"Yes they are. I actually came to ask, since you are the dean of Stanford Music Academy, can my boys play for your school?"

"But of course."

"Lets talk business. Im gonna be honest and say I love money. Which is why I work with theses boys. They may come off as pop punk rock but that's just a cover of who they truly are. Right boys?"

"Yes sir." They mumbled.

"If it's okay with you, I'm gonna tell my story of how I got big. I wa-"

"Everyone's heard the story, Guy." Luke says.

"Then everyone should knows how it goes." Guy snaps.

"Supposedly. This band called something like 7 YearsGone was amazing!! But they rarely made any income. It was outrageous. They were horrible."

"You mean 7 Days Gone They were the best band ever." I say, getting irritated that he called them "7 Years Gone."


"You know 7 Days Gone?" Luke said and he was looking at me.

I smile. "Yeah, I got there very first album and it was amazing. They were sick. I love their music." Shelby cleared her throat.

"Who said you can speak?" She says.

I shut my mouth and sunk into my chair. I could feel Luke looking at me.

"Ahh. Here is my lovely daughter, Bella."

"Hey mom." She said, then eyed me. Probably because I'm by Luke...

"Forget the neighbourhood, show the boys the studio." Shelby says.

Bella smiles. "Alright. Come on guys. Would you like to join me to go to the studio?"

"Sure. Uh thank-you." Luke says getting up along with the rest of the boys.

They walk out and I'm left alone with Shelby and Guy.

"I love your accent, Luke. Wanna go out sometime?" I hear Bella say as they walk out.

Someone snaps. I look directly at Shelby. "Get out. Guy and I have to talk business."

I nod, but before I left I put my cd in Guy's bag.


I run over to the school I go to. The campus was open but classes weren't. Gracie is there and I run over to her.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

"So you know how I was going to give my cd to the band?"


"I kinda didn't because I was nervous and Shelby kicked me out and I stuck it in Guy's bag."

"That's great!!"


"Guy is a big time manager. This could be your big break!!"

"Your right."

"Always am."

"Shut up."

"Love you too." She says.

" Luke as hot as everyone says?" She asks.


"You should ask him to the dance."

"Yeah, 'cause I'm so forward with guys." I say sarcastically.

"Hey there's a first try for everything." She says.

I roll my eyes and together we walk back to my "house."


HEY GUYS!!! Sorry for the short chapter, but I love you guys!! Don't forget that!!


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