Another Cinderella Story//L.H. Fanfic

"He's in love with you." Gracie tells me.
I shake my head. "Not possible. I'm just a maid. He's in a famous band. It'll never work out. Plus he's in love with Bella." I say. "He's not in love with me."
"You never know unless you ask."


2. Part 2

"Um could you not?" Bella says.

"Could I not what?"

"Just sing. Moms gonna be here in a bit."

I roll my eyes. What if I don't wanna sing, I thought.

"UGH!! 5sos isn't coming today!! And that means Luke wont see me. And that means he wont fall in love with me and-"

"Bella you okay?" Bella's BFF Stacie had just now came in.

Ya know whats funny? She acts like I'm a disease or something, so she doesn't like getting close to me and stuff.

"No I'm not okay. My future husband ((Megan Trainor though....)) wont know I exist until next week!!"

"Calm down B. You'll get through this!! You are a strong independent women."

"Yes I am."

Really? A pep talk for something this dumb? Wow. And I thought I over exaggerated over the dumbest things.

"I am a strong independent women."

No your not. You can't even serve yourself cereal.

"I can do this."

With the help of another person of course...So technically you aren't independent...and can't do this.

"Okay I'm good. Thanks Stace. I don't know how I would ever get through life without you."

Ding, ding!!

Someone came in.

"Yo Lela!! Its Jasmine. Stacie's sis. Aka yo best friend!!" She says picking up her skateboard and taking off her helmet.

"Jasmine. Like um can you not? You have royalty in your presence." Stacie says.

"Where?" Jasmine says

"Umm right here!!" Bella says pointing to herself.

Please. She has no royalty in her blood. Unless her mother was the Evil Queen.


"Really? Huh. Weird. Is your mom the Evil Queen?"

She read my mind.

Bella makes and irritated face, stands up and leaves the room.

"Ugh!!" She says.

Stacie follows her.

"Nice!!" I say high-fiving her.

"You literally read my mind."

"Best friend telepathy I guess." She shrugs. "Where's Jake?"

"He left a while ago. Why?"

"He left his video game at my house." She says pulling out a game from her backpack.

"Oh. Maybe we can tell him later. Right now. We have to talk."

"Like, right now, right now?"

"No but when I get home."

"Hey you know how you like that band 5 seconds of summer?"

"Yeeaahh? What about them?"

((What just changed to Wagtail...))

"Well ya see I sent that text to your sister about them coming next week. They are actually coming today and they are performing at our school Friday. For that masquerade thing."

My eyes widen.


"Yeah. The principal told student council."

"That is amazing. But I'm performing to. Remember?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"So...I'm not going to be able to do knowing that 5sos is going to be there. Are you kidding?! Especially with Luke there!!"

"Calm down. Sheesh!! The only thing bad outta this is the fact the we have to wear masks and dresses that day."

We cringe. Gross. Dresses.

"Wait!! That's great."

"Really? Its kinda scary knowing that we have to dresses and sparkly masks."

"No not that."

"Then what?"

"Luke wont know it would be me up tree and neither will 5sos. I can change my name and they wont know anything. Sooo when I'm up there I'm a different person and I wont freakout an look like a complete idiot!!!"

"Like you do now?!"

"Shut up." I say playfully punching her arm.

"Ow. That really hurt me." She says sarcastically.

I roll my eyes. Her and her sarcasm.

Reminds me of Calum...

We start walking to my cottage.

"MEOW!!!!!" Jasmine screams out of no where.

"What the crap?"


"You just meowed."

"No. I just barked."


"Forget it."

Walking with Jasmine around here was easier than doing it by myself.

People actually see her and move out of her way to let her skate right past. So I stay behind her.


My house

We walk in slowly for a dumb reason that doesn't exist.

"I'm thinking of singing Butterfly Fly Away."

"Why? Ohhhh. Okay I know why. Isn't Friday the day your dad di- nevermind."

"Yeah that's the reason. My dad used to sing it to me when my mom flew away. You know what I mean."

"Seems nice."

"Yeah. Its a good song. You should listen to it."

"Maybe. But I prefer Greenday."

"Even to 5sos?"

"Even to 5sos." She confirmed.

I gasp over dramatically.

"Oh shut up." She says playfully pushing me.

"You know you remind me of Calum."

"Who's that? A really good skater? Like Tony Hawk. Or like a person with good sarcasm? Because you can't find that in Jake."

"No but he uses sarcasm a lot."

"Cool I like him already."

"I knew you would. okay im gonna show you a pic of him and tell me what you think." I say pulling out my crappy phone and searching up pics of him.

That sounds creepy now that I think about it.

"This is him."

"He looks wee-Werd."

"Just a little bit."

((Just a little, just a little bit hot, hot))

"So I was wondering maybe we c-"

"LELA MORGAN SKY GET IN HERE NOW!!!!" My speaker blasts.

We jump. My stepmom wants me.

"Grace. You know the drill."

"I know, I know." She says, climbing out the window successfully.

I'm not really allowed to let people in here.

I push the button to talk back.

"COMING!!" I say leaving and running over to my stepmom's house.

I literally live on her front lawn.

I knock on the door.

The door opens. ((Na duh. *smacks forehead.*))

The Lucas Hemmings opens the door.

"Um- uh- may I come in?"

"This is your house isn't it?"

"No not really."

"Well then of course."

I quickly walk past him and into the living room to my stepmom.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Where's your sister?"

"Shes at the recording studio." Trina says, answering the question.

"Oh well. Make these lovely boys some coffee. You guys drink coffee?"

"Yeah. Sure I'd love some, but I can do it myself." Ashton says.

"Oh don't be silly. That's why we have Lela. Now go."

"Yes ma'am."

I ask them which coffee they wanted and stuff and then came Luke.

"Which would you like? And creamer or no creamer?"

"Umm anythings fine with me but I do want creamer." He says smiling. "Thanks."

"No problem."

I get to working.



This is crazy...



This chapter was short and I'm sorry but I love you and that's a good thing because I'm very bad at explaining my feelings.....................................................................................


Ps: Luke Skywalker says hi!!!


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