The Fall

An asteroid hits a geostationary satellite that contains four people. The satellite goes off course and enters the earth's atmosphere. All escape pods are damaged and one of the member get injured very badly. they have no choice but to jump off the ship...


1. 1

I sat comfortably on the chair with my legs stretched and crossed on the working desk. I had a croissant in my hands. I slowly and carefully examined it before every bite. In front of me were many different sized monitor screens, each showing different but important statistics and figures. The working desk was attached to them and it was made up of very many buttons and joysticks. I sat alone in the large circular room with the walls made of very tough glass and the roof made of uranium. On both the ends of the working area were two titanium cupboards, one with clothes and and the other with a space suit. Straight behind me a couple of meters away was a closed, airtight titanium door.

There were three other similar rooms attached to mine forming a geostationary satellite orbiting the earth. We were four people on the satellite and we were assigned to monitor all activities around the globe with the advanced technology provided. We were senior members of of an international secret service organization founded by governments of most countries around the world. We've been living here for the past two hundred and seventy eight days and may remain here for more than three years.

Our life here was monotonous. All we did was monitor, eat, sleep and repeat. There was not much we could do here, we could either keep staring at the monitors or keep gazing at the stars millions of miles away or finally relax by deactivating artificial gravity and floating around the large room. We could also talk to each other but there wasn't anything new to talk about.

I finished my croissant, then stood up and started strolling around the room. As I was walking I experienced some suffocation and a second later one of the monitor screens started flashing red. I rushed to the working desk and instinctively hit some buttons. I learnt that room three had been hit by an unexpected asteroid. I quickly turned on the speakers to communicate. I suddenly heard Alex call for me.
"Mark rush to passage two. Rest of us are here. Scott is badly hurt and the satellite has been greatly damaged." He said in short gasps.

I quickly put on my suit and made my way to passage two. The satellite was flooded with red light from the alarms. I found all of them there in suits next to Scott who was also in a suit. I also knelt down next to Scott.
"His left leg has a long deep cut and also his chest. I've bandaged them but he won't be able to walk. "Clint informed me.
"The satellite is critical. It's fine off course. On my way I check all escape pods, all are damaged. The only way to survive is to jump off the satellite because we've already entered earth's atmosphere and gravity will help us. But we only have six minutes, approximately." I gave them the bad news.
"No, we won't survive!" Alex replied.
"We have to try. We have no choice." I said in a more convincing tone.
"What about Scott?" Clint asked.
"I'll can do it." Scott said with confidence. We helped him up but during the process he screamed with agony.
"Let's go to room two." I told them.
We made it to room two but Scott had a really painful time staggering. Room two had not been affected by the asteroid impact.
"Code Red, command 221!" I shouted out loud.

The room instantly responded and the glass wall started retracting downward. We all got sucked out of the room and started falling. All I could see was white clouds. Our suits had been specially designed, not to burn in case of high friction. The communication system in our suits was still intact and I noticed that everyone didn't let their fear escape and also Scott managed to control the pain. I had been counting down sixty seconds since I said the command. I looked back at the satellite, burning red and falling but still high above us. Five, four, three, two, one...
The satellite exploded. A massive, yellow red cloud spread across the sky. We all experienced the force exerted by the explosion. We continued falling at a high velocity. After few minutes I spotted what we were going to fall in, the ocean.
"I've fallen like this before. I'll shout remove twice. The first time, remove your helmets and the second time you will open the zip on your suit that on your chest." I instructed.
"Okay." They all replied.
When the time was right, I shouted remove for the first time. All of us removed our helmets. I could feel the air blow upon my face. After a few minutes when we were close to the ocean, I shouted remove for the second time but no one heard so I opened my zip and they all copied the action. The mechanism worked perfectly.

The air rushed into the suit and the suit inflated behind me. The suit acted as a parachute and slowed down our fall even though we couldn't control the direction of our fall. As we fell further the suit started tearing. Just when we were a few meters above the sea level, the suit tore off. We all formed a diving position and plunged into the ocean.

The water was freezing cold. We didn't know where to go so we just kept floating in the salt water. Later we were rescued by the members of the secret service that lived in Antarctica. Our source informed us that the asteroid had crashed on the moon. We had also been told that the asteroid was out of the ordinary and drones have been sent to investigate it.

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